It's better to burn out then to fade away | Reviewer: RHCP | 11/14/13

I don't think Kurt wanted us to analyse his songs. He wanted us to enjoy his music and to never forget him. And maybe not to do all those mistakes he did...
sometimes Cobain stills my fears of dying, because he is the perfect example for to live in anybodys hearts forever and not just to bite the dust and no one will remember you. Look at all your comments, there are still so much great people listening to him! Everyone of you must be as awesome as i am. (;
I'm addicted to this song. It makes me feel alive!

Nirvana Lyrics | Reviewer: Jordan...! :P | 1/22/13

Nirvana Lyrics are always brilliant when you listen to them or read them and when you figure out what the songs about it just makes the song even better once you understand what its about!

few thoughts | Reviewer: olty | 11/3/12

the song as any and every song and virtually everything is just about what YOU believe it is, not what others believe
call me a fascist but i really do hate people that are just servants and followers of the others with no real mind of their own

My mums biography book | Reviewer: Rhiannon | 9/20/12

For years I've read reviews on what people's thoughts were on this song. So I decided to look through all my mums nirvana books that she had in storage. In one of his songs lyric books it says that "the song lounge act, is a song about a seat that he brought & couldn't part with" I was quite shocked because I had taken the lyrics completely different. But hey I guess that's why it's called lounge act.

Heroin I agree with skipper | Reviewer: 2;ZE | 6/4/12

For me, I feel the lyrics the energy we all take our own preception and its a great song. Very kryptic Kurt. This is the first time ive looked into it and glad that somebody shares my opinion. And you know who cares any way? Peace out and rock on Kurt man!! Legend

late | Reviewer: kj | 4/24/12

I think he was talking about a jealous girl friend, how they act, he saw her feel not just as an attack on himself but for what they where. This was his I understand song. She wants more of you then she can steal, she keep fighting the jealousy not to lose you but she is hurt hurt till the point of trying to prove something she can't, that she still smell her on you

new thought | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/11/12

Before I read the other reviews I assumed he was talking about having an open relationship and trying to bat back the inevitable jealousy.

We made a pact to learn from whoever we want without new rules

shhhh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/11

Kurt wants u all to get high off his music!! None of u no the meaning of any of his songs because his songs mean a lot of different things to different ppl! His songs did mean somthing tho he jus didn't want the world to no,there's a lot of meaning to all of nirvanas songs. Mrs is deffiantley the most funniest song ever! Yea he was ina silly mood when he wrote it. Kurt we will see u soon :)

I was there. | Reviewer: hulugn | 11/18/11

I appreciate all the perspectives on here.
What's more, I am pleased to see all you people giving a shit about a great song.

In 1991 it was well documented and well known that Lounge Act was about heroin.
Say what you want, but you are wrong if you disagree and all your academic endeavors prove fruitless in truth.

I was there for every inch of this album. In fact, I had been writing songs longer than Kurt at this point in time. When I heard his metaphors embedded in melodies I knew what they meant because I was living them and writing about them.

There is no doubt Tobi and the breakup wielded incredible gravity over Kurt for this album. But this song was not about her.

It's a somewhat creative breakup song, not more, not less | Reviewer: kendrix | 11/12/11

To me, it sounds like the story of some guy who is in a conflict between some chick he likes and something else that is important to him (a friend, another chick, a vision?) and decides that it would be better for the two of them if they went separate ways. Perhaps inspired by Kurt's recent breakup with that Tobi chick.

And yeah, I agree that yo don't have to overanalize everything cuz sometimes artists do stuff because it "feels right", to tell a good story or just because they like it that way without any ulterior freudian reasons. Getting psychoanalized is sure creepy, no one will take your words for what they are, I can understand why he hated it. But on the other hand, you can't completely disregard the author and built your little idea in your own head that has barely athing to do with the actual song. Still, just listening to stuff because it "sounds cool" or because "everyone else does it" is quite a low thing to do - of COURSE there is a meaning to it. If you did a completely gibberish song as a form of protest, that protest would still be the meaning; There's a reason why ppl go and do art. You just have to make sure you stick to what's there. In the end, Art is a form of expression. If someone talks to you, you should get what they're saying, but not infer any ridiculous stuff from it which you wouldn't dare to say to their face.

My Opinion | Reviewer: Scuz | 9/16/11

Personally I think he had meaning behind the lyrics, about whatever, but the heroin use didn't start til way after these songs were on the album, way after they had been written. He was probably high, just like most musicians with credible music, but not that hard shit. They were pretty poor before Nevermind, so obviously couldn't afford a big habit.

This song really makes me think of a failed relationship, because it could apply to my life. Musicians hate for people to decipher their lyrics, as if to find a hidden meaning, Kurt isn't special in this feeling, because it begins to raise questions about things that may or may not exist in only our minds, and we apply that to them.

The worst thing Kurt could have done is marry someone who has fame, increasing his scorn of the world. Courtney and her ways prob had a lot to do with his negative emotions as well, as she even now always has a negative attitude.

Kurt | Reviewer: miranda | 9/18/11

it saddens me that there cant be a conversation about Kurt without herion being brought in, Kurt did herion on his own terms not becuase of courtney, in truth he made courtney take them with him. But the music was always written befor the lyrics, in truth he didnt care about the lyrics they hardly ment anything , but nevermind's songs were all written about tobbi, and In Utero was about courtney, but with Kurt we can never be sure.....

egg | Reviewer: egg | 9/10/11

you lot are donuts!!!
He made music when he was high, ideas float around your head, things affecting your life at that time will exist in those thoughts, and maybe indirectly or subconsciously they gave the songs meaning.
but he even says in an interview the songs don't have any direct meaning, He never actually sat down and wrote the songs about any specific thing.
so stop the analysis and appreciate the art.

stfu. its about tobi. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/11

this has to be about tobi. most of the songs on nevermind is about tobi. smells like teen spirit, breed, she said, etc. is about her. the deodorant she wore was called teen spirit and she jokingly one day kurt smells like teen spirit. so thats why he loathed the song so much when it was overplayed. this song is him just getting his emotions out probably being jealous of her new boyfriend.

pay attention | Reviewer: silkhound | 4/30/11

this song is completely about were most of the songs from Nevermind. he did't become a heroin addict until that hole cuntney love sucked him in...probably because he was still depressed about tobi