@'Dane Barclay' | Reviewer: Bastian | 7/7/06

please know your subject (or do your researh) before posting.

"Hurt" was originally written by Trent Reznor and first released on the 1994 Nine Inch Nails album "The Downward Spiral". It was actually Cash who covered the song to be included on his final 2002 "The Man Comes Around" album, wich incidentally is a cover album.

this sucks! | Reviewer: Dane Barclay | 5/25/06

My freind sent me this song its a cheap rubbish version of an amazing song by Johnny Cash, i suggest everyone gets a copy of his ORIGINAL version and listens and notices the actul emotion that is involved!! If you think the NIN one is better you are a very mixed up preson!

Hurt... | Reviewer: kat | 4/17/06

first of all "crimson tears" we dont care about what you've gone through. you're just a crazy emo kid. This song deals with his heroin addiction moreso then "self mutalation". It talks about Reznor's addiction. It talks about how it tore his world apart. It talks about what he lost. He seems to know it wasn't worth the loss. great song, great album, great band. la fin.

Connects | Reviewer: CrimsonTears1334 | 11/30/05

This song connects with cutting/self-mutilation very well. I can relate because i've gone through it. But I digress.... Trent does such a good job at expressing probably the deepest pain someone can feel... and he talks about how nothing really lasts....

Review about Hurt | Reviewer: Bryan | 10/27/04

This song is pure beauty and pain. Trent Reznor reached to the utmost deepest part of his soul to achieve this. The whole album (Down the Spiral) is deep and dark, filled with cacophoney, nihilism, and narcism. I would recomend this whole album to anyone.

"Hurt" Review | Reviewer: Ashley | 10/19/04

The Hit song "Hurt" is a song most teenagers listen to, to escape the song is very Explisit but moving in a vulnerable way it can have u hooked just the first time listening, my advise is go pick up the Album