Thoughts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/28/11

I think that it really points to us all wanting to break free from all the hate and sadness due to authority of some kind... And that nine inch nails is really amazing at making interesting songs sound great. :)

Try not to be stereotypical "old NIN fans", please. | Reviewer: Leina | 11/27/10

Everyone is commenting on the "poppiness" of this song... Really, I can't hear it. I actually remember when I first heard it I thought "pretty much sounds like all of his other stuff, great!"( I'm thinking Starfuckers Inc. & Closer)

I really do think you all take it in a poppy way simply because it's new. Which a lot of people do, so I suppose it's understandable, but I'll be really disappointed with his fanbase if it starts spewing "Trent's new shit is shit- I'm an Old NIN fan, I remember when it was still good." I hope this never happens to nine ince nails.

Great song, in my opinion.
I also don't think it's only about religion, even though it does hint heavily to that. I think it can be taken in any light regarding any type of authority, whether it be governmental, parental, spiritual, or even cultural.

Hand that Feeds | Reviewer: Angel | 3/22/10

I know its supposed to be about religion, however, it also fits about my relationship. After supporting my BF so he can support his kids for almost 10 years. I caught him with another woman. He said he was sorry and its over but...I can't help but think and I will never trust him again. But I keep holding on to him...why?

Love it. Always have. | Reviewer: Khy | 1/28/10

I think Trent is just trying to get a message across. I don't think he's changing direction.
Love his old stuff, love his new stuff.
Besides a lot of his music has a poppy type base to it anyway, though I guess its just more noticeable now because there are more people trying to sound like NIN...because Trent is a genius and they know it. Just following in his footsteps.

Red Pill | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/19/09

Yes this song is more commercial than the "typical" NIN songs. Take the red pill and see how far down the rabbit hole goes. What if religion is not as we believe? Think out side the square. The hand that feeds is not necessarily feeding us the truth.

NIN | Reviewer: Someone | 9/21/07

Typical NIN song? No.
Good nonetheless? You better believe it.
This song is really good, it may not be a typical NIN song but it still is really great, although I do prefer their other stuff compared to this one. I still listen to it alot. Rock on NIN, rock on.

NIN the hand that feeds | Reviewer: Wolfsheim | 6/8/07

The hand that feeds is totally awsome. Its my number one favorite song by NIN. I can't stop hearing it. Rock on NIN. your the best.

other | Reviewer: denstat | 12/10/05

reznor is more in angry pain, than purely angry in this one -- a snarl as opposed to a howl. i think this distinction throws off fans of previous NIN music who expect the latter. i see the blatant poppiness as a spiked armoured gauntlet slap across the ears, a musical question screamed at us alongside the questions snarled at us, asking is this the MTV shit we prefer to hear, rather than an unadorned, unpackaged, unpretty truth.

socratic method and NIN, who'd'a'thunk it that he'd go all subtle and raging on us, about us.

which is why i love him.

this is a perfect NIN song, perfect for our painful lying faking time.

Blood Which We Dine | Reviewer: Kevin | 10/12/05

This song is a testament against what NIN used to be about, the only really commercial songs were by accident (such as Closer). But this song is purposely poppy and the whole political message in this song is something I'm really not sure I want to hear from Nine Inch Nails.
However, as far as pop goes, this is one song I can listen to repeatedly as opposed to the craptastic parades of stupidity they air nowadays.

NIN | Reviewer: Rozy | 4/21/05

yeah, i agree with the others, this isn't the typical NIN song, but i liked it when i first listened to it on fuse... it sounded way better than the green day video that was on before it. (sorry, but the green day now and day sucks.. i want the old green day back) i can't wait to get the album when i comes out in may!

- the vampire goddess has spoken.