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Performed by Nirvana

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i died along time ago | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/16/07

this song is cool but i dont know why everyone is obsesing about since guitar hero 2

Kick Ass! | Reviewer: Clarkey | 5/14/07

Sweet! I finally know the words. It really helps to know the words and the notes when you want to trie and play it on the guitar> :)

Awesome | Reviewer: Clarkey | 5/14/07

Ive been trieing to figure out how you play it on the guitar, but when you say the words with it, it helps! :)

uhm, yeah. | Reviewer: Whitnie. | 5/5/07

i like this song alottt.
uhm, i think the lyrics are amazing but really confusing. i dont know much about nirvana but from this song i can tell there very talented.

What this song is really about | Reviewer: Nicole | 4/30/07

This song is actually about a Heart Shaped Box that Courtney gave Kurt and it's locked away with his other priceless memories.

kurt at his best | Reviewer: tarak.nagraj | 4/27/07

kust has always been a read in between the lines poet a legend

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/07

The heart-shaped box that the song is referring to is a woman's vagina. Read the lyrics again and think about it.

Chris | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/07

Awsome Song, I Love It Because It Can Mean Everything To One Person And Nothing To Another. Nirvana Is The Best At manipiulating People With Their Music To Give Everyone A Completely Diffrent Perception On The Music.

exelent song | Reviewer: paul | 4/23/07

i've never heard a better song than this. great guitar solo in the middle. and it shows the talent of nirvana. R.I.P. kurt R.I.P.

Heart Shaped Box | Reviewer: Austin | 4/17/07

I love this somg. Nirvana has to be one of the greatest bands ever, I have never heard any band emulate their sound. Kurt's powerful vocals combined with a dark riff make for a perfect match. 9/10

Nirvana still rocking in 2007 | Reviewer: Ray | 4/7/07

F--- YEAH Kurt! I wish I was older when I listened to Nirvana when I was little. I would of went to a concert. Probably the only singer I can relate too about drugs suicide depression and the logical reasons for not liking the world. This is the stuff I listen too when I just dont give a fuk. Kurt Kobain is just a master of metaphors.

Nirvana-Heart shaped box | Reviewer: Dev | 3/20/07

WOW! I was totally blown away. I am young and I listen to old alternative and oldies rock. Nirvana is in the top ten out of every thing I listen to. Heart Shaped Box, one of my favorite songs. Always will be. Anyone who only listens to hip hop is missin out on this great song and group. Every lyric in this song makes me thin and llook deep into my soul agreeing with these powerful lyrics. People say there lrics are to graphic. W /E. Long live Nirvana

kurt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/07

nirvana has been my favorite group for years. they couldve gone even farther. they're amazing. i can listen to any nirvana song and it'll put me in the best of moods, especially heart shaped box.

Kurt_lover05 | Reviewer: jenn | 2/11/07

I love this song so freakin much! Kurt is so sexxay! & This song explains alot!

Sweet Song | Reviewer: Jenna | 2/12/07

I was watching an E! True Hollywood Story on Courtney, and Kurt was obviously mentioned. The author of "Heavier than Heaven" said Courtney mailed him a heart shapped box, and that Kurt even showed him the box. It was the inspiration for the song.

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