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Performed by Nirvana

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... | Reviewer: Stuck In Reality | 8/17/07

Great man.Stupid death.RIP KURT COBAIN...
DIE courtney love.She was the murder...but it was a suicide...She just was eating him inside,so many years.But the drugs...They killed him actually.
Now..I love Nirvana.I love Kurt,but I hate him too.'cuz I'm 15(I was so little when he died :( ) and my dream is to go to Nirvana's concert,but...I can't.Why?Because of him.But he teach me to things,which I'll never forget.His lyrics were more important than everything,which I ever teach.Thank you Kurt.The worst is that now this is just...
"Oh well.Whatever.Nevermind" :|:|:|
..'cause he's gone.
I'm sorry for my english.I know that it sucks :P

kurt cobain - one of the greatest musician ever | Reviewer: mus kurt | 8/15/07

drugs,suicide whatever. he is famous and loved by his fans for his music. and for those who hate kurt cobain so much why the fuck bother to visit this page?? why the fuck waste ur precious time and search for his lyrics?

Cmon | Reviewer: Ron E | 8/12/07

kurt cobain was a drugged out peice of shit, and everyone knows it, ohhhhh i cant handle fame, so i think im gonna unload a 12 gauge into my head, give me a break why the fuck did he start playing music in the first place, and courtney love didnt kill him u dumb shits, he had about 10 gallons of heroin in him.

Matt you r a piece of shit | Reviewer: BaSTaRDiNo | 8/8/07

2 comms down of mine lies a comment written by some have no right to swear at anyone because he wants to publish a song he likes and to make easyier for others who like it to to find out what the lyrics cant also say that nirvana ain't a special band because that's what you think...for some people music is life and maybe music has changed their plz shut the fuck up...
yours sincierly

my favorite song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/27/07

this song just sounds amazing but with kurt (god rest his soul)singing nirvana is right!!!!

You all suck | Reviewer: Matt | 7/26/07

Its funny how you all post here thinking youre the best and know everything.

who the fuck asked you how to play the song
who gives a shit if you bought the album and have the linear notes
wow you think youre specail and this song was made for you and your generation only, and only you can read 2 verses
and everyone else, why do you post something you can search on google in a second to make yourself seem smart...if anyone gives a fuck they'll look it up themselves

nirvana is nothing special. its just like any other band.

Courtney Love is a murderer! | Reviewer: Ken | 7/24/07

This song is a great song. I love Nirvana and RIP Kurt! Courtney Love will burn in hell for what she did!

chorus | Reviewer: frank | 7/25/07

in the in utero booklet the lyrics are:

I've got a new complaint
Forever in debt to your priceless advice
I've got a new complaint
Forever in debt to your priceless advice
I've got a new complaint
Forever in debt to your priceless advice
...Your advice

about the song | Reviewer: Joanna | 7/17/07

i love this song and i think it's perfect!!! I love Kurt and wish he was still here. he's got an amazing voice!!

Chords | Reviewer: Joey | 7/11/07

"Always Turned Up" the chords for heart shaped box are bar chords. Kurt is tuned drop d flat. So its drop d and then everything tuned down a half step. From there its bar chords.

This song makes perfect sense. | Reviewer: biatch johnson | 7/3/07

Maybe you have to be from my generation to really understand this song. Nirvana didn't have the greatest individuals musicians you ever heard but they sounded PERFECT together. Add Kurt's piercing voice with the words that suck you in and emotion that blows you away. Nirvana will always be the defining band of the 90's and this is their best song.

Heart-Shaped Box | Reviewer: Anna | 6/29/07

This is one of my all time fav nirvana songs. Kurt wrote this song after the first time that he met Courtney. They began to talk on the phone and such when Nirvana was on tour and then she ended up giving him the heart-shaped box in which inspired the songs. I believe that the lyrics are the feelings that kurt was trying to direct towards Courtney whom was with Billy Crogan (Smashing Pumpkins)at the time. Anyways, great song..
rip Kurt, all the best in his after-life.

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/07

wow this song is great but this music video is kinda scary becasue u know he is not acting

What the song is really about | Reviewer: Nicole | 6/27/07

This song is about a Heart Shaped Box that Courtney Love gave KURT COBAIN and he kept it until he died, so now Courtney has it, unless she's sold it by now...

Awesome | Reviewer: Amy | 6/25/07

Actually I think this is about Courtney. When they first met she gave him a heart shaped box sprayed with her perfume.... and maybe her hair or something in it. Sweet song.

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