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Performed by Nirvana

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not about heroin | Reviewer: Tony Gonzalez | 11/22/12

this song dates back to 1987. years before kurt touched heroin. people tend to go a little too far with the heroin tie-ins to his music while completely forgetting the timeline of his addiction.

What i think the song means | Reviewer: Used | 12/15/11

it sounds like that hurt is going thru a withdrawl on herion.he says "wicked man picking his scabs and feeding them to the pidgeons. help him he's so cornered, kill him you mercy whore will..."
herions users usally use a needle to get high wich explains the scabs. but the person he's potraying spent everything he had on herion. which is why he has no clothes. he also says" i want my gun back". he is so desperate that he wants to kill himself. the rest of the lyrics explain all the symptoms of drug withdrawl.

Title | Reviewer: frank | 6/21/07

Kurt Cobain didn't name this songs help me I'm hungry...The real title is Vendetagainst. But I know on the box set With The Lights Out its named help me.....but there a few mislabel on the box like Mrs butterworth is not the real title

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