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Performed by Nirvana

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No it wasn't Tracy | Reviewer: i knew kurt | 10/12/09

i knew kurt in the 1980's. He wrote this about a different girl who he could not stay with every night, as it was a single occupancy room she lived in. I knew them both at the time. He played this in her living room WAY before bleach came out. It amazed us all, this extreme talent. He didn't say it was about Tracy til after she nagged him, because it WASN'T originally about her at all. The very words in it were all pretty much verbatim taken out of a conversation in Oregon between kurt, the lady, and another guy whose last name is Hanneman.

I just learned this | Reviewer: mark | 9/20/09

I was listening to all my old Nirvana records and heard this and was like "dude, this is the only song I can't play by them" so I got the tabs and learned it in less than a minute, great song, my mate hates it though because he always has to play it on Guitar Hero: World Tour.

The REAL Story | Reviewer: Dalton | 6/12/09

Being the rabid nirvana fan I always was,I've gotten the story from lots of sources,here's the real one:Tracy wanted him to write a song for her,and one day he listened to the "Meet The Beatles" album for a whole afternoon and said this was the most Beatles-Like love song he could ever make

Love This. <3 | Reviewer: StaindLace | 4/15/09

This song is great. It's radio friendly (kinda like Smells Like Teen Spirit), but it was supposed to be. 'Sides, I love the radio. I'm also a fourteen year old into Nirvana; I grew up around it, too. =D

love it. | Reviewer: haile | 4/16/09

this song is amazing. yeah, tracy was naggin at him for making songs about everything else in his life besides her, so he sat down and wrote this song. The band asked what it was called and he named it exactly what it is, About A Girl. He is by far the most creative and mysterious song writer in the world, and I wouldnt ask for anything different.
RIP Kurt.

great song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/09

this is my favourite song by Nirvana! (i have quite a few) i love their sound. it's not like anything else. and Kurt's voice is just amazing...

yeah, this song is about Kurt's girlfriend at the time, Tracy. He never actually told her it was about her though. I'm reading a biography on Kurt Cobain and it's quite interesting.

xx...xx | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/25/08

hey, i was just listening to the home demo of this, and it has an extra verse. it goes:

Don’t pin a note to me
I do promise to agree
I do live in constant fear
I do wonder why I’m here

it struck me because he had a "suicide note", and some people think that courtney murdered him, so the words "Don’t pin a note to me" really struck me. i would like to know your thoughts on this.

About a Girl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/08

Yeah, it's about Tracy. Kudos to the 14 year-old into Nirvana, I'm 17 and had similar memories of rocking out to Nirvana at age 5 haha. Kurdt was brilliant, and the version Nirvana performed of the Man Who Sold the World was far superior to Bowie's. Who I believe used to present that song as 'the Nirvana song' when he performed it.

All nirvana songs DO have the meaning!!! | Reviewer: Rom | 8/9/08

This song has more meaning than any ather song performed by Nirvana. The line "But I can't see you every night free" sais that it is about a girl who has a boyfriend, but despite thiss the author (Kurt) finds her worhthy of friendship. Considering this i find Kurt a good person, god bless his soul.

P.S. I write thiss from Ukraine (middlt Europe). Nirvana is known here as well.

Correct story behind the song. | Reviewer: HarryPeters | 4/8/08

This was written while Kurt was finalising the last words of his songs the night before they recorded Bleach. He had all the music to the songs he just needed Lyrics, and Tracy said to him "Why dont you write a song about me" so he did.

This is from the "Come As You Are: Story Of Nirvana" book.

oscar | Reviewer: Kurdt Kobain Fan | 4/4/08

hes right

this wasnt written for courtney love

he wrote this song for his girlfriend tracy
(although he never admitted iot to her)

and wen his band members asked the name he didnt know
Chad channing asked wat it was about
and he said it was about a girls so thats the name they picked

several of the lines reflected a fight him and tracty ahd recently had

About A Girl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/08

Oscar, you're an idiot. This song was released on Nirvana's first album, Bleach. Way before Kurt ever got married to that bitch. This was about a different girl. And, "wont" is spelled with an "a."

Infinite | Reviewer: Oscar | 3/17/08

This is a band that dosent go stright to the point, they woonto make you think of all kinds of stuff.This song About A Girl is Kurt saying all he wont is a wife/slut some one he could have just for him when ever he wonts.He wonts to be her king/god.

Good song | Reviewer: Jess | 2/23/08

i've recently gotten into the seatle grungy sound, i know it seems a bit late but give me a break! im 14! and i didn't even know that Nirvana sang this song! i've loved it since i was 5(i first remember hearing it!) and singing it at the top of my lungs when ever i heard it! same with all nirvana songs. i think there music is ledgendary and the kurt Cobain was a son of a gun. he saved the world from guitar Wankerdom. :) x x

about a girl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/08

k well nirvana is nirvana beatles are the beatles david bowie is david bowie its not that confusing about a girl is writtin bye kurt the man who sold thh world is by david bowie coem on its about the music im 12 and i love nirvana R.I.P Kurt who was murderd

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