:) | Reviewer: Jean Pierre | 8/13/08

well in my opinion, kurt was a genious, I can explain why thats because although he took his lyrics from any part he always did exelent works that could be understood in different ways ... of course no one has the completely reason ... well i agree with the theory of Tobi Vail :) but with the heroin !

lol people | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/08

lo.. can u all please stop acting like you knew him. You all know NOTHING about him or his personal life even if you read his journals, yeah I did too, it does not have any sense... I mean some people are saying "yeah kurt wrote this song about that and that" FUCK THAT! You don't know what is this song about nor you ever will, so stfu... STOP ACTING LIKE YOU UNDERSTAND HIS MIND, no, you don't. good night...

don't understand? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/08

I often could not understand the meaning of some songs due to lack of my own life experience, but when some time passed, it was all clear to me. Thank God if you do not understand something here, bc it is all about pain.

Try to figure out what it means to you, it is art in the end, there is no universal explanation..

fuck you jealous ppl | Reviewer: Hannah | 7/7/08

ok. kurt IS god, well to me. kurt was a true poet. kurt didnt care what anybody else thought. and btw kurt never raped a retard. whoever thought of that is a fuvking retard themselves. i can't believe you stupid ppl that leave some of those reviews down below would put kurt down like that.=[[ its completely pointless. i don't mean to sound like chris crocker, but LEAVE KURT COBAIN ALONE!!!!! yes he's dead, and yes im sure he doesnt know what we're talking about, but i know he's a fucking genius. so fuck you you judgemental BASTARDS!!!!!! im so angry right now its unimagineable.

hey fuckheads | Reviewer: AJ | 6/24/08

HAHAHA ur all fucking stupid as HELL i think its amazing that your all sitting here fighting over what these lyrics mean or about kurt. HES A DEAD FUCKING ROCKSTAR HES NOT GOD. hes prolly sittin in heaven right now laughing his ass off at all u fucking fanatics obssesed with a dead dude.

and btw his lyrics could mean several things, in fact one of the theories of where this song came from was when he almost raped a boderline reatarded girl cause he wanted to kill himself but didnt wanna die a virgin but then he took one wif of her vag and got so sick he ran out and threw up. no bullshit. so obviously it could mean a shitload of things.

ok | Reviewer: liz | 5/27/08

here's wat i think
i think that kurt cobain was an incredibly great guy who had sum issues but mainly provided us with great music. i think everyone should stop worrying about "oh kurt wouldnt like us to do this" how the hell do u kno what he would want? were u lyke his best friend? no, nobody knows exactly what he would want. he obviously wanted his music to be heard or else he wouldnt have produced records! i think we should just enjoy the great treasures he DID give us and stop worrying about what he would think. if u want to overinterpret his lyrics go right ahead. even if he would care it doesn't matter. just my thoughts =)

Lounge Act Meaning - My Hunch | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/08

I used to think this was about Kurt trying to kick heroin and his girl(tobi vail) kept using so he wrote a song about her cheating on him with a mistress(heroin). But after reading his journals(shame on me) it seems more like he wrote the original lyrics about heroin or drug use and then also incorporated his pain and misery from the tobi vail breakup into what is now the cd version.
RE: Lounge Act - This is not a song about hidden gay crushes. I assume Lounge Act is a description of how you are when you're using H or could be a direct description of where tobi vail cheated on him.
Either way, Kurt's lyrics never told a story from beginning to end rather a bunch of mini stories that he somehow weaved together into beautiful, passion-filled music. And that's the only important thing. Enjoy the music. Sometimes it's not supposed to tell a story.

You're all tools. | Reviewer: Breanna. | 2/25/08

If any of you knew anything about Kurt Cobain OR his lyrics, you'd know very few of his songs had anything to do with his life, and the ones that did included very little; one of his major reasons for this being that he didn't want to encourage drug use. He said this in several interviews. He pulled random shit from stuff he saw and put it into songs, basically so he could laugh at people like you trying to over-interpret all of it. Read Journals. Kurt's attitude toward music was that the words don't really matter and that anyone intelligent would just enjoy it without overthinking.

Wallys a f**kwit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/22/08

Wally your a f**kwit. jst bcz he took drugs doesn't make him a "skeletal wreck of a man". agreed drugs mess you up i know. however he is more of a man then youll ever be he will always be remembered and enjoyed by someone, you never will be simply because you are a negative person towards people noone will ever like you if this is how you are

.. | Reviewer: Ryan | 2/19/08

if you read kurts journals you will see he hated ppl looking too far into his lyrics and mis interpriting them, thats y the lyrics were put in the sleeve of the inutero album (wich were even more misunderstood) in the journals youl see lots of little one liners that were put together in2 songs that didnt mean anything,people dont realise that you can just write a song that doesnt make sence, ppl always try to make sence of it when they shud just be enjoys the works of a true genius,


lounge act | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/08

just thought i'd let robert know that lounge act isn't about a gay crush,
kurt wrote this song after breaking up with Tobi Vail ( a girl!)
it was about her so yh Not a gay crush how'd the fuck you come up with that anyway... nevermind (Y):)

:/ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/08

people spell his name kurdt cobain because kurt himself spelt it like then in the very early days of nirvana when signing things at early gigs when he was doing some openers for the melvins. ive only listened to nirvana for about 2 year now. but, now whe you look at his back ground his lyrics become more clear. im only 14 now but kurt and his music have had a big influence on my life. most of it i can relate to.
r.i.p kurt;
your with boddah now x

a ray of light in a world of darkness | Reviewer: OneConcernedMusician | 1/28/08

Kurt said himself the drug habit was all on him. He had constant stomach pains and he said he felt like a junkie, so why not take drugs. Everyone around him kept trying to get him to quit, but he didn't feel he was hurting himself. And stop reading too much into Nirvana lyrics, Kurt always had a problem with people analyzing his lyrics.

Twisted Lyrics | Reviewer: Robert Lucien | 1/25/08

More twisted lyrics - cum on. Lounge act is about a gay crush, even the name of the track gives it away - "Lounge act" . I don't care where the non gay version comes from, you only have to hear the words!! Just remember how much homophobic pressure there was in music back then.

As for Kurts death, don't just blame the drugs - it was people who killed him. The person most responsible was Courtney Love who slept around and treated him like absolute shit. And don't forget Geffen and the "rock people" Kurt talked about who practically forced drugs on him every time he tried to stop. Ever watched "Breaking Glass" - that ws Kurts life. Fucked.!!!

More than met the eye | Reviewer: Liz | 1/21/08

The bones of this song went like this: "You. - keepin everything in line; mastering the art to remind; begging me to lighten up; never seems to be enough; Lounging in the sea; And Ive got this; I burnt my hands so I cant feel; Ill wet my bed to make you a deal; Ill gouge my eyes; Ill wear high heels; Ill wrack my brains to prove I can still; SMELL HIM ON YOU; You-wishin everything away; Bring it back another day; Safety is a special suit; Coverup a home" Kurt Cobain Journals p.146 (semicolons=line breaks). I like the hook in this song very much. I am fascinated by the transformation of the lyrics-whether by the songwriter in singing them-or by the translation of others. In any case, there you have it. The original version, written by his hand, undated. It occurs to me that people, generally, have no idea who this man truly was but he tells you in his own words-very poignantly, bit-by-bit, in his notebook. It is apparent most of the best of him never made it to the surface in public life-which is the biggest tragedy of all. The depth of his intelligence, cleverness, wit, determination, artistic talent beyond music, and off-beat humor (especially the humor b/c he was REALLY FUNNY-I state that w/emphasis)- the extent (or essence) of the real person- you won't see that anywhere in anything I've read yet-except what I just mentioned.