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Performed by Nirvana

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Kurt magician | Reviewer: Stem13 | 4/24/13

One of my simple bit so powerful! Its obvious hes talking about having to get clean, probly in many ways..but he makes it sound like a burden that hes older an has these responsibility to eat his vegitables and or be responsible..ya know like well never be able to go back to our childhood kind of thing..thats my take..and he always wanted us to take it how we wanted to. His genius is so earthy and natural like bob marley..he was the best since john lennon and bob marley..and i doubt theyll be another..great real music seemed to die out with him and the 90s:(

Not sure but.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/12

I'm not totally sure about it, but Cobain's mom during an interview for a newspaper told to her son to brush his teeth and eat his vegetables, so maybe he's talking about his mom.
In my opinion listening to nirvana and Cobain's voice it's enough to feel what they wanted to comunicate. His voice gives me creeps.
Never mind about the real meaning of the words..

2 possible meanings | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/11

1) Cleaning up before a girlfriend comes over
2) Cleaning up before an authority figure such as his mother comes because he does drugs (possibly a reference to a time when he lived with his parents or aunt and uncle)

No wonder... | Reviewer: stephanie | 8/11/08

Try living a life of misery, or maybe just being high all the time? Hah,Cobain was screwed up yet so amazing at the same time. His songs are complicated reflections of his life just kinda twisted around to sound as weird as possible. That's how he liked it, that's why he's remembered. (clean up before she comes is a favorite of mine)

Clean Up Before They Come: Nirvana | Reviewer: Corporate Scandalist | 3/1/07

Nirvana was a very good band.
I, myself, am a musician and I can connect to Cobain's songwriting abilities.
I am also a journalist, and I have written many reports on the (previous) up-and-coming punk rock scene. (The punk rock scene died shortly after Cobain's death.)
I enjoy listening to this song, as well as every other Nirvana song out there.


Corey Horror™

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