Reviews for Heart - Shaped Box Lyrics

Performed by Nirvana

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suicide | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/09

Look he's dead, I love him allot and he is the best lead singer ever (next to rob zombie)
but so is courtney, I love her music too and no mather what happend we aren't the people to gudge her.
Only God can gudge her now!

Kurt DID commit suicide | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/09

I love u Kurt: you are an idiot. Kurt was obviously suicidal if you read anything about him and what he was like in the last 12 months of his life. A lot has been said by the people that knew him. A lot of people hate Courtney Love and say she killed him, but in my opinion she did absolutely nothing. There is too much evidence of Kurt's suicide. There's no doubting it was suicide. Courtney may have been strange and still is, but so was Kurt. Read some of the books on him, Heavier Than Heaven Cobain Unseen, etc. All these present overwhelming evidence, there is no doubt he was suicidal. Science says the simplest explanation is almost always the right one. This is no exception.

I love u Kurt | Reviewer: sa | 5/30/09

Well my opinion , Courtney killed him. I love kurt cobain, and I know everything about him..
but.. everybody knows that he wasn't a suicidal person.
Courtney is a killer.. and now she wants send kurt's Personal diary to win succes. SHE'S A SON OF A BITCH !
and she had got a lover, she lied kurt every time. Her lover confessed , that she offered him $50 dolars to kill Kurt Cobain.
One week after, police found him dead.

Nirvana27 | Reviewer: Nirvana27 | 5/5/09

no matter how fucked up Courtney is, i would not judge her. If she killed Kurt then fine! but Kurt Cobain is fucking dead now let just give him peace like what he always wanted. His Music will live on forever. Nirvana is Best Band ever lived. let just put that way.

Great Respect | Reviewer: laurinda | 5/4/09

High five for that one, if you ever need any more info do yourself a fave and check out "Justice for Kurt Cobain" dont know if you have heard of it, its a great memorial site wich allows you to see all the police docks and plenty of other stuff....i enjoyed it alot its the best site for any fan....good luck on that paper, Kurt is one of the best topics out there....Respect!!!!

we all will rember kurt. | Reviewer: kimmie | 4/29/09

kurt did not shoot himself.! i dont care who says he did. anyway this song is awesome. im 13 almost 14 and i know almost every word to every song. im doing a research paper on him in english and i could tell you every thing about him. love you forever kurt. you'll get your justice when the truth comes out. R.I.P.

Klippie | Reviewer: Laurinda | 4/24/09

Just to say Kurt killed himself, how the f*ck do you think it is humanly posible for a dead guy to firstly shoot himself (seeing that he was overdosed 3times over the limit), and secondly how can a dead guy (if he indeed shot himself) whipe his own fingerprints off of the excuse me for being inquisitive, but dude do your f*cking research.....!!!!!! We all have our own theories respect it and live with it,dont get your panties in to a knot.....!!!!

No one knows anything!!! so shut ur fu*king gobs!! | Reviewer: May | 4/17/09

ok, i agree with whoever said that Courtney didn't kill him. she wan't even in Seatle on the 5th! what idiot came up with the idea that she could have pulled the damn trigger, she loved him.(more then any of his stupid arsed poser fans ever did.)ok so she was a total wreck, but as if anyone could honestly say he wasn't. Kurt was an amazing guy, fu*king fabulous in my opinion, but he had some serious health problems and he was sick of all the media in his face, he was already dead. Stop blaming Courtney! Blame urselves for folowing him around till he pulled the trigger! Fu*k u all! if he was still alive he would hate u (that is if u still concidered him a musical legend unlike all the living ones that didn't die whie they were at their careers peak.) Shove that in ur pipe and smoke it!!!

Dude, he killed himself, get over it | Reviewer: Jazz | 4/16/09

Stop blaming Courtney. She's a trashy freak sure, but Kurt was completely suicidal. How can anyone doubt that he killed himself? He is the first person likely to kill himself. He is not a marytr or a hero, but he is infamous and wretchedyly beautiful. Just appreciate what he left us, and don't miss him too much. He's where he wanted to be.

above all | Reviewer: Orlando | 4/11/09

He was destined to be who he became , even to the end , he was tormented by his on existence never the less the hypocricy that our society trys to imposse on our lives he found the wrong ways to escape reality but he overcame obstacles but wasn't able to overcome his demons ....

5thGrade | Reviewer: Paul Raymond Camarena | 4/12/09

I belive I was in about 4th or 5th Grade when this song was released and at the time knowing waaaay to much about sub culture was constantly blasting songs like heart shaped box and all kurt's music wow if u had told me then that nirvana wouldn't be around forever I would have laughed in your face. kurt cobain lives forever in the hearts and in the minds of kids like us, an artist like kurt is one in every hundred generations. Don't worry about kurt he is now a forever immortalized grunge-star sudo punk passive anarchist thinker. Who had somthing to say and made sure it was said. Kurt started a band revolution and ANY band who came after nirvana that doenst reconize that fact is sure to stay stuck showless in there hometown with no fans , listeners , or supporters. Basically yeah big respect to the golden 1990's a time that was musically untouchable. My honest opinion is that ther will never again be a period in music history that will shine as loud as the 90's did for so many different original types of artist.

Kurt's sad end-welurveyou!- | Reviewer: CanihasKurt?XD | 4/8/09

In my opinion, Kurt's GIRLFRIEND shot him. It couldn't have been him. The gun they found was way to big to be turned around to be pointed at his head. It was too long, and thinking of this song gets me into thinking that his dumb girldriend did it. I'll miss him...:(


I love you, I love you ... -Kurt Cobain-<3<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/6/09

Kurt cobain is the best musican ever and always will be, because he wasn't afriad to point out the shitty parts of life and make it beautiful! And that is a true legend! He lives on in everyones hearts! He had a huge impact on my life and a lot of others! ... I love you, I love you ...

... | Reviewer: StupidName | 3/2/09

It is my belief that kurt is completely inammered with the woman in the song. He would do pretty much anything for her. But she ends up making him hate himself ,i don't think he wants to feel such affection for her and as much as Kurt wants to hate her he can't.

k cobain | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/09

kurt definitely shot himself. i still remember that day vividly when the news spread like an epidemic in school. very sad day indeed. but although he was a weapon and his finger was on the trigger, it's very debatable whether he actually pulled the trigger or (cough cough) a lady by the name of courtney love had anything to do with it. i would say the latter sounds more like it. r.i.p kurt. u r forever 27!!

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