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Performed by Nirvana

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dumb | Reviewer: precious andrea | 7/24/09

i love kurt cobain shame i never saw him live i love his lyrics i feel him like no other artist for all that happend i hope he didnt commit suicide i hope miss phyco courtney love did it he was too much of a good person i think she did it and if he did it must have been cuz he was sick of her

Dumb | Reviewer: ariel | 7/21/09

It's a really great song,but I honestly think that no one will EVER understand Kurt. This song and the lyrics were personal to him, I think unless you were Cobain himself, you'd be kidding yourself in thinking that you knew what he truly meant. Mostly I think Kurt was broken, and the only fix he had was drugs...

Yeah all the same | Reviewer: James | 7/20/09

Nightfang i have to agree with you, as the last comment that headed2nowhere said ( people like me and kurt), how would i put it if i've seen nirvana since they birthed since the 80's but you don't hear me making myself out to be the best or closest to how he was, like many others have stated

what i see. | Reviewer: headed2nowhere | 7/6/09

for me 'dumb' is how people like us(me n kurt) r really different from the others.
most peps now listen 2 shitty rap n hip hop things but i've been listening to nirvana for 10 years.
dumb also about smokin weed or takin drugs can make us happy when our heart is broke or in bore but people will think that we r dumb or actin like a dumb when high n sometimes we ourselves think that we r dumb bcoz takin
im not like them.. means we r special.
sori for my english im from malaysia.

People and Cobain | Reviewer: Shade Nightfang | 6/21/09

You know it sorta ticks me off how people are just like ya this song is about such an such then they drag themselves into it trying to make themselves seem as imporatant now ill agree with some of you the lyrics are about drugs that is a given cobain had a very odd mind an ill drag myself into this just a lil to explain one little thing just cause say you do have ADD or your childhood was say close to that of cobains or perhaps you do the same drugs he did that does not mean that you will turn out like him in any way i do not wish to start a war i mearly wish to speak my mind i do understand that is what all you other people wished to do its just you do not really need to put yourself into certian things it merely makes you seem like an ass...sometimes i know i might get alot of negative feedback on this but i really dont care someone somewhere had to say something at one time.

Glue | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/09

"My heart is broke
But I have some glue
Help me inhale
And mend it with you"

^ I'd say that's a pretty strong drugs reference right there, yeah? The drugs idea's got to have some credit. Sounds like a song from the perspective of an addict without a lot of self worth.

BUUUT whatever. Lyrics usually aren't very precise, more a collection of ideas.

great song | Reviewer: lithium | 5/6/09

I think im dumb thats why i really like this song, for me it all about the emotion you feel when you carefully listen to the lyrics of the song,well for me it reminds of my mistakes, failures, regrets and offcourse the only girl i loved who left me twice who is with another guy today.,hehehehe

W/e | Reviewer: JP | 4/9/09

I live in the Congo, wch is in the middle of Africa, And im fucking depro here. Wen i was 14 in 2008 a friend showed me a few of nirvana's songs and it change my perspective of things. Now guys i smoke alot of chronic, im not saying this song is about weed or anythin of the sort but to me it is."I'm having fun,I think I'm dumb,
Or maybe just happy." Many ppl hav told me im a fucking retard wen im stoned,well fuck them.Im stuck here and iv got like 2 people to hang out with. I dnt smoke weed for the trip, I smoke it cuz wen im high i forget about the world and its the only time im truly happy(In the Congo). Nirvana's songs got me thru sum prty though times....... Ya iv got 2 say tho all there songs make alot more sense to me wen im stoned cuz i can slowdown,relax and work thru a song 1 word at a time.. . .

Meaning | Reviewer: dom | 3/31/09

To me i think that the lyrics are about kurt not understanding how people who have a shitty life can be so optimistic. he tells the song as if he was one of those people. "I'm not like them, But I can pretend". He doesnt understand because he was unhappy most of the time, thats what i think about this song. >>>Respond Plz

What a great song!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/27/09

This song is one of my favorites by kurt cobain.. In my opnion I think that everyone should stop trying to find a meaning in it because what ever conclusion you come up with is not completely accurate & the only accurate meaning of the song could come from kurt himself (which is now impossible).. On the flip side just listen to his music, enjoy it, & take what ever emotion it gives you & absorb it.. =]

lala | Reviewer: kyana | 3/16/09

I think I do know what he means, He had ADD. I have add too maybe, I will be tested tomorrow. But he means that He is not like the other people who like other things and stuff, but he can pretend and I feel like that a lot too. He feels dumb because he thinks he can do better then what he is doing and ADD doesn't really let him.

The rest I don't know. Im dutch. :P

... | Reviewer: Risdt | 3/2/09

I think you guys are digging way to much into his lyrics.

I think it's the simple as it can get.especially the part:We'll hang out on cloads etc..

It's just like:We will get drunk/high so you feel light in your head:Hang out on clouds.Then you get back to sober and have an hangover...

This guy just putted some random "shit",his lyrics sound good so enjoy ;)

You know. | Reviewer: Sarcastic Mista Know It All | 3/3/09

The first thing that came in to my head while listening to this is, especially in the first stanza, about society..where the sun is referring to what all the conformist 'zombies' look up to and idolize, and his own light meaning his brain. where, even when the sun goes out and the day is done, he can still have fun because he has his own light. and how he says i think im dumb maybe im just happy, it is like how everyone may think you are dumb because you are strange, random, and goofy but maybe you are just happy...not dumb. O_o

-*------***----- | Reviewer: Adna | 2/20/09

I like "Dumb".I'm a straight A student,but I'm not a hostler.Sometimes I get a B...This song is awesom.It's one of my favourite(all Nirvana's songs are my favourite):-).I was born on 15th of February,and Kurt on 20th of February.If he was born on 19th of February he would be an Aquarius like me,and not a Pisces like my grandma!!!
P.S.My grandma doesn't know who Kurt is.I'm writing from Bosnia and I would like that someone writes to me on MSN.My MSN is

Truly For Me | Reviewer: monika | 2/17/09

The firts Time I listen 'DUMB'I couldn't stop repeating it all over again.The music is so inspirative,sad it describes loneliness...I even wrote my own songs as an inspiration by listening.I wrote over 20 different lyrics.Im a pisces,too and I understand the pain.Im so sorry for Kurt,I can't explain that feeling.I hope he found his place somewhere.I admire K.C.4ever in eternaty goodbye...

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