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------ performed by Nine Inch Nails

In With Voice | Reviewer: Shabaz | 7/2/2007

This song is about a Man who takes up a mask, thinking it will reveal to him
some hidden aspect of his soul. He is challenging himself to the limits
of pain through altruistic pretence knowing fully well he is "full of shit"---- perhaps
it will unfold the process of transformation further. But the Consciousness
he has acquired having travelled spirally so far screams and informs him
of his foolishness. Telling him he has come far, quite far and he cannot be
a sorceror wearing a mask anymore but he has learned about his niche and he should
"fucking" stay true to it.

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Interesting song. | Reviewer: Kit | 4/10/2007

This and The Hand That Feeds were the first 2 songs of Trent Reznor that i'd hear and got me into buying quite a few Nine Inch Nails albums off of iTunes. The Doom Movie wasn't too good, but if it wasn't for the version fo this song in the Credits for it I would never have bought a NiN album. The song sounds like it's going to be a Metal Rock scream fest at the beggining, but has some techno elements to it: Great Song, Great Artist.

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The Nine inch nails song 'You know what you are?' | Reviewer: Tristan | 8/30/2006

This song kicked ass! i loved it. Especially at the end... just simply saying 'dont you fucking know what you are' 3 times Sounded so great at the end. They used a very good melody with it. Anyways.... i would rate this 10/10 definately

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