Uhhh | Reviewer: Holly-Jo | 12/5/12

The song is about being Anti-Religious. :P And Nirvana never did this, it was Lead Belly, who was just some dude.
:P I sung this song on my 9th birthday, 2 years ago, my stupid mom took me to a church for some reason. :PPP

To the bigot below me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/12

I know almost nothing at all about Kurt and I've read all of his biographies and you haven't read and clearly you're a piece of shit that goes to lyric forums to defecate you're hatred all over forums that are old as hell.

Obviously you are the type of person Kurt and NIRVANA in general hated because you're a closed-minded loser. From your reviewer name you are obsessed with large phalli.... are you bisexual?

Don't try to respond because i wont see you're response. I'm not coming back to this pathetic forum.

but she is retarded indeed | Reviewer: big penis | 1/5/12

Hey im not sure about who wrote this song, but hey im completely sure that Gia is retarded geez what a fucking annoying groupie, makes me puke rainbows. The song rocks btw, and so does Nirvana, but Kurt doesnt rock, stupid asshole drug addict bisexual piece of shit, im glad he blew his head off otherwise he would have been very pathetic with 40 years old, so the summary is: kurt, go fuck yourself, kurt groupies, go fuck yourself twice, and gia, this goes specially for you: go and get a bunch of penis at the side of your vagina and fuck yourself many many times, thank you.

Aint It A Shame You Can't Spell | Reviewer: Nirvana Fan | 12/17/09

To the person below me, "retarted" is not a word. If you want to pick an argument with someone at least make sure you spell your words correctly.

As for this song, i love it, purely because i love Kurt Cobain, his covers, his own lyrics, his music (of course credit to the other members of Nirvana also), just everything about him amazes me. Such a tortured soul, beautifully twisted.

Ok... | Reviewer: A person | 9/27/09

No need to be mean to Gia... Nirvana covered it and she's just saying that cause she loves Kurt... Kurt really was a great musician but that doesn't mean he can't cover songs. So saying "Gia your retarted" makes you look retarted and sure go ahead and say "James your retarted" cause that just makes you more mentally ill than someone in a mental institution... And Gia just didn't know it was covered by nirvana. Ok? So fu** you all who say bad stuff about me or Gia and leave her alone.

In response... | Reviewer: Seggi | 4/19/09

"Gia, you're retarded."


This song wasn't even written by Kurt Cobain, it was written by lead belly. (Which is a person, not a band, btw)

I don't think it was even performed by Nirvana, it was performed by a Lead Belly cover band, fronted by Kurt Cobain.

Gia, you're retarded. | Reviewer: You fucking idiot | 4/1/09

I'm fairly sure that he sung this song as sarcasm, considering that he was completely anti-sexist and would never think of beating any woman. Of course, being 8 years old, you probably wouldn't understand.

for kurt | Reviewer: gia | 9/21/07

kurt!!!!!!!!u re an amazing mucisian!!!!what a fucking foolish....song....im deppressed but i dont mind!!!!!i love u!i adore everything about u!!even your death........if only u were here...i really wish of it!!!!!we will always love u kurt!!!!!!!!