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Performed by Nirvana

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Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/08

Nirvana is one of my favorite bands by far. After listening to this, it really made me think. There are a lot of different ways to interpret the lyrics which is the main reason why I love it. R.I.P. Kurt.

kurt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/08

kurt got murdered everyone knows it
courtney and him were about to get a divorce because of his heroin use so she wanted to kill him instead of divorce
nirvana is the best band of all time

nikki | Reviewer: nikki yates | 1/13/08

omg how could you not care about the lyrics?!!!! they make the song. in fact this song is about people like you, people who dont care about lyrics and who just like the way it sounds

In Bloom | Reviewer: Sarah | 1/5/08

To Cristian: I no what you mean. It is a bsolutely mental that people dont appreciate Nirvana's genius. Most people who say that they are ok are dickheads and have never really listened to them properly. long live Nirvana!

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/07

the song as well as the video represents how "the media" filters songs for the way they want it that's what shows in the video, but in the song it says people love to listen to the music but they don't understand it.

sad | Reviewer: Cristian | 12/14/07

practically everyone I know doesn't like Nirvana and people who don't DISlike them say stuff like "They're ok" idk I think It's sad I mean maybe people just don't listen to lyrics like they used to back then. Oh well at least the music influences me =)

LONG LIVED KURT! ((not really =( ))

love always | Reviewer: Kelly | 12/10/07

I wasnt even born when Kurt died but they are still my favorite band. I grew up with them but my dream was ,and will always be,to talk to Kurt about his music because it touched so many people. Kurt was one of the best song writers of my time and, though no one at my school talks about them, Nirvana is still one of the most influental bands ever.

Kurt's Death. | Reviewer: Jade | 12/2/07

I think that Kurt Cobain, Was murderd and that it WASNT Suicide. Why did Courtney Love pay someone to kill him? But they didn't and reported it... The drugs would have taken his life, There was enough to kill him 3 times. He would have had the strength to hold the gun, Nevermind pull the trigger. The police should really work on his case, Cause it DEFINITELY Wasn't suicide.

Meaning of lyrics | Reviewer: Mike | 12/1/07

All of you guys who are saying no one knows what the lyrics mean or that they dont matter, you are idiots. Cobain wrote the song as insult to anyone who just listens to a song for the sound, and doesnt look at what the words mean.

In Bloom | Reviewer: rascal | 11/29/07

hey yah fellas...
im always a fan of Nirvana and the legendary Kurt Cobain...
this siong really makes me jump...
i tried to interpret the song but hell, why need to interpret?
just feel the excstacy...

Kurt lives,,

Hello | Reviewer: Ed | 11/29/07

Its painful reading the previous reviews - the song is taking the piss out of people who listen to the music but don’t care about the lyrics. Like you guys.

... | Reviewer: Nirvana Fan | 11/27/07

His death, could of beed a murder, as well as a suicide, there was very little chance he would of lived longer than 5 seconds after the herion, I honestly believe it was murder, he was the same height as me, 5'7, there is no possible way he could of done it.

Wow. | Reviewer: Jesus Christ | 11/23/07

It's a good song. Don't get too concerned about the meaning of certain words. No one is for certain what all of it means, or if it really means anything.

Not speaking as Cobain, but if you look at the setup of the lyrics, there is a pattern between the lines in the 2 different riffs:

Riff 1:
Sell the kids for food
Weather changes moods
Spring is here again
Reproductive glands

Riff 2:
We can have some more
Nature is a whore
Bruises on the fruit
Tender age in bloom

Now for the systematic dissection of correlating lines in each separate riff:
(1) Sell the kids for food
(2) We can have some more
- Perhaps a suggestion of a need for money.

(1) Weather changes moods
(2) Nature is a whore
- Perhaps in reference to the "weather" that is caused by the lack of money.

(1) Spring is here again
(2) Bruises on the fruit
- The most common bruising fruit that ripens in spring is the apple. Apple of my eye. Possibly referring to something that he cherishes very much.

(1) Reproductive glands
(2) Tender age in bloom
- As a plant systematist, the closest match to something not sexual would be in reference to Cannabis sativa. A small plant of Cannabis sativa in bloom is very hard to manage. Cannabis sativa var. indica is the only naturally dwarf Cannabis sativa. Cannabis sativa var. indica is also a late-maturing plant, and the marijuana used for Hashish. Cannabis sativa var. indica is primarily distributed in the Himalayas, into China.

How about the gun part? How about this Chinese proverb: 'Who knows not but speaks is not wise; who knows but speaks not is not loyal'.

...of course, I only like Nirvana's music, and don't care about anything else about them. Their songs are challenging, but this is my favorite to play on the guitar...

what it means... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/07

This song is basically an insight into Nirvana's fans at the height of their popularity: impressionable, naive, troubled, adolescent boys. Nirvana's songs deal with angst, violence, and social commentaries, but the average teenage boy who is just "in bloom" doesn't really have the maturity or experience to truly understand them. Awesome song.

KURT IS DOG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/17/07

when he refers to gun in this song hes refering to a seringe(spike , heroin needle ) just like in the beatles happiness is a warm gun . i only put this to correct the first post on here

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