nirvana will never die... | Reviewer: chris | 7/18/07

LOUNG ACT apart from Teen Spirit this is the bestest tune on the Nevermind album. Gone, but never 4gotten x

best song | Reviewer: connor | 7/17/07

Nirvana's best song on there best album this song it is the perfect mix of there slower stuff and the more rocking songs you get a taste of both sides of Nirvana

Lounge act | Reviewer: Karim El Alfy | 7/16/07

it is beutiful. one of the best nirvana songs i ever heard. now everybody forgot how punk rock rolled. i wish kurt was still alive. he would rule the music industry. i would really like the world to listen to nirvana once more. like they used to. smells like teen spirit one of the best songs i heard. nirvana will always be my faviroute band. best wishes kurt hope you are in heaven.

daaaaamn | Reviewer: susana | 5/30/07

i love this song so much. this and sappy and probably my favorites. too bad kurts gone...he was a good songwriter...and shit! he died on my 3rd birthday! *sniffle*

review about the best | Reviewer: leigh | 5/26/07

lounge act is my favourite nirvana song which was hard to chose as every nirvana song can easily be any1's fave

Finaly | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/07

Good job, first time i read the lyrics like i hear the music.
Nirvana is the best; then, now,& forever.

lounge act | Reviewer: trickymicky | 4/15/07

For me it truly is the best Nirvana song. Fuck! The song just makes me want to fuck everything, fuck life, fuck you, but in a positive way. Ahhhhh! Those tingles of joy upon hearing an epic. This song makes me screw up my eyes and makes my mind focused like a dog chewing a new bone.

Lounge Act | Reviewer: Meghan Stark | 4/13/07

This is really one of the best Nirvana songs. I absolutely love Nirvana, and almost every song by Kurt is awesome.

Kurt forever in our hearts! | Reviewer: *RiOt GiRl* | 3/3/07

Smells like teen spirit & Longue act are my favorite songs so far!
It's such a shame the fact that Kurt is death & there's no more Nirvana.
I guess they could have been the greatest band ever in actual times!!

One of Nirvana's best | Reviewer: Hazeon | 3/1/07

This is probably one the best songs Nirvana ever recorded, and that's saying a lot. They wrote a lot of noisy shit, a lot of great tunes as well - this one stands near the top.

It isn't any longer than it has to be, amazingly under 3 minutes and instantly recognizable. Brilliant contributions from all members of the band here.

brilliant. | Reviewer: Jess!? | 11/29/06

this song is one of my favourite nirvana songs. it's great, the beat & rhtym (spelling ooer) is awesome. highly recommened (:

Loung act>>>awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/06

This is like one of the best nirvana songs thjat i can think of

id give it 10/10