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Performed by Nirvana

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I'm in love with this song. | Reviewer: Jonneh | 12/11/08

I'm seriously in love with this song. It's amazing. The lyrics are so open for interpretation that it's not funny, but just remember - this is one of Kurt's songs, read what he says before you think you know what it's about.

DUMB IS NOT ABOUT DRUG USE. He says it's about concussion.

According to Cobain, "Dumb" was inspired by the envy he feels for unintelligent and "easily amused" people, who are seemingly able to move through life without ever feeling sad or depressed. "I've met a lot of dumb people," Cobain said in an interview with Melody Maker in 1993, "they have a shitty job, they may be totally lonely...and yet, for some reason, they're happy."

In an effort to publicly distance himself from the drug culture that he was synonymous with, Cobain gave an interview to The Chicago Sun-Times in 1993 that offered a strange alternate meaning for the song. "Actually, that was a song about a concussion," he claimed. "It was just one of those 4-track demo things late at night," he revealed. This was offered in response to Jim DeRogatis's idea that Dumb was about drug addiction.

That is from Wikipedia. Look it up, guys.

my input | Reviewer: matt | 12/3/08

it think the song is about only believing what you want to believe. he may think hes dumb because he cant see the obvious, while at the same time thinking that hes happy so he should just let go. by the way im high so that might not have made sense i cant tell

meaning. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/10/08

for me this means that i am not like them, i reamember not beeing like my so called best friends and not beeing like them at all. but i did get drunk and get hangover while beeing half happy. probably not what Kurt ment but its the first thing that pops innto my head.

i think its pretty straightforward | Reviewer: john | 10/15/08

i think the meaning of this song is pretty obvious.
this is just what i think,ok,so please dont diss my opinion.

it sounds like this song is plainly about how ignorance is bliss,and how being a smart person will just get in the way of having fun,and stupid people aren't blocked by such barriers.

pls tell me what you think...

Stop with the over-analyses | Reviewer: I Dont Care | 10/5/08

Some of you read waaaaaaaaaaaay too into this. But then again, it's not just music. as like bach or someone said, music is of the soul. think about the mood of the song reflecting of the lyrics, and you get it...without saying a word or having to get into conspiracy theories about what EXACTLY kurt felt at the time. i'd like to look at that stuff too, god knows i'm a huge fan, but aren't we doing what he detested, looking at it like that instead of it being a great piece of music?

let it be | Reviewer: Mike | 10/4/08

Kurt had stomach issues but even he himself admitted in an interview that this was only PART of the reason he started using heroin. While he mentioned it, he never really used it as a crutch for his addiction. You can see the interview on a documentary called "the last 48 hours of Kurt Cobain". You can find it on Youtube in its entirety. Its still my opinion that Courtney was nothing other than a source of happiness for Kurt and the way people try to interpret and twist his feelings because THEY dont like Courtney makes me sick. Yes, they had a fucked up life together, mainly due to drugs. But he loved her very much and never indicated otherwise. But nonetheless, this is a great jam. RIP Kurt

Well.... | Reviewer: o.O | 9/25/08

Maybe its just a song? We all know that nirvana made some great music, but never let it be more then just music, i just think this song is made without any sense.. I really love this song, I think its the best song there made and the best album to.. But all the Kurt Cobain thing, let it be.. it don't change anything anyway

Dumb | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/08

I pesonally think this song is about how Kurt used drugs to make himself feel better as a teenager when he was a total outcast. Kurt mentioned in an interveiw that the bullying in school made him want to kill himself sometimes and he got into drugs. I think that relates mainly to the lines "i'm not like them", "have a hangover", and "think im just happy". The drugs got him away from his emotional stress as a kid but he titled the song dumb becuse looking back on it, he thinks it was doing drugs a stupid thing to do. That's what I got from the lyrics anyway.

<3 Kurt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/08

this is s great song....btw i don't think he wanted to join hole, i'm pretty sure he was trying to start a band with Michael Stipe when he died. Nothing against Courtney though, because I love Hole too.

Kurt! Not Kirk! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/12/08

Just a few comments here. Watched this documentary I can't remember the name of, and in it he said that he only did drugs because he was sick in some way(again, it was a long time ago that I watched that), and he did not support drug use, he also said he hated himself for needing it. He said it made him feel like some junkie, but he just couldn't stand the pain. Maybe if he didn't feel so bad about himself, he would still be with us. Nirvana! \m/ p.s -- courtney sux.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/08

It wasn't Courtney he wanted to leave. He actually wanted to leave Nirvana and join Hole which was Courney's band.
The song itself is of the most beautiful thing I've ever heard.
If you haven't heard an acoutic version or a piano instumental, you shoul.

idk | Reviewer: Nick | 3/29/08

okay "Rainman" why the fuck would he leave courtney when he had a kid with her. if u watched about a son he talked about how happy he was with courtney and his kid and how hed do anything for them. think before u type.
and this song idk what itsabout but i can assume its about how kurt feels different than everyone else maybe because of love. and u guys are write we shouldnt be picking his lyrics apart. he was a genuis song writter.

idk | Reviewer: idk | 3/10/08

i think that kurt is telling us something more than that he just his drug addiction
he is telling us that hes not like them as in hes not like everyone els but he can pretend as in pretend to be a normal person while inside his heart was broke because no one knows!

bb | Reviewer: victoria | 2/24/08

i think this songs talks about how he feels during day... and whiles the time passes he thinks he ios a kind of frak with no soul and he thinks he is a disgusting piece of trash and that he is different from the rest and the other people doest like him because of that
so he says im not like them but i can pretend

he pretends to be happy when theres nothing else to do the sun is gone but i have some light
algo he says my heart is broke but i have some glue... he says ok i feel like a piece of shit but it doesnt matter i have glue to stik it, he means he is alone with his broken phrase and some nasty glue, its so sad that phrase then he is asking from some kind of help to remend himself, but he is asking from the help of the drougs so that he can float arround, feel better and then when the effect has gone, he will drink beer or some kind of buzz so that he has a hangover and forget about hes horrible life

after consuming every kind of shit he founds he feel stupid and dum and he can wake up properly so he asks helop help to wake up from that nightmeare he says he has learned the lesson...

another thing i want to say is that he is alone because people thinks he is a freak and because he hates people he wants to see h}them dead then he says i think im dumb maybe just happy

well everyone else thin he is dumb beacuase he drugs himself and he is weird but maybe he is just happy being like that... and is like ironic because he is not dumb at all

Dumb | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/08

oookay, umm i'm pretty sure that " my heart is broke but i have some glue help me inhale and mend it with you" has nothing to do with roses or stopping to smell them due to the fact that the next line is " well float around and hang out on clouds then we'll some down and have a hangover".. mind you i dont take him as a glue sniffer.. ANYWAYS... now i feel bad for picking apart the lyrics.

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