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Performed by Nirvana

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What? | Reviewer: ME | 4/29/09

This song isn't about Courtney Love, it isn't even Nirvana's song, it's by Kiss as that other guy said, but anyway i like at the end of the song where Kurt says "Fucking turn it off, turn it off" :p

what? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/08

Your a fucking idiot kiss wrote that songs years ago and nirvana recorded it before kurt knew courtney was alive.Seriously that was the dumbest thing i ever saw. Are you over 20 years old?

courtney love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/07

this songs about kurt doubting courtneys' love for him.
the stupid whore used him for his money and to gain fame.
she never loved him she just saw kurt as an opertunity to get rich.
she is now still trying to get more and more, she tried to sue grohl and novoselic and claims she contributed to nirvanas songs when infact she had nothing to do with it it was the other way round kurt wrote most of holes music. yep wot we have here is an untalented gold digger. and possibly a murderer tho none can be to sure.

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