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Performed by Nirvana

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An Update, Plus me over-analyzing your comments | Reviewer: Shadow | 1/30/11

Sorry i havent put anything up in a while. My computer got busted, and iii had to get a new one, then had a big deal with Sing 365 to make more shows on this awesome site. Please note that Season One of Spitoon will be on here, so just wait. I also had some trouble with George and his lawyers. Gladly, i was able to buy them off so that i can continue my show. Now, i recently got some fan mail on the site. Many from you who have posted a comment. So, lets review this first comment. The sender would like to remain unknown, so be it.
This 12 year old kid posted a comment which he could of said in just 1 sentence. But, it still brought a tear to my eye. Basically, this kid says that he HATES usic of today and wants things to be the way they were in the 70s and 80s.I can tell, he tried to feel special, but its actually not uncommon for young kids to be aware of older bands. Like Guns N Roses. This kid did TRY however. I must say that he acts like he is special, but he really isn't. Nirvana isn't metal or rock. It is Grunge. Too bad he doesn't know that. I give his comment a 1 out of 5.

Music of yesterday & today | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/11

Hey guys, I'm 12, and I have a message to put across, songs of today are shit and mean nothing- alright well not all music but that stuff u hear on the radio like Justin beiber "baby" (what a surprise!) and calafonia girls and all that other stuff. I really hated all that type of music, and I found it hard to find the music that I love. Until I came across Guns n roses, uv always loved acdc so that was an easy pick, deep purple, and the list goes on. I love hard rock, heavy metal, rock, death metal, ect. But I did want some music that was simple musically, but agressavie... That's when I found nirvana... It's like hard alternative rock. See my favorite band is guns n roses but u do need a break from ur favorite bands occasionally, and nirvana is that for me. I really relate to that type of music! I love everything about their music, I really do feel as the band is called, nirvana to it's music. I've never be 1 for todays music because it doesn't mean anything, it's plastic. The reason why I connect with this music and all the other bands I like, is because it's true, and depending on the day or song, I feel like that too, I DON'T CARE ABOUT STUPID CALAFONIA GIRLZ!!!!! So my message to u is.. KEEP THE 80's 70's and just ROCK N ROLL AND WHATEVER TYPE OF MUSIC THIS IS ALIVE!!!!

Relating to! | Reviewer: Vaggelis | 12/29/10

An awesome song by an incredible band to say the least.I too suffer from severe depression and can relate to the lyrics of Lithium,a drug that I take too.It's so comforting to know that there are people in the world feeling as "ugly" as you do,to know that you are not the only one that feels like carrying a burden in every step that you never really asked for,that you know you never chose to do so.I dont care what Kurt Cobain really wasn't,i dont care what he wanted to be,I care for what he felt and for the fact that he remains and will forever be a legend,a one of a kind breed.And for the fact that every day he is the one that brings a smile to a very sad man every time he cries...Thanks Kurt,I wish that Heaven is just the name of the place you play in now...RIP

Music Today-A Rant Pt.2 +An update+Shoutout | Reviewer: Shadow | 12/21/10

So i continued my study with Thomas. Tom told me that when he viewed lyrics of Motley Cure, then compared them with Justin Bieber's Baby, Motley's Lyrics made more sense. The song he chose from Motley Crue was Dr. Feelgood, and Justin Biebers song was none other than Baby.
Thomas told me,
"I examined and broke down Dr. Feelgood, which was clearly about drugs and how they can ruin your life if you use them or sell them. Baby was nothing more than a group of coded messages. With baby, Justin tried hard to make sure there was at least 1 hint of a message. But it does not give a message. All it does is talk about teen love."
I got a note afterwards that said that we need another song besides baby. So i chose "One Time" And let me tell you that Justin Does NOT know what love is. Love is not banging a 14 year old in your car. Love is not candy and roses and buttercups. Love is about conmittment. And Justin doesn't know what that is. He really Doesn't and it gets sad that people look to him for love advice. Afterwards, i called Thomas after he left me a message to call him. He said,
"Listen, we just got a call. A kid....killed himself over Justin Bieber."
Yes. It turns out that young Jacob Gorges killed himself while listening to "Baby" Apparently his friends told him that if he did it, it would please Bieber and that he would meet him in heaven. I got to the scene, and was greeted by Dr. Thomas Michaels. He said,
"I got a call from the hospital. My patient Jacob Gorges broke out, then hung himself."
He cried. I didn't. It was a said moment. A moment that NEVER made it on the news. A moment that haunts my small town, but doesn't haunt anyone elses. His dad George Gorges told me not to usse his name in this. I told him,
"I'm sorry George. But i can't."
They brought me to court about it. As of this writing, i won the case. George however, did not take this lightly. In fact, he attempted to kill me. I was walking down the streets, when he charged at me with a knife. I made a citizens arrest and turned him in. As of this, he has been admitted into a mental hospital. Poor George. He went crazy. He was responsible for his child's death.
Look out for part 2...
Also, i wanted to do an update on my other shows i have, and a new show i shall be doing. Exclusively on sing365, A new shocking look on the madness of the Gorges Family. Take a deeper in depth look at George Gorges.
Also, I shall be posting a new series on My Chemical Romance's Lyrics Thing. It is based on the life and death of one Hannah Bond. For those of you unaware, Hannah Bond was a teenage girl who killed herself because of My Chemical Romance. Take a look at this preview:
Hannah Bond:Inside. Hannah bond was a girl. Innocent sweet. NORMAL. But this all ended on the day of her death...her SUICIDE. Now, for the 1st time, we take a deep look into Hannah Bond. Was She Crazy? Did she deserve her death? Were her parents involved?

Now that is over, lets look at my shout out to Nirvana. You guys are great.

Music Today-A Rant Pt. 1 | Reviewer: Shadow | 12/19/10

Nirvana was great. Growing up in the 80s and 90s, i learned what great music was. Music could be awesome, or it could suck. And 90s and 80s never dissapointed. But as time went by, people forgot what music was. They forgot why you listenied to music. Teens today don't rock out to Alice In Chains, Nirvana, or even Green Day anymore. No. They are worshipping a great threat:Modern Music. Justin Bieber, lady gaga, or even that whore Kesha. Well let me go on a rant here: THAT is not music. THAT is nothing but garbage. And there is no meaning to it. Lets here some translation of what an everyday kesha means. I called my friend Teen Anaylizer Dr. Thomas Michaels to translate what a kesha song means. Here is a translation of "Tik Tok":
"Lets stay up late and act like whore and go against everything we believe in just to look for a fad."
The science is there. Thomas took 5 teens in. 4 out of those 5 teens loved Kesha, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Usher, and any of those other losers. 1 out of those 5 loved Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Green Day, and even 80s bands like Guns N Roses, Motley Crue. We need more kids like that in this fucking country. Excuse my language. But it gets me angry.that only 1 person out of 5 expereinces great music. What the heck? Now, these rants will take place over a series of reviews. Stay tuned for part 2 and my other series Movies Today. And rememberm if it aint old, it aint good.

Lithium In A Bottle | Reviewer: Lindsay | 11/2/10

Lithium is such a complex song. Many look at it as simple and just words to fill an empty space. But I find Kurt's music so much more complex. Music can cry, laugh, smile, moan, etc. and Kurt's music expresses all of this. Lithium is very emotional and no one will ever truly understand what it means. But we can all interpret it in our own way. This is a song I will never forget.

smile | Reviewer: boobie | 6/14/10

Bet if Kurt was looking down on everyone trying to make sense of his lyrics, he would find it highly amusing. Take them with a pinch of salt. His moods where up and down from one minute to the next. He was a very talented song writer/ performer but suffered from mental illness from a young age that combined with his life style and drug use allowed him to write very deep lyrics. I myself have bipolar and write my thoughts down as poems whilst on a downer but when im hyper i look at them and think what the f.u.c.k so don't take his lyrics to seriously Anyhow miss Kurt cobain lets hope he is finaly at peace with himself now R.I.P <3

laughing | Reviewer: boobie | 6/14/10

Bet if Kurt was looking down on everyone trying to make sense of his lyrics, he would find it highly amusing. Take them with a pinch of salt. His moods where up and down from one minute to the next. He was a very talented song writer/ performer but suffered from mental illness from a young age that combined with his life style and drug use allowed him to write very deep lyrics. I myself have bipolar and write my thoughts down as poems whilst on a downer but when im hyper i look at them and think what the f.u.c.k so don't take his lyrics to seriously Anyhow miss Kurt cobain lets hope he is finaly at peace with himself now R.I.P <3

Personal Meaning | Reviewer: Pasillas | 5/30/10

Kurt was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder when he was a kid, wich some people think is the main cause of his musical talent, the song talks about every day of his life, dealing with those critical changes in mood that only people who have the dissease can understand, i have it, thats why i think im close to, he was medicated with lithium (name of the song) but it never worked, alcohol and drugs didnt help and his childhood issues made an explosive and destructive combination, it is a great rock song i think with the changing from loud to calm chords trough all the song and because it came from his hearth, every word meant something on his head and helped to add a great "feeling" factor on his voice that im personaly glad to enjoy.

nirvana. | Reviewer: NIRVANA | 5/19/10

Kurt was one of the great artists of his generations and if yous wanna bag out the bang then dont even bother commenting it i bet none of yous could actually create a band that could defy a life time.

the music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/15/10

I really feel that I must say something very important about Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. First and foremost Nirvana started a new way of living and thinking called "grundge". I am not sure how to write this but this was the aim of Nirvana and its managers- to represent a new wave for the young people outcast from the norms of the ordinary society. What do you think about heroin addictuion and so on depressions and bullshits of this sort, this is called image of the group and its style which comes all in together. Can you imagine Nirvana during the 90s without this image?? How then the style could be called grunge if Kurt Cobain was like the ordinary people from the ordinary society" Bithces"? You don't know anything about this way of living during the 90s when the fans of Nirvana were going crazy because of the music and freedom which Kurt and Nirvana wanted to impose on them and of course to help them to manage with the difficult ages called teens yeras when almost every young person experinece different moods and emotions part of their growing up. So its seems that it is really normal for Nirvana and Kurt Cobain to support what they invented like style and music. And I don't think that the year of 2010 is the time to discus something so distant in time. Nirvana will stay Nirvana till the moment Kurt Cobain died. As you can see there is no more Nirvana. So leave this person to rest in peace and don't shit over his music or talk over and over about his heroin addiction or suicide which might be a murder in fact. Now the muisc which comes from USA is full of bullshits too. You might have a look at hip/hop and please tell me if there is something which I should value. What this music teach the young people- to hate each other because of their skin, to make sex with whoever, to kill each other.. Come on this is not music which have to be sold at all because a lot of people suffer from the greedy ass holes in Hoolywood to sell whatever just for the money who actually don't give a shit what the young people do after liking these stupid people called rappers. Who don't care too. Can you tell me please what the game for example wants to show to his fans by saying that" he went to prison and he was there with other famous people". Maybe the other young guys should go to prison too, become real men and of course ruin their life and future after all. Rap is still image but I don't think that it is appropriate becasue the people believe to their idols and follow their steps. So, I have listened music for too long( all kind) and I really think that the fans of differnt styles are not guilty becasue of the musician they choosed to like but please don't be so superficial about the music. In 100 % it is about the money in Hoolywood and the fans should listen the music but not to discuss the life of the stars or be like them. They can't.

Awesome song. | Reviewer: Jet | 12/30/09

Cool song, bro. Pretty wicked Lyrics. I can't say I understand them in anyform. But, pretty cool to just kickback&relax too - yah know? It seems like people ALWAYS want to relate some song to their lives. But, it's algoods. This is a pretty wicked song, tho. Mint, bros.

I like Lithium and Smells like Teen Spirit. They're my favourites on this Album.

Lithium Lyrics | Reviewer: Ziv | 12/13/09

For all those who don't know and try to guess what's behind the lirycs of this State Of The Art rock song.

Kurt suffered from a severe Bio-Polar Disorder (Mania Depressia), which causes an extreme changes in moods - from very happy to super depression - within a very very short time.
This disorder made him try to commit suicide several times.
He was treated with a medicine called LITHIUM for his disorder, and on the name of this Medicine he named this incredible song.
(By the way, this single was first published the same day Kurt was committed to a psychiatric hospital, due to a suicide attmept caused by a severe and sudden depression attack).

You can also find Clear Clues for the extreme change in moods in the lyrics:
First Line: I'm so happy...
Second Line: I'm so ugly...
etc' etc' etc', all along the song.

Just for general knowledge.

Lithium | Reviewer: Mike | 12/4/09

Lithium may be the best track off Nevermind. It really is the pinnacle of the loud chorus/soft verse dynamic that Nirvana used for most of their songs. The lyrics may seem nonsensical, but if you analyse them line by line and then put them together, you get a really visual picture of a person who in all appearances seems happy, listing all of the things that are wrong and saying that it doesn't matter. Then exploding in the chorus in screams that are just a eerie concoction of agony and jubilation, and then assuring themselves more than anyone else that they aren't going to crack. It's just a kick-ass song with a smooth baseline, pounding drums, and a winding guitar that when put together just ends up bubbling over and bursting at the seams with pure unadulterated awesomeness

In bloom | Reviewer: Vian "deep basilisk" | 12/4/09

Ok. In indonesia I hear it. Evrd, hear song along. Not only it I hear. But I hear smll lk teen spirit, cm as u are, about a girl, in bloom, etc. Finally I still hear nirvana without kurt in the world. So kurt my inprtion

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