Wow | Reviewer: Mota | 1/15/09

This is the only song I've ever heard that makes me shed a tear (even if it's the millionth time in a row I've heard it).
Hurt is one reason music is just amazing. There are so many interpretations and they can all be right (most of them anyway) and that what music is about. Especially the music Trent Reznor has been composing for years. To have a man like Johnny Cash cover this song has to be a huge honor for Reznor. The reviewer from 5/23/07 says it best: Stop pretending you hold the absolute truth. Cause while you hold on to the one solid you've created, other people are sharing these riveting discoveries of music and theory. That's exactly what it is; Theory.

hurt means to me | Reviewer: as a person | 12/31/08

I've read an article about trent and his addiction .He said that he didn't play heroin but he played coke (cocain) instead. So this song is not for his heroin addiction.

Second, the lyric of this song hit me when I was down and depressed. I didn't need to take drug but I did feel exactly the same as the song described. I agree with many opinions here that the meaning of the song is up to you to interpret it.

meaning | Reviewer: | 10/25/08

this song is infact abput heroin addiction hence needle tears a hole, same old sting and i hurt myself today is refering to the fact that heroin distorts relity and pain is not usually felt under the influence and adicts can not tell wheter or not they are under the influence of heron and also this song is originally by nine inch nails

poop | Reviewer: your sister | 8/6/08

anybody saying that this is a Johnny fuckin Cash original song should burn in hell while the devil keeps fuckin them up the ass for all eternity. Hurt is the most emotionally hard song that could a person listen in their entire life, it maked me cry like a bitch even that I'm not one. Show some respect, this is a serious song by none other than NINE INCH NAILS.

Fucking Awesome... Need I Say More | Reviewer: The Boy On The Computer | 5/28/08

Ghost I-IV got me into NIN and i'm really into the downward spiral at the moment, this song and march of the pigs being my favourites. great work, i love it when he starts whispering, fucking awesome lyrics

Here's the facts. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/14/08

Here's the facts everyone.

The NIN album, "The Downward Spiral" was released in 1994. The last song, or the 13th track, is "Hurt."

Johny Cash's album, "American IV: The Man Comes Around" was released in 2002. The 2nd track "Hurt", THE COVER/REMAKE OF THE ORIGINAL BY NINE INCH NAILS.

Get it through your fucking skulls. Facts, and it doesn't take but 30 fucking seconds to look this up by yourselves.

Fuckin' inbred rednecks.

Idiots... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/08

What is wrong with everyone? This song was originally made by NIN...Cash covered it just before he died...I mean seriously, go look up Cash's video for this song...he's like old as hell, and this song was made way before that video was composed...

NIN ROCKS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/07

NIN is definatley the best band i have ever heard...Hurt is a deep meaningfull song that can touch many people...but how suprising is that, i mean NIN has always been a deep and moving band that sings about something real...rather than your top 40, which plays a nice beat and adds lyrics that repeatively say "party like a rock star" or as genius spell out the word "banana"

About the orginal and cover. | Reviewer: Charlotta | 7/29/07

What do you think about the cover? I mean Johnny Cash. Why do I have this feeling like he rape the song? Maybe I am little bit fanatic about Nine Inch Nails, because I can't stand any changes.

Cash | Reviewer: Beth | 6/22/07

I love both versions of the song and I think that Reznor is a musical genius, but Johnny's is the one that really speaks to me. Reznor himself was awestruck by Johnny and his interpretation of the song.

Rollling Stone interview with Reznor re: Cash/Hurt:

RIP Johnny, I miss you.

great song | Reviewer: guest | 5/23/07

awesome song. for someone to be a fan of a band, they need to connect to is somehow. be it the general sound, the lyrics, background, or any combination. I like NIN since I feel I can relate to their music, and I was introduced to it because my friends saw how similar my poetry is to their lyrics. don't ruin it for everyone else by giving your adaptation for it- because its all correct and all extremely wrong, the meaning depends on the listener. so break it up, crimson and kat, and the rets of you, have fun interpereting it, just stop pretending that you hold the absolute truth.

Song rules, in more ways than one!!! | Reviewer: Mark | 5/4/07

This song has to be the greatest song that this band ever did, because of how deep the lyrics are to not only us as fans, but Trent Reznor as a person. The video for this song is done from a live performance, which is haunting, but unforgettable. It's just him on the microphone with video in front of him. He's standing behind the screen where the videos are being played, and it's a symbol of how much this song means to him, because it shows that he's part of what's going on in front of him. He is Nine Inch Nails, no matter what, and this song put him on top of the world of industrial rock as not only the innovator of it, but the ruler of it!!!!!

hehe you're stupid | Reviewer: callu | 3/15/07

"this sucks! | Reviewer: Dane Barclay
------ About the song Hurt performed by Nine Inch Nails

My freind sent me this song its a cheap rubbish version of an amazing song by Johnny Cash, i suggest everyone gets a copy of his ORIGINAL version and listens and notices the actul emotion that is involved!! If you think the NIN one is better you are a very mixed up preson!"

please do your research before posting stupid. this was written for the downward spiral BY TRENT REZNOR it was covered by cash who changed crown of shit in crown of thorns.

i'm not saying that cash didn't do a good job. but it isn't his song in the first place. it's a moving song that deals with one's addiction. as the downward spiral is a concept album and if i'm not mistaken (and i'm not) in the previous song the protagonist has already killed himself in the album's penultimate title track and is now reflecting on his life. After his escapades ("broken thoughts I cannot repair") involving drugs ("the needle tears a hole, the old familiar sting"), deceit ("my liar's chair"), self-injury ("I hurt myself today, to see if I still feel", "I focus on the pain, the only thing that's real"), etc, he realizes that all he has gained is ultimately nothing ("I wear this crown of shit", "my empire of dirt"). The person he's singing to, "my sweetest friend", could be referring to the "Piggy" who "left me here I'm all alone" or "the reason I stay alive" in "Closer". Finally, he speculates whether he would change given another chance. so...

i fancy much more the nin version. THE ORIGINAL...
and from the downward spiral as this song is found on "further down the spiral" in the quiet version.

Hurt | Reviewer: Kyle Roberts | 3/8/07

I've connected with this song so well. Me and a friend were travelling down the road and he let me listen to it. Not being a very big NIN fan, or ever really listening to them, this song completely amazed and touched me so deep. I love it and am in love with it. Trent Reznor describes such a pain, a depression, I, myself have felt very recently in my life..and sure many people can agree and relate. Thanks to Trent and the rest of NIN for this masterpiece.

PS: Not to make this an arguement, but Dane Barclay, you're wrong.. this was originally written by Trent Reznor, not Johnny Cash, who did a good job on the song also.

violence | Reviewer: rambo | 10/28/06

Hurt portrays what is deep inside destructive lovers of the "below the mainstream."
Its a revolution at that, an advocacy against all rules that sucks, all the pharaisaical overtone or undertone, complete cover up of what is true and real....In so doing, the revolutionaries inflict violence and pain to themselves without showing alternatives that would have become postive..
What I can't gather is despite the pain people still embrace what destroys them to escape, whoever, whatever, whichever wherever to suffer forever....