Why do so many mispell like this | Reviewer: Me | 1/19/08

His name is Kurt not Curt, Kurdt, etc. I don't understand why its always mispelled by so many. Anyways, great music great people.RIP man, your my hero.

Keep it real | Reviewer: Liz | 1/20/08

The bones of this song went like this: "You. - keepin everything in line; mastering the art to remind; begging me to lighten up; never seems to be enough; Lounging in the sea; And Ive got this; I burnt my hands so I cant feel; Ill wet my bed to make you a deal; Ill gouge my eyes; Ill wear high heels; Ill wrack my brains to prove I can still; SMELL HIM ON YOU (underlined); You-wishin everything away; Bring it back another day; Safety is a special suit; Coverup a home" Kurt Cobain Journals p.146 (semicolons are mine & are line breaks). I like the hook in this song very much. I am transfixed at the transformation of the lyrics-whether by the songwriter in singing them-or by the translation of others. In any case, there you have it. The original version, written by his hand, whatever date it was he wrote it. You all have no idea who this man was but he tells you in his own words-very poignantly, bit-by-bit,in his notebook. It seems to me most of the best of him never made it to the surface in public life-which is the biggest tragedy of all. The depth of intelligence, cleverness, wit, determination, artistic talent other than music, and off-beat humor (especially the humor b/c he was REALLY FUNNY-I state that w/emphasis)- the extent (or essence) of the real person- you won't see that anywhere in anything I've read yet-except what I just mentioned.

wally | Reviewer: Sarah | 1/5/08

To Wally: Why the hell did you visit this site if you dont love Kurt and Nirvana?! Many people with insult you for writing what you did, and do you know what, I have no sympathy for you! Stop insulting Kurt and get a life!

For The Record | Reviewer: Hunter | 12/11/07

1.Kurt DID want to be famous he sent COUNTLESS demo's to COUNTLESS labels.
2.Kurt used drugs almost all of his teen/adult life(including heroin)until he died.
3.So what, that has nothing to do with any of us thats his fucking business.
4.Lounge Act is an amazing song.
5.Nirvana rulz.

wow... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/07

When i first heard this it was so catchy it's been stuck in my head ever since, i cant get this song out of my head and i love it! NIRVANA FUCKING RULES MAN I WISH I COULDV'E SEEN THEM LIVE. R.I.P Kurt. Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic you guys are fucking awesome keep making good music even though Nirvana is no more (as a band). They will always be listened to as long as time exists.

y dont you just listen. | Reviewer: lemony | 12/7/07

he is NOT GOD and i dont think he wanted to be god. whatever non of us knows. hes dead, his music is alive, thats all that matters now. RIP kurdt, one of the most human musicians i've ever seen.

I CaNt ThiNk AnyTHing WIthOut yOu... | Reviewer: Prosenjit | 12/3/07

Kurt Cobain it self a genre for music..Without Kurt Grunge is Wihout a fuckin soul..Fuck man...just fuckin kill me..I Simply love You And Die for you...So Anyone Who Fuck With KURT I will definately kill that bustard...LOVe you From INdia....COBAIN IS GOD


Kurt "grunged" dudes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/07

i mean he was and will be one of the greatest artists of all times u know? well you know his lyrics were like "un-understandable" for some people who don't really know a sh*t about music and yeah who gives a sh*t about what this ignorants think if they're not really into his music and do not have the same admiration as we by that i mean all the nirvana fans. It was such a f*cking shame that he had to die that way but maybe he was a tormented soul. Well to make this short:
Hail kurt cobain, hail nirvana and screw all the grunge haters!!

the truth | Reviewer: Rae | 11/20/07

Kurt Kobain is the greatest man that ever lived. If anyone knows anything about poetry it was him. He was able to capture all people in a way that no one else was able to accomplish. This song to be specific is one of his masterpieces.
For someone wo is unsure of what this song is about: its about love. As untrue as that may sound I assure you I am correct.
Also for people who don't know the truth about this band. Kurt Kobain did not want fame. So if he were still alive I'm sure he would not rule the rock industry because he would chose not to. He is one of the greatest people that have ever lived and he is sincerly missed. I can't wait to meet up with him again one day and sit down with him and have a deep conversation.

nirvana kicks ass | Reviewer: grunge rocks | 11/17/07

kurt cobain owns i dont care if he was married to a bitch or did crack, he is god. there are like tons of musicians that did drugs. (im not defending the drugs, im defender kurt) he will always be my idol!! fuck all you grunge haters.

Pretty Rad song | Reviewer: Ryigenchi | 10/8/07

wow...you guys get pretty riled up. But i agree, with wally...and i dont really understand what he said to offend anyone... Kurt was a cool guy...its just too bad...what a shame dude, what a shame. All the potential he had...he could've gotten help man.

wally is gay | Reviewer: wally sucks | 9/20/07

u think your all cool dissing people who actually had good lives with a name like yours i bet this is all you do ur proabaly a low life loser who is 42 and never have even got a date if u dont like something shut the hell up

uhh . . . | Reviewer: Wally | 8/26/07

Dude, get informed. Kurt was really messed up. He took heroin from like '86 on, and he was married to Courtney Love - come on dude - you cant fake that much. Crack open a biography - his life was interesting - watch Kurt and Courtney - see the skeletal wreck of a man he became. Have some decency, don't condemn a fan for being that - fanatic. Also, don't reach for pseudo-intellectual comments up your ass, because all you'll find is shit - get informed.

I Guess That I Just Don't Know | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/07

first of all the best song of nirvana is YOU KNOW YOU"RE RIGHT
Second dont be f*cking pussy man c'mon he is dead get over it fr*aks you dont understand the context of the music made by nirvana.. this man played the world en played al of you toghether,, listen to it and respect it but dont suck d*ck b*tches.. he faked everything you think this man was f*cked up like you people this man whas a very inteligent man only in the last year of his life he used drugs.. this man whas depressed and full of everything full of the world,, ofcourse he killed hisself

Yup, gone but not forgotten | Reviewer: kiersten | 8/3/07

this is another great song by Nirvana. I come from an uptight, christian family and i hate it. my dad just took away my nirvana. they're the best band ever and i cant listen to em. oh well, i WILL find someway. RIP Kurt.