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Performed by Nirvana

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A New Relationship | Reviewer: KimCobain | 7/8/14

First, Kurt was a Pisces born on February 20th. Kurt was also heavily into H and quite possibly unmedicated Bipolar. Many of his song lyrics are not clear or defined - much the same as Kurt himself as he spiraled down further and further into his personal pain and misery. Sidebar: He was in rehab 6 times before taking his life on April 6, 1994. Sadly, no one could save Kurt from Kurt.

Ok, Heart Shaped Box...Courtney owned a heart shaped music/jewelry box. That was the inspiration to start this one. The song itself is about venturing into a new relationship where the territory is unknown and the parties are not sure of one another.

whatever | Reviewer: nirvana fan | 6/26/14

Even if this song is about courtney's vagina (which i doubt), she could have just kept it for herself right? Because this information wasn't really necessary and after she said this, loads of people won't be able to listen to this song the same way ever again. So, thank you courtney for ruining heart-shaped box. But whatever.
It's my belief that maybe part of the song is about her vagina, but not all of it. Whatever. That's a pretty stupid thing to argue about.

BULLSHIT | Reviewer: Patrick | 1/7/13

Courtney Love was and Always will be a lying sociopathic bitch, she will say anything to draw attention to herself, Whether it would be good or bad the song is actually about Kurt's Ex-Girlfriend Tracy Maraunder after they had an argument Tracy literally made Kurt a Heart Shaped Box as an apology.

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I love the song but... | Reviewer: Peyton | 10/6/12

Okay this is one of the best songs ever however what I don't like is Courtney Love running her mouth saying this songs about her vagina and even if it is I wouldn't claim that one considering the lyrics say say "I wish I could eat your cancer"

my interpretation | Reviewer: dearprudence13 | 8/14/12

I have no way of knowing what Kurt Cobain was thinking when he wrote his lyrics and I have too much respect for artists to pretend I know what is going through their head at the time of writing the song. I always liked the song and video. I'm singing along, and I was unsure of a few of the lyrics. After reading the lyrics along with the song I felt like it could be about abortion. I know when I became pregnant my Mother tried to talk me into terminating the pregnancy. But I knew I could never live with myself if I did - Forever in debt to your priceless I had my child. I never listened to my Mom's advice anyway. When she tried to talk me into it she told me that it wasn't a big deal. She knew, she had one. This is the first time she tells me. I thought I was an only child??? I was 24 at the time she told me. She messed around on my Dad before they divorced when I was TWO, and out of fear of losing custody of me she chose to terminate the pregnancy. So it's my fault, nice. I have a very hard time forgiving her, I'd rather never have known that. But people will say just about anything to get their way. I don't know what Kurt was thinking about when writing this, I know he had a fascination with fetus', that goes back to some of his artwork before even joining Nirvana. I haven't see or read the bios some have listed, but I did see "about a son" and it's a doc with interviews with just Kurt. In his own words, not the words of others who "knew" him. One thing is for sure though, he was an artist and I think he'd like for people to take what they want from it, whatever they want it to mean for them to get something out of the song, connect to the lyrics. But don't go so far as to say you KNOW that is what the song is about. It's called having an opinion. Once you start stating facts you better stick to talking about yourself.

Idiots | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/12

If you actually believe what Courtney said, you're an idiot. Courtney had no part in writing the lyrics for "Heart-Shaped Box". Kurt wrote this song in 1992 and didn't resurface until 1993 and he started work on it again. Alone. She's screwing with your heads and apparently, it's working.

Song's real meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/12

Courtney Love just tweeted to Lana del Rey (who recently did a new rendition of the song) that it is a song about her vagina. That should give you the answer to the "deeper" meaning of the song. Don't believe me, look it up on WonderWall @

real meaning | Reviewer: B | 7/31/12

COURTNEY Love might have left Lana Del Rey a little red-faced after telling the singer that a Nirvana song she covered was about her vagina.
Lana, 26, performed the grunge band’s 1993 release Heart-Shaped Box at a concert in Sydney last week, unaware it was about Love’s lady bits.

But Courtney, 48 — widow of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain who wrote the song — quickly took to Twitter to educate the singer about her mistake.

She wrote: “@LanaDelRey you do know the song is about my vagina right? Throw down your umbilical noose so I can climb right back.”

Courtney weighs in... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/12

Lana del Rey's recent, tame rendition of the Nirvana hit "Heart-Shaped Box" inspired Courtney Love to fill the young singer in on a secret about her late husband’s song. "You do know the song is about my Vagina right?" Love tweeted at del Rey. 'Throw down your umbilical noose so i can climb right back,' umm. … On top of which some of the lyrics about my vagina I contributed. So umm next time you sing it, think about my vagina will you?" Gee, thanks, Courtney. We'll never hear "In Utero" the same again.

Courtney Love's Vagina | Reviewer: ejhfksdrhufh | 7/31/12

Courtney love tweeted to lana del reym who did a cover of this song, that it was about her vagina, and she even write some of the lyrics. Kinda creepy, but yeah you can go check her page out to see the tweets.

Temptation | Reviewer: Mystery | 6/29/12

My personal perception of this is like being drawn into a hell or an abyss by way of things that are tempting. We think they'll make us happy, but they end up destroying us. That's my opinion. Heart's a prison cell in the shape of a heart which stands for love (but it's a lie...because it's not real love, it's sex, drugs...whatever...) My perception.

Meaning or no meaning? | Reviewer: Caligula | 5/16/12

One problem with undestanding lyrics of your idol is that everything is considered a masterpiece. To me as a writer the lyrics of "Heart Shaped Box" seem lazy:

Black/back rhyme repeats too many times for it to be really good writing.

"She eyes me like a pisces when I am weak"
"She has me like a pisces when I am weak"

C'moon... he needed to get the song finished but had only one verse. So he went with it.

Certainly these lines are his ideas but not too coherent nor thought out.

chill out... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/12

Who needs wants know the deep meanings behind the music? Just listen to the beauty and the magic of the music. Kurt wouldn't want people phsyco analysing everything he writes. What about 'umbilical noose', what is that supposed to signify?

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