mono | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/10

We could plant a house we could build a tree btw fuck the disney muice you know like now a days muice like its t00 bad that kurt was bipoler and had to blow his brains out although he had all ready oded so how could he blow his head off with a gun That would have pulled away from his aRms ms love killed him

Too many people? | Reviewer: stavros | 10/3/09

Good thinking and logic, anonymous. No more kids. No more taxpayers when you are old and grey. Remove the core reason we exist. Here's an idea, how about you remove yourself from the planet - harpoon yourself to save the Earth. Back yourself.

Harshly true interperetation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/09

I personally believe this song is about the human instinct to breed. They're right; we DON'T need to breed. There are way too many people on the planet. By having kids, you're helping deplete the very limited resources we have left. More people means more cars on the road. That means more pollution. And more people means a need for more houses. More houses means less trees and less air.

- Xander
- Xander

Breed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/09

"one of his"?
You mean one of their most infamous songs, right?
Nirvana was so much more then just Kurt. Although Kurt was an brilliant musician and songwriter, Krist and Dave was just as inportant for the band as he was.

btw this song is fucking awsome!

in words threw a mind | Reviewer: Travis | 3/14/08

I think with true retrospect thats this is one of his most infamos songs out here today but take a look at those lyrics whats he trying to say im telling all of you Kurt saw what would lead to his death he knew mhat he was doing and for this i respect him for what he has done and for inspering me to play guitar and sing ROCK!!!!!

great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/07

this song definetely is one of nirvanas greatest, in my opinion. kurt cobain was one of the most gifted musicians in our time, and he went long before his time. but his music still lives, in our cd-players or in our headphones, and its just f*cking beautiful.....

Great Song | Reviewer: Smelly | 11/9/07

Kurt Cobain and his twisted genius make a great song, remember it's better to burn out than to fade away!

BEST SONG EVER | Reviewer: joe | 5/30/07

this is definatly my favorite song! cobain, novoselic, and grohl are legends.

Nirvana Breed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/07

Kick assss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Long live the legend of Kurdt (that's how he spelt it during Bleach) Cobain. Bejn.

Song Rocks | Reviewer: The STRAP | 3/12/07

This song kicks ass. And it's used in a commercial, no less.