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Performed by Nirvana

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Self Sacrafice | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/14

Dude... Satan is real, not only is he a tangeable force but he works his magic to make fitting whatever he wants to see, basically a bunch of reclusive lost souls in contemplation of a beautiful song that is the person refusal of the light God gave him because he is more complex and tangeable in sin, which is only and always the refusal of the qualities a person in Jesus for a person in sin. Let us try to relate to this song in a very real way, because when I can talk to a girl I never met across hundereds of miles... Sumpthins Up...

We will see... | Reviewer: Joshua | 10/28/12

Well said, Seorsa. I am baffled by the brazen pseudo-boldness in some of these comments against your Creator. I have seen the look in Kurt's eyes as he sung these lyrics in New York. I feel for him and his daughter. Sadly we saw him slip away from us, unable to reconcile, unable to reach a conclusion that he could be comfortable with. I ask that the Lord has mercy on him as I do for myself - for He will abundantly pardon! Fools say there is no God. I have a science degree and the more I see the more I am in awe of our Creator. Praise the Lord!

Is it a Christian Song? Ask Kurt! | Reviewer: Hugo | 8/29/12

On the version contained on the MTV Unplugged in New York album, Kurt Cobain refers to the song as: "a rendition of an old Christian song, I think. But we do it the Vaselines' way."[1]

Nothing like Nirvana means to me know. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/27/12

You talk about science and logic and God created it.
Humans are just discovering. When judgement day comes. Some will
Cry and beg for salvation. Others will not even understand but even
Non believers will seek for Jesuschrist. My humble opinion.

Jesus is pissed!!!! | Reviewer: bob Jones | 4/26/12

I just talked to Jesus and He is Pissed off at Courtney Love for with holding monetary roalties. See that old B, rymens with with, is with holding sevel large coins from Jesus for that song. and it IS Jesuses' song. The C. Church is really in need of some csh due to the settlements lately, for those priests...

Re Danny | Reviewer: Ben | 1/23/12

Danny, head off and listen to your Newsboys and Amy Grant record collection then, although I believe at one point the newsboys wore semi contemporary clothing and breached upon a modern topic so try not to condemn them for that.

no thanks | Reviewer: danny | 1/9/12

I will live die and cry for my Lord and reap the everlasting reward thank you very Much.. I no longer like this song now that I've read the lyrics and understand what it means.. Kurt is dead so it really doesn't matter anymore anyways

Come on now... | Reviewer: Seorsa | 11/6/11

I think that the folks who are missing the point (that this is anti-religion, particularly anti-christian) should take a look at a hymn, I'll Be a Sunbeam. The hymn (I remember this from childhood) is a sweet and simple song that appeals in a child like way. Nirvana makes their message clear with an acoustic folk sound that is somewhat edgy, maybe discordant? And the lyrics clearly point towards a particular type of organized religion with the references to death, resurrection and the emotional manipulation of christianity, such as the reference to not crying over Jesus' "sacrifice". About a depressed lover? whatever appeals to you...but you are missing a lot of road signs going down that road. Simple, yet brilliant refutation of the core of the christian manipulation!

This song is awesome | Reviewer: MOEQ4 | 10/12/11

Actually this song fits for all religions and believes in the world. Not just Christianity. So don't expect me to die for any god/goddes. Like okay I appreciate your help and sacrafice you had given for me, but I just did not need that. Life is better without you, God.

Ha. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/11

This is a christian song because Jesus is mentioned? Can I please have some of that crack you're smoking? Christian's are supposed to share, right?

I think the song is just that, a song. C'mon now people, you don't have to slap meaning onto every song you hear just to make you feel good about listening to it.

jesus dont want me for a sunbeam | Reviewer: billy | 6/19/11

i thought it was because they did not feel jesus could use them for a sunbeam its not anti its just do you really think im a fitting christian i think its a brilliant song because of this the way they can say 'jesus cant help me because i dont believe' its not anti its just in complience

sunbeams | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/11

its actually a song about loving a lover with heavy depression, and i believe a drug habit. a lover on a downward spiral and all that. the singer doesn't want to die, hence "jesus doesn't want" him "for a sunbeam" (meaning to die) yet.

You're all wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/11

It is a redone child's Christian song which was originally "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam" you're all readin too much into Nirvana's cover of a Vaseline's cover of an old old Christian song in which they changed the words from wants me for a sunbeam to doesn't want me for a sunbeam

yo wat | Reviewer: horst | 5/22/11

yeah, please go on with your hardcore christian shit. maybe you find a christian meaning in alastair crowleys work too.

please guys, its a parody ON a christian song, so maybe its not meant to have christian meanings, but more likely anti-christian ones. just read it and shut your head off like the other 95% of your life when you numb sleepwalkers try to follow jesus.

interestingly enough that you try to read between the lines on that one, but refuse science and logic.

jeez-us, you guys suck.

The real truth behind this song. | Reviewer: Bob | 5/7/11

This song's about how people feel they don't deserve eternal life through Jesus Christ because they think they have sinned so many times.When the lead singer says Jesus dosen't want me for a sunbeam because sunbeams aren't made like me,He's saying how could Jesus ever accept me for who I am because of my mistakes.Also when he says don't expect me to cry for all the wrong reason's you had to die,He's telling him I'm not worthy to be a Christian.Just listen closely to the lyrics.

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