Hurt NIN | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/12

This is one of the best NIN songs I've ever heard. I particularly like the quieter NIN songs, but this one in particular is so relatable that it's in a way of its own. I've found that this song has actually helped me through times when I've been suffering from serious depression, and the messages I've picked up from this song have helped me to move on - make the pain part of you, and let it make you stronger.

Thank you so much, Trent Reznor

overcoming addiction | Reviewer: RIP | 12/31/11

This song reminds me the pain and suffering my brother goes through daily with his drug addiction. The drug of choice for him now is heroin - At a loss of how to help him, so sad and scary. Don't know if he is going to make it at this point.

beautiful pain | Reviewer: ki11face | 10/8/11

this song relates to so many people in so many different ways. thats what makes it a beautiful song. i meen, people who dont even listen to nin respect it & its lyrics. hell, johnny cash did a version. cant get much opposite than that. in my case, iv lost almost everyone (xcept my family, thank god). friends & i hav grown apart, & i'v lost some great girlfriends in the past. but one is the thorn in my side. she changed my life & i didnt realize it till she was gone. we'v ben apart for 3yrs, but it stil feels like it happened yesterday. "i will let you down, i will make you hurt", & i did that not even knowing it. my heart belongs to you Penny, i miss you...

seattles son | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/11

not a big nin guy, but this is one of the best songs ive ever heard. I'm always filled with regret for all the bad things i do to a lot of people in my life, and it often reminds me of my mom and dad, who i lost when i was 9 years old. Trent Reznor spoke to me better than anyone ever has in this performance. He's awesome, but i'll bet he had to dig deep to get this personal. Congrats Trent, you've wrtten a brilliantly melancholy song that i can relate to better than any other song ive heard so far. I think I love you!

Cathartic Release | Reviewer: Andrea(65) | 7/2/11

When any great sadness interrupts my life, this song resonates within me, connecting me to innermost depths of soul from where pain can be cathartically released by the flow of tears prompted by the amazingly insightful lyrics of "Hurt".

Everyone I know goes away in the end... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/11

The love the lyrics to this song. I had the pleasure of seeing Trent perform it with my boyfriend. It was amazing! Ironically, that same boyfriend recently passed away and now I am filled with heartache. Hurt touched me then and it continues to touch me now that I mourn the loss of my soulmate. RIP Matt!

Hurt | Reviewer: Bobby Mc-Bobson | 10/27/10

This song is just one of those songs, you hear it once it stays in the back of your mind you remmber parts but not quite all of it, you listen to it again and the next thing you know its the only song in the playlist after awhile you now every word.

Its open to interpretation it can be played differently and still sound good. it can be angst filled one time or depressed the next that is the mark of a good song. And if anyone who reads this is part of a band this is the sort of song you want to write one that affects everyone on the same level

Im in love wit nin!!!!!! | Reviewer: daphne | 9/12/10

im deeply attached 2 this song i no every word! and its not about herion! Its about a self harm addiction! Ive had 3 intreventions(im only 14) on my addition or watever i cut into my forearms, upper thins,lower legs scaple and ankles and burn my legs and arms. The song is about that! cuz u have 2 focus on the pain and you no that its ur freind and its so real!

I hurt myself today
To see if I still feel
I focus on the pain
the only thing that's real
The needle tears a hole
the old familiar sting

Hurt Comment | Reviewer: Forrest Leon | 9/10/10

Trent Reznor Has written and Preforms this song with so much emotion in it. You can tell he went threw a lot of rough shit in his life when you hear the lyrics that he sings for us. I may only be 15,but I can understand what he is going threw. I've tried so many things to kill the pain, but the more I try the more it hurts. The best way I've found to deal with it is to just accept it and move on, but even then I still live with this ever lasting pain in my mind, heart, and soul. Trent Reznor's music connects with me. He will live on forever threw his music and our hearts

hurt | Reviewer: T.J. | 7/20/10

After 10 years of marriage i find everyone i know has gone away. My life has been turned upside down & my family is gone. Once again I find, there is not enough drugs or beer to stop the pain. The more pills I take & the more I drink only make me remember how much I cant make the pain go away. everything i've sacraficed was all in vein. Trent felt a terrible pain when this song was written.... I dont wish it on anybody.

I love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/09

Go and see Nine Inch Nails before it's too late and never again will you say a bad word about the ORIGIONAL version of this song, the emotion Trent put into his performance of this last night was unbelievable. So to whoever said the NIN version lacks emotion and feeling, I dont think there was one person in that arena who wasnt utterly moved by this song.

=) | Reviewer: steve mcawesome | 7/10/09

I think it's pretty obvious what this song is about, that is if you can relate at all to the lyrics. anyone who has ever felt depressed, lonely and desperate knows exactly what this song is about.. its not about heroin addiction.

Sadness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/09

I originally stumbled upon this gem when searching for a sad song to make a tribute with. After being mezmorized and listening to it over and over, I found that it was the most easily related-to song I've ever heard. It's amazing. It nearly made me cry.

amazing. | Reviewer: Trent Reznor. | 5/4/09

I have heard this song an uncountable amount of times and every time i hear it it touches me it is and without a doubt one of if not the deepest meaning full song that the music industry has to offer listen to the top 10 charts and all you'll here is Brittany spears babble on about boys and girls fucking her, fake ass black guys rapping about a girl that broke there heart or how to superman a hoe? Trent is amazing no doubt!.

Hurt really does hurts | Reviewer: a dutchie | 3/12/09

I'm always am crying on this song..
I find myself in this song.
I have BPD, and I was addicted. There are many interpretations.. ervybody got their own.
Mine's well, My addiction what I had.. and cutting in my arm.. This song letterly HURTS me inside on a good way though.
Indeed Johnny Cash covered it!!