corporate revenue | Reviewer: phokme | 5/24/13

big cheese=money she eats glue=she shuts up. her mouths glued shut this song is about the demands and expectations of show business(record company w/e) and how controlling and manipulative they were just to get money. they would tell him to go to the office, play the ssame songs 50 times i mean come on its so obvious. black is black> its all in the contract hes owned ya know so "no trading back" . it all makes sense, its not about school thats for sure ya dummies.

Big Cheese | Reviewer: Lorenzo Jackson | 6/27/12

If you have just looked for the lyrics to this song like me , this is an amazing song. I feel that Kurdt was addressing the fact that authority in school is maybe a little too quick to label the students that they teach. This goes the same for students And the way that stereotyping each other is doing them all no favours either.

intensity | Reviewer: vinsanity | 5/31/12

lots of it in this song. he's really pissed on this song. the last line makes me think it's all about authority acting like they have a reason to punish and "show you all what a man is".

Kurt Cobain is God. Or, at the very least, with him. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/29/12

I love this song, and Nirvana, with a passion. In my opinion, they're the best band of all time - they virtually created grunge, and other various rock-based genres, and have influenced a vast majority of the music we have today. Kurt Cobain was a genius and it's devastating that he's not here today. He'll always be a God-like figure in my eyes. <3

Nirvana | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/8/11

Big cheese, big anthem, bleach is an amazing album, i like it more n more everytime i listen 2 it, if u havent listened 2 nirvana before definatly give em a go unreal music no 1 else compares, R.I.P Kurt Cobain.

She eats glue????????? | Reviewer: ♥♥Nikki Armageddon♥♥ | 6/17/10

I love this song and nirvana, but i am so puzzeled by these lyrics. She eats glue? really?
But i know that kurt wouldnt have wanted me to take the lyrics too seriously. he actualyy wrote one of his songs (i frogot the name) because peeps were overthinking the lyrics. so yeah.

?!? | Reviewer: stuart | 11/16/07

If this is your favorite Nirvana tune, and they are your favorite band of the 90's, then, for you, they must be the best of the 80's as well.
Have a nice day. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/06

this is one of nirvana's best. if you have not heard of this song OR nirvana you havent lived. in my opinion nirvana is one of the greatest rock bands of all time and the best rock band of the 90s.