It's about a Nuclear Holocaust. | Reviewer: Kathy H | 1/16/13

My daughter read an interview with Trent Reznor regarding the meaning behind "in This Twilight", and though I don't have the actual text, it is loosely based on a Nuclear Holocaust and the aftermath. Or something like that.

On a personal note, when my father was ill, I always seemed to have this song playing in the car, (The Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D Version) while I was making my daily drive to see him in the hospital. He passed away two days after his 79th birthday. As I listened more closely to the lyrics, I noticed that it (in a roundabout way) could also be interpreted as a sort of funereal farewell. He was cremated and the "ashes in your hair" part holds a particularly closer, deeper meaning to me.

He passed away almost four years ago, but every time I hear this song, I think of my dad.

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

Optimism in the face of self-destruction... | Reviewer: JPS | 8/15/10

The wheels have been set in motion and like the sun as it moves through the sky, nothing will stop what is to come.
A man "in the know", aware that this is the last day life on his planet will see; enters the day after the destruction in his mind.
He sees his lover, the ashes in her hair and he wonders if he should have been a better person. The old pointless trap of "if I could only do it again." He knows all that has been will be gone so he has to hold on to the hope that out in the universe, circling around any one of the billions of stars (sky filled with light)... that the beings on that world will make a better choice for themselves as his world dies.

It's a statement about how stupid the last humans will feel after we've burnt this world lifeless in our reckless tampering with nature, weapons of mass destruction, war and the general stupidity that abounds with our species. We are so noble, but so stupid at the same time.

Look at things in reverse. See the good and not the bad, and make a better place, before it's too late.

= Death? | Reviewer: Hayden | 12/7/09

I realy agree. To me it seems more of an in death song with love over tones. He is speaking to a person which I would presume was his lover
"Let me take away your doubt
We can find a better place
In this twilight"
And in the lines
"Ashes in your hair remind me
What it feels like
And I won't feel again"
To me Twilight is a metaphor for the time nearing death. He is in the final twilight befor death.
He wonders if he could have been a better person but in he believe that once they are gone they will "find a better place" which I would assume is the afterlife.

This is the best conclusion I can come up with.

Amazing... | Reviewer: Scott | 8/25/07

Wow... those are some deep lyrics. This song just gets me when I listen to it. It's as if they're saying goodbye to a world that they've forsaken, and now that it's gone, they lament it. This album is quite the journey from beginning to end.