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Performed by Nirvana

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my story | Reviewer: kaitlyn | 1/5/09

Im 12 and i just heard nirvanas songs a couple of months ago.I saw them on t.v.But when i first heard about them was at my friends house.I thought they were still together and and making music.But when i heard that Kurt was dead i was sad because i thought they were a great band even though i just heard one song.And nobody needs to say anything because i wasnt even born when Kurt died.But if you say something i wont give a ratsass because i know me and you dont.Also fuck you if you think i or anybody else is a poser.

~The Brain oF Cobain~ | Reviewer: | 12/29/08

This cat was a seriously mental genius, twisted like thoses cinnamon shitz @ Taco Bell. Kirk once said quote “Punk is musical freedom. It's saying, doing and playing what you want. In Webster's terms, 'nirvana' means freedom from pain, suffering and the external world, and that's pretty close to my definition of Punk Rock.” end quote. This pop tart was Nirvana. Now, the music of Nirvana was dope but Kirk can't claim all the credit. The other band members who now are the FOO FIGHTERS still to this day rock hard like diamonds. Kirk did however write all the lyrics to their music and them shitz are like peas and carrots!. R.I.P. KC, FOO Fighters Rock, and Courtney Love is Trashy Beautiful. Guitar Hero Is for posers , Pick up a real instrument pansies... !

Song Rocks | Reviewer: SexyyFlick12 | 12/28/08

Hey i heard this on rockband and i love this song my friend teegan just likes it because i do man i hate that she was like this song is scary i hate it then i was like i love it then she was like i accturally like it then i was like okaii w/e then lmao but pce

Please enjoy.. dont bitch | Reviewer: Jon | 12/25/08

"WHEN I SAY... BANG!" haha By the way.. really creepy kid who likes weapons.. i hope you like the eternal ringing noise that will echo through your dreams. nirvana rocks! And if you listened to only one nirvana song your whole life you can still be a fan. dont fall for what other people say what you have to do to be a fan.. you can just love their style and absolutely hate their music. you can be a fan in anyway.. please people.. stop spitting out your one sided bullshizzah.. dumbass.

The Song | Reviewer: Emil | 12/20/08

This song is like me ...
I like all nirvanas songs and I sing to them to xD And I like weapons and shit ><

"He’s the one
Who likes all our pretty songs
And he likes to sing along
And he likes to shoot his gun
But he don't know what it means
don't know what it means
when I say"

Some Nirvana Fans | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/08

It really annoys me when i here Nirvana fans going on about wether or not Courtney did it. They argue that people who think it is suicide are dumb for just believing what they here in newspapers but they're only believing what they read in books on conspiricy theories. Really we're never going to know, i actually think he did kill himself just because it gives the songs more meaning but as i said, we'll never know. And wtf is up with these Nirvana fans who seem determined to prove to everyone that they are the biggest fans, who gives a shit if people heard nirvana through rockband or wether they discovered them on thier own. All you should care about is what the songs are to you, the individual. Oh and on another note, if you do love Kurt so much as you say, why do some of you attack the woman he loved most in the world? Even if she is a bitch and even if she didn't love him, he would still kick the shit out of the people who verbally abuse Courtney Love. Just to make it clear I'm not attackng Nirvana fans, Nirvana are my favourite band and i know that not all fans are assholes. I think that its just that nirvana effect people so powerfully that they become such die hard fans and end up taking it way too seriosly. Sorry for blabing one, peace out

Posers | Reviewer: The Jam | 12/1/08

For everyone putting down the posers listen to this.

There is nothing at all wrong with people hearing nirvana on rock band or guitar hero and getting into their music (I did the same thing with Megadeth after hearing symphony of destruction on GH1).
I think its great for the music, but at the same time you cannot claim to be a fan of a band if you only like one of their songs you can play the guitar for on a video game. Its noticable who the real fans are by which song they choose as their favourite.
(Eg, most real nirvana fans wouldnt say smells like teen spirit is their favourtie song despite it being the most popular pre-rock band song. Same thing with One by metallica, beautiful people by marilyn manson, BYOB by System of a down etc.)

DFjalkdjf | Reviewer: Joshua Swartz | 11/20/08

I don't mind if you heard nirvana on rock band so you listened to a bunch of their other songs, because the 1st nirvana song i've heard since i was little and my mom had nevermind. But if you claim to be a nirvana fan and the only songs you can name are the ones from rock bands then.......... dont claim to be a nirvana fan until you listen to their other stuff. Just go out and buy bleach and nevermind. And in utero is really cool.

I've been reading a book called "Love and Death" and actually it was literally impossible for him to kill himself. With the amount of heroin in his blood stream, he would have passed out in about 5 seconds after injecting himself. But the turnikit(however the fuck you spell it), the needle, the sleeve of his jacket and flannel shirt were rolled back down, and all the extra heroin stuff (fuck i don't know because I DONT DO HEROIN) were placed back in the cigar box and placed to his side. A doctor said in the book that the only way he could have killed himself was if he had the gun in his mouth when he injected himself. And the turnikit and needle would still be on his arm. And alot of other stuff. You should read it.

i almost most made all region chior but got nervous | Reviewer: josh harrin | 11/15/08

this is like one of my favorite songs i can almost sing it perfectly im tuner 1 my voice usually almost crokes on "he's the one who likes all our pretty song but he knows not what it means knows not what it means when i say"

love this song. | Reviewer: meh | 11/10/08

i'm with samantha on that..
i'm part black, but was still raised on r&b and the like..
as a kid i did often hear nirvana and enjoyed their songs. but, my dad hated anything that wasn't rap so yeah..
didn't start listening to what i wanted till i was 12-13..
oh.. and to those tards that think people are "posers" because they found nirvana by a video game.. shut up. you obviously have no idea what the hell poser even means. no one gives a fuck if you've liked nirvana since before kurt's death. and it doesn't give you the right to make newer fans feel lesser than you.

another thing... those of you that think courtney did it, shut up. for god's sake... if she did, shouldn't she be locked up by now? really. quit reading psycho's theories of what they think happened and get on with life.

poor bean has had enough shit to deal with without reading all the shit you guys say about her mother...

hood pass n trouble | Reviewer: samantha | 10/30/08

unlike most ppl n my race, i tend to venture outside the realm of r&b and rap. this song i've always knew the chorus to, but never knew the lyrics. this song is the shit whether it's poking at arena rock or whatever, this song kicks ass. i've been told too many times that rock of anykind isn't for me and it's funny i got the joke before most of the ''rockers'' did. nirvana popped my cherry into the rock world and i'm just glad i finally know the words to the whole song so i can finally stop mumbling one of my favorite songs by them (& 4 those that r wondering my other favorite is heart shaped box). and 2 u haterz out there that call ppl who find this genre of music on their own posers...go suck one. now i gotta go before my hood pass gets revoked! LMAO!!

the lyrics sound wierd | Reviewer: a confused singer | 10/23/08

to me when i listen to the this song it doesnt sound like kurt is saying but he knows not what it means knows not what it means when i say to me it sounds my like he says but he grows marijuana to feed the kids grow marijuana to feed the kids. anyone else agree plz help me

WTF | Reviewer: Zack Feige | 10/16/08

The hell is wrong with you people fuckin sayin dumb shit about them. i was raised around nirvana even met kurt at a party. whatever. you like them or you dont.

There's no posers or anything. you might have been a grunge guy before any one but if they hear the song on a game or anything and they like it and waants "to know what it means" then let em,

posers??? | Reviewer: na fan | 10/11/08

i wish everyone would stop with this poser crap no ones a poser just because they just discovered a great band.for all you ppl who say that there a real fan what gives you the right to decide what someone else is just because they way they discover music.all you ppl who are calling ppl posers need to get off nirvanas dick they didnt know you stop acting like u knew them like you guys were best friends let ppl enjoy the fucking music you douchebags.

Blah. | Reviewer: Yerr Mother. | 10/8/08

Okay you people act as if someone heard nirvana for the first time on rockband or whatever, they arn't alowed to be a fan. That's just stupid. Just because someone has liked them after you means they cant like them at all? You are all retards for saying crap like that. You should actually be glad that people are listeing to them now! Geeze people nowadays....

Personaly, I've always liked Nirvana, but I'm not gonna sit there and be all selfish cause someone else is just now hearing it for the first time.

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