no fuckig way! | Reviewer: matthew | 8/2/13

the more i lsten to this album, the more im convinced that he is reading the word of God, and know trent aint ur god, thats like the piece of wood in the other song, he is talented b/c His creator made him that way

love | Reviewer: Eva | 5/16/12

Although "god given" is probably my fav song from the album, 'the great destroyer' is also somewhere at the top of the list. Toatally sharing Trent's vision of reality, I always get the feeling that I couldn't name things any better than he does. Wiose bloke.

this is music! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/09

This is probably my fave nin son.... well this and eraser (naturally!). im in love with the electronic explosion at the end of the song it is so incredible, every time i hear it i just completely zone out to everything.listening to this song really loud is fucking crazy, and every time i hear it i smile at the thought that this album was conceived on trents laptop! Fuck how does this guy do it?

bliss | Reviewer: HaleyKay | 1/16/09

this is one of my faves it is incredible live (lights in the sky tour was so artsy and raw)this song makes me feel good it makes me feel gone, alive in another dream, the music in it is so great and the lyrics are very convincing i love the concept of this cd as well. great song to dau dream to .. i always end up making my own story out of each song ..???

destructive | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/3/08

I like to listen to this song while I'm on the train, on my way to home, watching the dead walking down the streets with their grey faces... nin music (and specially lyrics) always amazes me. trent's vision of this world has always something to teach me, he's a fucking genius... should i say he's my god? and nin a religion?

AMAZING | Reviewer: RodneyJason | 6/5/07

This is an amazing song.. listen to it in the total dark with a set of good headphones.. you will see what i mean