Fucking hipsters | Reviewer: Downer | 12/8/13

Jesus christ shut up people if nirvana isnt great, they whyd you spend your time looking up lyrics on this site in the first place? Anyways, i believe this is sexual because, well, just read it! By "dive in me" he means like "come into me" or like a "come at me" thing. kinda hard to explain. And "kiss this, kiss that yeah" "Hit me, hit me, im real good at hating" those sound pretty sexual. even Courtney Love said Dive was her favorite song, because she said "its so sexy"

hi stupid " mudhoney " fan | Reviewer: Tim | 11/11/13

wtf do u want? i like them better so go and comment somewhere else - every person and his opinion\taste - who gives a fuck who started " grunge " there were lots of grunge bands and not only one who created grunde - plus - every band and her beautiful music\lyrics - songs .

mudhoney is better | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/13

Y'all're a bunch o' thumb-suckin' wet-behind-the-ears idiots. Yeah, Nirvana was cool, but MUDHONEY began and defined "grunge". And Nevermind is absolute shite compared to Bleach. Quit listening to the hacks.

is there another reason for your stain?? | Reviewer: jc | 5/14/13

these lyrics refer to the witnessing of an entire collapse of all definition and measurement - to the point at which they are no longer relevant and the only thing that is left is... the ever changing moment

simpletons | Reviewer: gjpodh | 1/17/13

lol this song is about everyone trying so hard to find the deeper meaning to anything really, especially in this song. he's talking to everyone who needed somethin to believe in, people who try to gravitate towards whatever deeper meaning they think they can relate to. he's sarcastically saying dive in me, knowing he has troubles & an addiction they all wanna say oh you get me cause you have shit wrong in your life too. but that wasn't his fucking point, he isn't trying to be the poster child for depressed teens, he doesn't want the money or the fame, he just wants to play his fucking music dude.

nirvana forevermore | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/12

kurt still alive and kicking, still many ho r ntresting with his music try to look the total views of his nirvana nevermind full album posted in you tube no other band that hold that record in terms of views in a shortspan of time being uploaded and imagine for only how many years are they in music industry exist.one thing no one among us today could determine what is inside his mind or who he really was coz obviously he himself dd not know of who he waswas.thats the legacy of of kurt....see that.watch his live shows everything is unpredictable....

It's about lizards and heroin | Reviewer: Katriina | 2/6/12

''This song is about this and not about that, Kurt blablabla". Mind your own business, appreciate the music and the moments when Cobain's voice breaks apart on the most important words. Damn, this is amazing...

derp derp... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/19/11

derp derp you are insane! Dave is nowhere NEAR the mucician much less the artist that Cobain was! Are you on crack? You obviously have NO musical talent or taste and cant comprehend poetry, great music or anything else that requires intelligence. They weren't the best band ever. Cobain, however, is one of the greatest artists of all time. To even argue with that, just because he was an addict, is insane. Hendrix, the beatles, hmmm i could name a thousand that were drug addicts. He was just more troubled and that led to his death. His art/music will stand till the end!

Music, Not Lyrics | Reviewer: Paul Dean | 11/14/11

Kurt always said music came first, lyrics second.

This song sums that up perfectly in some respects and far too many people try to read too much into his lyrics when there really wasn't much there at all to read into. The music is simple and catchy and so Kurt has achieved his own goals and he really wouldn't give a flying giraffe what any of the naysayers on here contribute.

for kurt | Reviewer: cobb | 8/13/11

kurt is the best and gret artist i've ever noticed, those people who say it;s crap or blabla abot kurt he/she will be the ass hole in his hole fuckin; life, no artist can beat nirvana in grunge rocks he is the best and will be the best,

IMPORTANT | Reviewer: nobodyimportant | 4/28/11

This song is sung by a dissatisfied person who wants to be possessed by evil. That's all there is to it. Don't tell me these lyrics can be interpreted in many ways, that it's artistic freedom and all that crap. I've been through that. Just stay out of this shit!

I'm sorry | Reviewer: Lover. | 3/22/11

But people who actually know a thing or two about poetry, and who actually have an opinion that matters, unlike you ignorant shallow minded haters, conquer that Kurt Cobain is one of the most talented poets in musical history. Sorry if you can't comprehend the true depth to his lyrics. I know of a lot of artists in the music industry who are addicts, and can't produce shit half as good as his worst shit on a good day. So being addicted had little to do with his lyrical genius. If you knew anything about him, you would know he had that talent since he was in the single-digits, way before he was influenced by any drugs. He was an artist in all facets. Lyrically, musically, and also he was phenomenal at drawing. Yes, when it comes to his lifestyle, he made his share of bad decisions, but for all you Kurt worshipers, worship on. He deserves the fame he has. Haters, get over it.

So | Reviewer: Drink me dry | 2/26/11

@hurr durr
Yes, Kurt actually was a sad junkie who wrote some good songs
he was teenage idol
he was overrated and underrated at the same time
he was a poet and a butcher
and blablablabla he was many things, he was a human, I ain`t worshiping him, but he DID invent grunge. He is the father of grunge. And I am not rebellious 12 years old kid, thats the raw truth- Nirvana wasn`t exactly punk, or rock or some random shit, they weren`t fitting and then came this new label- grunge.
also, Nirvana wasnt` the greatest band ever, yea. I don`t think there actually IS a greatest band
why there should be? is there "greatest star in the sky" or "greatest tree un the forest?"
nevermind, we can all just enjoy the music

talking about the music | Reviewer: idiot | 2/23/11

Kurt's genius what comes to music. There's no music like this. To my mind Dave isn't as talented as Kurt because his music isn't this deep. He might be better to play instruments but not to create new (and i don't mean kurt has created grunge, fuck grunge, nirvana's songs are something else than just mainstream). Music like Nirvana is close to my heart - this might be why I don't consider eg Foo Fighters so good. He's a good drummer.

right and wrong. | Reviewer: Søren | 1/10/11

hurr durr, i would like to remind you that one cannot not point out "the greatest band" or "the greatest music genre". Those establishments only exist privatly... what you think, is ofcourse not "wrong" just because my opinions vary from yours when it comes to this topic. ;)