You are all morons | Reviewer: David | 1/3/12

This song has no meaning. It's just a good ol' fashion incredible song that you can smash your head to and not give a fuck about meaning.

Just shut up and bang your heads until you have brain damage.

god | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/11

people are missing the point of the genius minds of today the same as most people have never understood those that are beyond the understanding and current discussions of today. He couldn't say there was a meaning because you would never understand and he would spend his whole life teaching. Those who know understand but it is really hard to speak to the people of the world. Even the life of this man found it hard to cope. It is hard to cope with society once you understand it to a certain level. Thank you for the time you alloted to spend with us.

Ok ok ok | Reviewer: Your mum | 11/30/11

A great clue is in the final line of the chorus...."she said", it's blatantly about groupies or a groupie that wants a slice of the action, and kurt obviously shows the groupie to be a bit stupid (blonde!) by purposely singing she would build a tree (which we all know you plant) or plant a house (build)....the groupie thing comes from the fact "she said" states 3 things that she would hope kurt would like but doesn't care what his answer is..

Kurt doesn't wanna breed | Reviewer: Emily | 9/26/11

Honestly, what I got the first few times I listened to this song was Kurt going on a date with some thirty-something and her bringing up children. You know, the whole 'biological clock is ticking' thing that drives women nuts when they realize that they're single and without a family? And he's all, 'I'm good with living together and stuff' and she completely misunderstand him and says they can have that, too. Can't a man look at a pretty woman without her wondering if his sperm are viable?

meaning | Reviewer: babaloo | 7/30/11

to me its all about consumerism, he's saying he doesnt care if shit is old, second hand etc, and then in the chorus, saying that you don't have to have the whole house, 2 cars and family shit american dream etc to be happy, all about being in touch with nature and the universe

? | Reviewer: cs3 | 7/20/11

You're all idiots. Kurt didn't give a shit about deep meanings, and how do you get overpopulation out of this? If anything its a love song, with subtle satire on prefab houses and suburbanite needs to have a tree and fence and all. But the "love" part I interpret, stress i, is that she said richer or poorer (even if you have/need) we can settle down together (house/tree) its love not lust (we don't Need to breed) but we can make a family (have all 3: tree, house, breed/family) pretty simple song

... I don't like any of you. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/11

Alright. Listen. I love Nirvana. To death. Absolute death. they will always be my favorite band. But, Kurt? He was a firm believer in "Music first, Lyrics Second." And, honestly people trying to interpret his lyrics pissed him off. He was quoted saying "Why are they constantly trying to figure out what my lyrics mean, when half of the time they can't even figure out what they are?"

And it makes me angry to see all of this. Can we not just enjoy the music?

ha | Reviewer: Rob | 5/5/11

YEAH YEAH YEAH! you guys forgot all about the 'plant a house' and 'build a tree' bit, i mean kurt's obviously pointing out the wrongs with people having some house pre-built, and humans manufacturing nature. i mean duh! also, i highly doubt cobain gave a fuck about overpopulation. but i know theres going to be some guy that knows everything about kurt cobain jump down my throat for that. hes dead, and i doubt anyone of you knew the man well enough to just say "hey kurt, what do your songs mean exactly?"

who cares!?! he was a cool guy, i dont think any different. except courtney killed him, and is gonna burn in hell for it. ;-) im with "pulli" on this one.

To you all... | Reviewer: Pulli | 5/1/11

Music is not about the person who writes it... Is about the person who listen to it. It seems you are looking for the reasons KuRt write what he wrote, why, when, how. What about what you feel when listen to his music? Maybe it makes you feel like know lyrics could express...Maybe...Fuck Kurt, fuck Nirvana, fuck all the sense behind it... JUST LOVE THE FEELING WHEN I LISTENING TO HIM AND FUCK THE REST... AND ALL OFF YOU TOO... PEACE

Welllpppp | Reviewer: Welppp | 4/3/11

There is some sort of meaning to all his music. He fooled all of you. You've all been duped. "Sarcasm Inspection" Sarcasm withing sarcasm within sarcasm. He knew what he was doing alright. If he didn't care about what he was writing about then none of what he was writing would make any sense.

It's Just Music | Reviewer: Jacob | 2/14/11

I could be wrong, but I believe that the last "Anonymous" was right. Kurt really didn't care about the big philosophical issues you people are talking about; he just wrote to make cool music. I actually remember an interview with him, which I saw on T.V. once... (I can't remember the exact words, so this can't be a quotation, but it's what he said, nonetheless.) He talked about how he *didn't* want his music to become big-time, and how he refused to put his music onto tapes or CD's or whatever. If he wanted to spread a message, he would have *wanted* his music to be big-time.

FTW! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/10

dudes... all of you are wrong! (escept one) Kurt just put the lyrics to fit with the tune and also he said, that he hate when people tries to find meanings where they don´t have to! it just don´t have a meaning! thats all! Kurt rules!...

Easy Easy... | Reviewer: hayden | 7/24/10

Stavros was right about anonymous though to some extent, who's to say where the line should be drawn at birth? now that YOU'RE allready born it's fine, it can be done? thats not too fair on future generations. if people genuinly want kids they should have them if they can support them, but in the case of the kindsa people that would just end up hitting their kids and falling on their ass financially they should reconsider. not to say poor people shouldn't have kids thats a shitty idea, but scumbags shouldn't. what i'm saying is only have kids if you think you can raise them to contribute to society. its just shit to say that kids shouldn't be born when you too were a kid once... pure ignorance.

shut up everyone and enjoy the music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/10

schmuer, anonymous, you guys are all being gay, Kurt didn't write this song about anything inparticular like people having kids he just wrote a kick ass tune and put words to it, thats how most of his songs came together. I very much doubt that Kurt Cobain was the kinda guy who would sit down for a looong period of time, and try to think of philisophical things to say in his music or hidden messages, he left his music so that you can interpret it however you want, he wrote for the tune

Bitch, please | Reviewer: Schmuer | 6/21/10

Hey Stavros,
Don't be a dickwad. I agree with Xander that this song is about our unnecessarily overpopulated planet. This song is not saying that no one should reproduce. But a lot of people just do it because they think that it's what they're supposed to do, and with the exponentially increasing birth rate our planet is becoming WAY overpopulated, so "anonymous" is correct. I think the meaning of this song is pretty obvious, just look at the title. So before you go around posting dumb shit online, maybe you should back your shit up with, for example, a valid, supported opinion. So yeah. Back yourself. Whatever that means.
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