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Performed by Nirvana

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my opinion. | Reviewer: anonymous | 12/15/07

well, if you ask me, i'd say the song means about loving someone and not being able to have it, but there's someone that loves you and you'll use him to forget that other person you love....

the truth | Reviewer: Rainman | 12/13/07

Kurt Cobain had aspergers syndrome he was a genius. In the end before his death he was happier then he had ever been. He was plannin on leaving courtney and he had planned to get out of making music. Because of his syndrome hed get very depressed and turn to drugs. He was a beautiful person.

i MISS you KURT <3 | Reviewer: [[brittany- | 12/4/07

Kurt was a genius. He was an amazing person. (& the BEST left-handed guitarist EVER) Enjoy his music, pay tribute to him, & leave it at that! Don't pick his lyrics apart! I'm pretty sure that he wouldn't appricate some random people going through his lyrics & putting in their "thoughts" on what he wrote & why he wrote it! Just be thankful that he did!

dumb | Reviewer: raiden | 11/4/07

i dont care if the true meaning of the song is not reached but all we have to put in mind that kirks hell days made this and other songs but all we should fix on is that this song feels good and its lyrics fixes with the rythem and it sound good
and softly rocked

Meaning of song Dumb | Reviewer: SOme guy with too much time on his hands | 9/28/07

There's more mathaphor in Kurt's lyrics than most realize, after all, "help me inhale and mend it with you" can just be a less idiomatic expression for "stop and smell the roses." like saying, help me inhale these few beautiful moments and mend the breaks. And glue, well, so they stick.

Oh the dumb people | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/25/07

In my point of view this song is about Jealousy. He's jealous about the "dumb" people, that manage to be happy on a daily routine, that manage to find love, that suffer but get back on their feet, while he... an intellectual, well-aware of the sadness of life, its routines, its "stupidity"...he isn't like them, he never was and he never will be "but he can pretend", he like you and I wants to be happy...even if has to act "dumb" to make it...Kurt's early days social life is depicted in here, at least according to my sources, he always lived aside from the world, the "dumb" people, he was an outsider, so to speak, he wasn't "dumb" though he wanted to be, when he reached fame, he was able to play the part of one of the dumb people, he became "happy"(not necessarily happy as I believe real happiness is impossible to achieve, but he achieved a sense of accomplishment both socially and culturally)...I wish I was dumb...I wish I was like them...maybe then I'd become happy...Yes happy!

lesson learned, wish me luck, soothe the burn, WAKE ME UP | Reviewer: loopica | 8/19/07

I wish I can wake him up.. I wish alot for him! I know he changed a little piece of the world.. If he is alive whole world would be differente!

RIP Kurt!
Neka ti je vecna slava!

its just love | Reviewer: chuBb | 8/19/07

love it, its the closest ive ever come to hearing the feeling described. its that moment u wake up wondering why she is next to you, but you put that thought aside and just plot how u can waste the way day away together

and to who ever says drugs arnt necessary, ur right, they are only ever an acessory to the moment, but u can gain a whole lot of understanding by walking a mile in someone else's shoes and even more so when u can get ur mind into a similar state to kurts...

i aint emo mofo, i been this way to long, bring back flanel shirts and good music

long live nirvana | Reviewer: javardaix | 8/9/07

Nirvana is one of my favourite bands ever, they’re music sounds great and the lyrics are amazing. Kurt said in an interview that most of the lyrics he wrote at the last minute, because he's really lazy (that’s what he said), and he didn’t understand why people liked to tried to get some deep message out of them, anyway even if it’s true I say his lyrics are open for interpretations because they really are deep, perhaps he was a genius and didn’t know knew, or maybe he was just high on drugs, anyway he’s the best and he will live in his songs and in his fans, AND FUCK THOSE RETARDS WHO ONLY LIKE SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT, that’s not they’re only song, Rape Me, Dumb, On A Plain, You know you're right, Come As You Are…and many other kick ass too.
Long live Kurt. Peace.

A.M. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/07

I think this is about being different, being dumped and trying to fall in love with someone else. Trying to convince himself that he is happy, and calling himself dumb for being confused.

Dumb | Reviewer: Rick | 8/3/07

You are all dumb.
If your a junkie and revel in that fact, then your not dumb, your just a waste of space.
If you are drug dealer, just off yourself to save others from doing it.
Nirvana and Kurt forever.

actually its about | Reviewer: kiersten | 7/1/07

Kurt Cobain said so himself that its about his envy for unintelligent or "easily amused" people who seem to go through life without ever feeling sad or depressed.

I mean, just because he talks about a hangover and inhaling glue doesn't mean its about drug use.

Anyway, freakin good song I love this one!

I know IM dumb | Reviewer: thepointis? | 6/29/07

Love this song its perfect. Kurt said himself though, that its about his envy for "dumb" or "easily amused" people who seem to go through life without feeling sad or depressed. just wikipedia dumb and click on the link to the one by nirvana. its a great song i listen to it over and over!!

Truth | Reviewer: Sam | 6/18/07

This song is about how smoking pot makes you dumb. Sincere truth

ouuu | Reviewer: chantal | 6/9/07

you deffintaly have to be a really big nirvana fan to understand this song, and alot of other songs. Its not about his heroin addtion, but kinda is, but not, its really hard to explain

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