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Performed by Nirvana

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orgasm / heroin | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/12/10

i always thought the "likes to shoot his gun" image was a double reference to ejaculation, and maybe shooting heroin..... i could be biased, i guess, cus i used to always sit around shooting dope to this song. but the way i see the lyrics, he's expressing a sort of warped or perverse perspective on youth and what's wholesome. "weather changes moods / spring is here again / reproductive glands," it's sort of like saying that it's just a mechanism--romance is almost programmed to happen most often in the spring (this is certainly statistically true), and the way it's stated makes the idea of romantic lovemaking in the springtime sort of flat--reproductive glands. then "we can have some more" sounds to me like it's responding to the first line, "sell the kids for food." that would make sense to me for the "nature is a whore" line, like, mother nature will always give you more, she'll always give it up, as long as you keep fucking. then "bruises on the fruit" is sort of like imagery to go with that--corrupted or battered nature. the last line, "tender age in bloom" sure sounds like it refers to puberty, especially considering the other sex/reproductive references. sort of like a kid becoming an adult, and therefore opening up to the "dirty" parts of life (as natural & beautiful as sex or life itself may be, they can surely be dirty sometimes). since the song is called "in bloom" you'd think that's the point of emphasis. i feel like this song is kind of about growing up and realizing that life is strange and sort of meaningless.

my opinion anyway. i could be wrong, but that's what i take away from it.

Really guys? Really? | Reviewer: Jenna | 3/6/10

It's mocking mainstream fans who only got into the band AFTER they became popular. You're reading way too much into this. "He's the one who likes all our pretty songs and who likes to shoot his gun But he knows not what it means" says it all. Right. There. Selling the kids for food is about getting them hooked to get the band paid. Everything else is about all the kids that suddenly became their fans when their popularity was growing but didn't know shit about them, only that they were the new hottest thing and that if they didn't like Nirvana they weren't 'hip' anymore.

nirvana | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/10

nirvana is the most inspirational band ive ever known. They got me off drugs and changed how i think and live. Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. NEVER DIE ALONE!!. If you are feeling suicidal then for fucks sake tell somebody!!

The Meaning Of This Song... | Reviewer: Dylan | 2/18/10

The song is about his friend Dylan Carlson(he had a band called "earth" or such), who likes to shoot his gun and was a huge fan, cause he was best friends with Kurt...he is rumored to have bought the gun that was used in Kurts murder...

The Versus Also... | Reviewer: <> | 12/3/09

I myself have noticed the mixes in his versus. It does make plenty sense and Kurt would do something like that for only his true fans can see. In one of his songs he says, "and i don't really have a gun..." that says it all. Also he childhood was pretty fucked up when his parents spilt in the 70's which is very unusal so he became you can say an outsider at a very young age. Back and forth from his moms to his dads and only then by his teen years started to sing it out all of his pain and make people relize your not alone in the world just the only one in the world Kurt will always be with us no matter and people have to understand that Kurt made the music for the world to hear his voice and not be like anyone else. XOXOXO R.I.P Kurt I Love You!

Lee Harvey Oswald | Reviewer: stoner steve | 11/4/09

ummm ummm the song is actually about kurts drug connect, who was also his long time friend. Just to note that certain friend that he talks about in the song also gave him the gun that he would later use for his suicide..

beatles? | Reviewer: sdog | 11/1/09

i wonder if the song is about mark david chapman, john lennons killer and what was his feelings and motivation that drove him to do it. He loved lennon's songs but couldn't understand their meanings and "we can have some more nature is a whore" is much like chapman's feelings of lennon's seemingly growing materialism. plus the video is of nirvana as the beatles. this is just a thought i've had about the song .

sell the kids | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/09

we all hear the song in our own way, neither right or wrong. "sell the kids for food" maybe this is kurts way of saying we only care about money and how it is waht leave a bruise on us because we live and work for paper that has no physical value. we love under the thumb of it and it then end when we are in our death beds what has it truly bought us we eneter this world with nothing but hopes and dreams and we leave the same way

Deep In Thought... | Reviewer: MAG | 9/12/09

To start off, I would like to say that I love Nirvana and this song. Ken, you're right, you don't HAVE to understand the meaning, but if you don't, Kurt Cobain's message of this song was totally wasted.I think that Nirvana was as much about the message as the music, especially given Kurt's life story. To me, this song is rooted in extreme rage and sadness. Anyway, I love this song and I DO think the meaning is anger about Cobain's hometown and the pople who can't get the message in Nirvana's music.

ffff | Reviewer: Ken | 8/3/09

I dont think you neccesarily need to understand kurts motivation to enjoy his music or even what the lyrics ment, to enjoy the music, It doesnt mean anything to me but i enjoy the song, the song potray more purely and accurately how he felt than cryptic lyrics do

its about his hometown | Reviewer: chad | 7/29/09

If you have ever been to aberdeen, or better yet interacted with the people of aberdeen/hoquim you will realize he's talking about his hometown. Its a small town mentality with alot of emphasis on guns, horses, country music, and "family values". The funny thing is that despite loving all these things, the area has latched on to kurt cobain as some sort of prodigal son. The even more funny thing is that this is exactly the thing that he rebelled against. From meeting these people i understand his lyrics. Unfortunately they don't, hence the "come as you are" sign when you enter aberdeen. I don't fully agree with what he's saying but from what i can get from the lyrics " he's the one who likes our pretty songs and likes to shoot his guns" is quite apt for the area. Then "nature is a whore" logging/hunting "which i think is fine in moderation" and mining is the industry for the area. Anyways just my insight. I actually never planned on spending any time there I just am a nirvana fan that ended up there by some weird chance.

am i correct? fans, please read!! | Reviewer: Luka | 7/28/09

i'm not a huge fan of nirvana, even though they made a large impact on my tender age in bloom along with guns'n'roses. i write and play myself, so i can see the lyrical direction kurt is heading for here. i agree with one observation below, i have seen some intricate rhyme schemes in kurt's songs before, but the second verse is a validate on even by itself, and when you put the together it only shows how crafty and imaginative kurt was in creating an effectful text. i would even connect the conjoining of the two verses before your inner eye with the process of understanding this song. i can say i largely understand this one too, or at least i made a fair attempt at it :)
the line sell the kids for food is about losing personalities in the melting pot of life, kids being the metaphor for innocent and self-fulfilled lives. weather changes moods is actually related to kurt himself and his unstable persona, and simbolizes his unrest in the world where you can't even count on the ...stability and happienes... of the weather itself xD then he brings spring up, i think he uses it as a metaphor for blooming life (waking up into the gloomy and undecisive weather), stripped to its skeletal and obscene essence in the next line, 'reproductive glands' he issues a non-verbal question here- is THIS what life is all about? shallowness, animal instincts, reproduction...perseverance in being inspite of the hostile environment? i also think that this line is actually a statement, rather than a critical observation, because kurt had lost that inner battle long before...
the function of the sung chorus, which is actually THE core of the song, became clear to me after the second verse, which shows just how suptle kurt' s poetry could become. we can have some more...the toughset one for me, i think it's a statement directly related not only to 'sell the kids for food', stating that the bulk of his shallow life staring in the face of consumerism was all about easily sacrificing what he stood for, but also an expression of repetitveness he was going through every day, reducing the life and it's daily trials and excitements to a trivial, easily attainable mockery, possibly even addressing heroin as the only source of satisfaction. even though, i have every reason to believe this text is not merely an intimistic cry, as i thought at first, but also an out-loud critic to society as well, which gives it a lot strength (most of the fans recognise only the social critic, omitting the personal part...they in kurt's opinion, 'like to shoot their guns' without 'knowing what it means').
the lines that follow do seemingly continue on 'weather changes moods' and 'spring is here again', but while doing that they bear their own meaning. he apostrophes nature for the creation of life, judging it for 'bruising the fruit', not allowing the life to be full and unharmed, unbruised to use his words. 'tender age in bloom' is the key line here. he points out that this song deals with the crucial moments in the growth of an individual, indicating that bad influence (one he considered bad) leaves a permament mark on a young person. therefore this line also has pesonal touch to it, as it sums up kurt's state of mind while writing this one, the feel that his own 'fruit' will have been bruised after all of it's difficult and stressful experiences while being in bloom, and it rounds up the feeling of being bruised beyond repair that kurt was undergoing, not just the critical meaning, the one of youth choosing the wrong path, hence the two meanings of the song title. while being intimate, this song is a loud socio-psychologic critic (consumerism, hive mind, 'sheeple' etc.) and the anger kurt unleashes while singing the chorus is visible, as he adresses some of his major motivational issues in this song again, which i used to relate to and experience heavily during the large part of my early teens.
am i nearly right? what do you think, nirvana fans?

Politicall Socialized Punk | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/09

This song is about Rednecks and macho men...(those people outside of the underground music scene)...who listens to their music without knowing what it is about, no they knows not what is means!
R.I.P: Kurtddd

the mix up of versus | Reviewer: timmah22 | 7/7/09

i noticed this back in high school when i started playing guitar. If you take the first line in verse 1 and then the first line in verse 2... The second line first verse and the second line second verse and so on and so on.
"Sell the kids for food...we can have some more"
"Weather changes moods....nature is a whore"
"Bruises on the fruit...spring is here again"
"Reproductive glands..."tender age in bloom"
To me this makes a little more sense. I might be crazy, but this is what I think Kurt was doing. Sort of his own kind of poetry.

Jason's right | Reviewer: EpicNirvanaFan | 6/19/09

Jason's right because this song is jsut all about how people are like sheep and follow the next thing that their friends move to. My friends are all into the new songs and stuff but I choose to stick with good music because i like it not because its "cool". the ironic thing about thwe meaning of this song is that once Nevermind was released and it became 1 of the greatest albums in history all the sheep just followed and listened to it which is why Kurt got really annoyed and threatened to jump off of a stage roof in one of his concerts.

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