response to that guy | Reviewer: casey | 7/8/10

Man, that makes me so happy. I'm going through that teenage angst thing (I suppose) and I really, really love NIN. And me and my friends totally just started playing dnd. We love it :D.
And (so this is actually kind of a review) this song is really good. It's one of my favorites on the album. It just has this great contrast between the parts, where it starts out is different from where it ends up, and that is good in music.

Crazy song | Reviewer: kurt | 1/25/08

I once ran a dnd game to this song with the idea that bad guys had kidnapped people and were converting them with magic to a type of super-warrior, but that's about one of maybe 15 or 20 ideas I've got from listening to this song over the years. How about those background screams? Are they in hell? Inner torment? Is it about a girl? There's dissonance and then it all quiets and then there's dissonance again. The lyrics are delivered with screaming at one point, is that someone else or a subconscious? Are they agreeing or disagreeing? I was a bid NIN fan as a kid, this song has survived my teenage angst and is a classic.