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Performed by Nirvana

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What I think... | Reviewer: Caz | 6/4/07

Without a doubt, this song is written to express the band's cynicism towards fans who do not listen to the lyrical content of their music. If you watch the music video, it depicts fans cheering throughout the song and smiling National Bandstand style, complete with hokey announcer. It says a great deal about fame and the compromises that one must expect to make when writing music for a wide spread audience. The man shooting the gun at god only knows what, an act that I associate with indifference, says so much about those who are unaffected by the lyrical content of songs. After all, Kurt Cobain's greatest triumph was in writing emotional and thought-provoking lyrics with simple but unique instrumentals. At least that's my opinion...

Dont know what it means | Reviewer: Mike Richardson | 6/3/07

This says it here about the fans back then. They always try to decipher the music but only Kurt knows what the song meant.

In bloom | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/07

I never really realized how deadly Nirvana was until i actually took the time to listen to them and got past ''smells like teen spirit'' the critics and what ever over played that song they made me think thats all Nirvana had.Until my friend who has a band showed me the real Nirvana.Songs like these are absolute master pieces. Just because its like Spanish to the followers the ones that listen to music because its the cool thing to do,i dont even no what im talking about people need to actually take things in.

tender age in bloom | Reviewer: paul | 5/29/07

some of those who posted here are completely oblivious that the lyrics in the song are actually describing them and part of nirvana's general "fan base." the lyrics are also in a way supporting those people and their maturity in a neutral way. it would be extremely ironic when and if those people found some meaning behind these lyrics.

He’s the one
Who likes all our pretty songs
And he likes to sing along
And he likes to shoot his gun
But he knows not what it means

(reference about the people who don't know what the other songs mean!)

We can have some more
Nature is a whore
Bruises on the fruit
Tender age in bloom << (this can be interpreted in a variety of ways; in my opinion hes talking about how people naturally grow up and mature hence "tender age in bloom" which is the point of the whole song. he also compares this maturity to the growth of fruit which "bloom.")

Kurt's whole legacy is filled with double meanings and contradictions so if anything don't take my word for it and research it and find out for yourself.

Thanks for your comments | Reviewer: Callan | 5/27/07

Hi, Im Callan. I'm the Submitter of the lyrics
I hope you found the lyrics helpful. I play this song many times with my grunge band, however i want to comment on what other people are saying.

First of all, I love nirvana, i love them soo much. They really changed my life...Im want to say im not one of the fans that hear 1 nirvana song and think they know it all and claim to be 'fans', I acctually know ALOT about them, My fav songs other then this are ; sappy(unrealesed), Verse chorus verse, heart shaped box, you know your right, anersym, old age, negitive creep, about a girl, drain you, territorial pissings, come as you are, something in the way, all apologies and many, many, many more!

oh and just to sat To the fucking narrow minded piece of shit that said kurt was crap, fuck you!. Why come to get nirvana lyrics, and why bother posting a comment if u hate kurt so much? Kurt a pretty boy front man? You've obviously haven't dpne your homework mate. Kurt was and still is!, an inspireation, he truely changed my life, and has changed millions of lives with his messege. Im a better person because of him and his music, he taught us to love...Now piss off and spread your hate elsewere.

on behalf of kurt cobain

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Catu | 5/14/07

Why was it Kurt the one to die? Why didn't Ricky Martin die? This song is just so good, I think I'm gonna sing it at my school's benefit concert!

Review | Reviewer: Matt | 4/30/07

The lyrics are about the ignorance of the people listenening to the song and not understanding the lyrics and people that sing along to them, it is also rumoured he wrote the song about one of his friends called Dylan Carlson.
Yo Nirvana do rock.

knows not what it means | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/07

Kurt is a talented song writer. You really have to think outside the box and daily normality of life to understand him and his lyrics. But it's so way out there that anyone can interupt differently, like a painting. You can't say u love the music and not the lyrics. He might be talking about u or me.

Great | Reviewer: Ryan | 4/24/07

Yeah this song is great, Kurt wrote this so it wouldn't make much sense and he wrote this for his friend Dylan Carlson from Earth and this song is also about how Kurt hates Arena Rock or something like that.

Kurt - that's a Danish name! :D | Reviewer: Ida | 4/21/07

actually, I never heard a single song by Nirvana all the way through, undtil last week. And that was only because I had to. I'm a highschoolstudent from Denmark, and ofcourse I knew who Kurt Cobain was (were not stupid overhere anyway..), but I never listened to his music. In school we are writing a project, a very big one, which HAD to be on Nirvana. -our teachers decided that. And so we had to choose a song from Nevermind, to analyse and interpret, and put into a bigger perspective. And then, we heard one minut of every song, and I picked In Bloom. I'm not sure why (only that God gave me a very helping hand) and therefor I've heard the song a million times now. And it becomes better and better every time. AND the lyrics make very good sence. I've read here, that fans of Nirvana apparently do not like people like me, who are not true and year-long fans. But I just wanted to say, that my eyes have been opened very much, and I really think that Nirvana is something special, not like every other rock band. And having read Kurt's sad biography, I am even more respectful. So - In Bloom - a special song to me.

sell the kids for food | Reviewer: Cem | 4/10/07

this redoubtable song is used an OST in a funny film... or it can be mentioned in a narration in order for it to be funnier :)

you don't know what it means! | Reviewer: | 3/14/07

I particularly like this song. My way of interpreting it is that more than an attack, Kurt's being sarcastic about people like us who try to decipher the meaning of the lyrics, especially young people "...Bruises on the fruit/Tender age in bloom..." or the more "superficial" fans who don't pay attention to them. That's what I believe. The lyrics are uncertain but they can be adjusted to suit different tastes and points of view for sure. I should remind the anonymus that Kurt wrote a lot of the songs for Nirvana and if you can't perceive the profoundness of those songs then I feel sorry for you. Dave Grohl's talented, but he's got a different style and so just because you dislike Kurt doesn't mean he wasn't "talented." Depends on what you consider talent too. Narrow-minded people just don't get it. Uncertainty, in every song. The clearer it is, the harder to see.

Uh... | Reviewer: A Concerned Fan | 2/23/07

Guys, are any of you aware what this song actually means? In fact, are you aware this song means anything?

I'm just gonna say it, for the benefit of everyone. This song was written as an attack on fans who were apathetic to the lyrical content of the band's songs. Take another look at the lyrics and you'll understand.

Either way, another good Nirvana song.

Oh, and Cobain a pretty boy? Right. Using the same logic, Slipknot wears masks that make them look handsome. Granted, Dave was easily the most musically versatile of the group. Before you call Kurt whiny, check out his Journals.

Random | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/07

i love the solo in the song . it's kick ass

-_- | Reviewer: Nirvava | 1/24/07

Obviously the last reviewer loves Nirvana. Or else he wouldnt have reviewed it. He just wants to look "cool". Anyway, personally this is a great Nirvana song. In my opinion it ties with "About A Girl" as best Nirvana song. The guitar is awesome.

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