Great song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/10

I think Kurt was a genius when it comes to music. He made simple songs with lyrics people could relate to... And Dave is a wonderful musician as well, but... I wouldn't consider him a genius, just because his songs aren't as easily relatable. Also, I am thirteen, don't burn incense or worship junkies... And I have a brain, too, thank you. :)

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/27/10

Dive is simple, rocking and catchy. Kurt was a genius. A pop/punk/metal/ fusion artist with impressionstic lyrics. In reply to the gent below, Dave Grohl is certainly supremely talented. However he likely never would've gotten out of the club scene and probably would now be selling insurance somewhere, if he hadn't had the good fortune of catching Cobain's eye and been asked to join Nirvana.

derp derp | Reviewer: hurr durr | 6/24/10

Kurt wasn't a genius, he didn't invent grunge. The only people who think that are rebellious twelve year olds who burn incense in their bedrooms and worship junkies.

I love Nirvana, but they were'nt the greatest band ever, and in all honesty Dave Grohl was more talented than Kurt Cobain. Yeah his songs are good, and yeah a lot of people can connect to them but stop glorifying him as a genius because he wasn't one. He was a sad junkie who wrote some good songs, not much more.

A gem for sure. | Reviewer: Andre | 4/16/10

The Insecticide album is probably my second favorite album, behind Bleach. Dive is my favorite song on it--I can't understand why this is a b-side. The bass solo gives me chills. I think this is every bit as good as, if not better, than, say, Smells Like Teen Spirit.

AWESOME! | Reviewer: Riodan | 3/17/09

Freaking awesome song and lyrics!!
I really like this song and i have the version
from he incesticide album and the with the lights out, the home demo and they are both awesome little different in sound quility and stuff though, still Kurt was a his, own little way.
R.I.P Kurt :p

Peace, Love, Empathy,