People are completely missing it when they say it's about sex and rape. | Reviewer: Gah. | 8/8/08

Everything that is said in the versus and chorus are from the point of view of the drug itself. The refrains (Help me, and the lyrics that follow those two words itself) is the person affected by the addition to heroin.

There's a reason the song is sexual in tone, people who have had heroin habits say it's "a million times better than the best orgasm you've ever had."

You let me violate you/You let me desecrate you/You let me penetrate you/You let me complicate you

The drug speaking to the user. You violate your body, penetrate it with a needle and the user's personality becomes complicated due to the use of the drug and withdrawl thereafter.

(Help me...) I broke apart my insides/(Help me...)
I've got no soul to sell/(Help me...) The only thing that works for me/ Help me get away from myself

POV of the user, a literal cry for help. The user admits to using heroin as an escape fro himself. He also admits the toll it has taken upon his life and his body.

I wanna fuck you like an animal/I wanna feel you from the inside/I wanna fuck you like an animal/My whole existence is flawed/You get me closer to God

POV of Heroin again. Its arrogance is showing by saying I'm going to fuck you up, you're going to enjoy me in your veins, my existence shouldn't even be rationalized, but as more people use me... I become immortal.

You can have my isolation/You can have the hate that it brings/You can have my absence of faith/You can have my everything

POV of Heroin again. Outright arrogance gives in to absolute truth of the "complications" (as said in the first verse) that the drug use brings.

(Help me...) You tear down my reason/(Help me...) It's your sex I can smell/(Help me...) You make me perfect/Help me become somebody else

POV of the user. Again, cries for help. Outright admissions that one knows heroin isn't doing anything good but the user is still dependent on the drug to escape from himself and his life. The whole saying of Heroin's high being better than sex is pretty obvious here, IMHO.

Through every forest/Above the trees
Within my stomach/Scraped off my knees
I drink the honey, inside your hive/You are the reason I stay alive

First two lines. Literally about flying high.
Second two, heroin has a wasting effect on its users.
Third and fourth lines, the drug's arrogance shown again, by saying it's because of you I continue to exist and other people will end up getting hooked.

Put the video into perspective. It's based on "old time" footage and laboratories. Religious imagry is common in NIN videos and songs, but here it also works because Trent shows himself flying, shackled and essentially crucified. It's about drug addiction and the visual interpretations of such.

Heroin used to be sold as a medical remedy back when people were completely naive about what it really did to you.

This song is about heroin and the cries of help from one who is addicted to it, plain and simple.

Herione or Sex | Reviewer: Hunter | 7/29/08

Ok so yes this can easly be about sex but this can also be about herione. One voice is him talking about the drug about what it does the other voice is the drug saying all this shit the guy does with it letting it violate him and getting in him. Trent is a smart man this song can be takin both ways including many more. Sex, drugs, one heart, its all relevant depeding on your mood.

It IS About Sex | Reviewer: Black Rose | 2/16/08

For those that say it's not about sex, have you even read the lyrics?.

Most of it is sex how else can these lines not be sex.

'You let me penetrate you' - this is CLEARLY about sex.

'I wanna fuck you like an animal
I wanna feel you from the inside
I wanna fuck you like an animal'

That too about sex so OBVIOUSE he's talking about intercourse here, obviousley...

'It's your sex I can smell'

Again here he pretty much says it himself, those lyics I've listed couldn't in NO other way be about drugs or any other thing.

Besides this fact though I like the song it's catchy.

very wrong | Reviewer: yasmine | 1/16/08

I dont understand why some of you sick people find a way to relate this song to Muslims. This is only called being disrespectful. No politics in this song, I love it because it gives sort of a sexy feeling. A song that can be listened during sex actually. Not that all Muslims are terrorists, and all christians are angels. please respect.

Meaning | Reviewer: Jake Jarrett | 1/5/08

"Another lovely sounding lyrically song from a garbage band. Why do people continue to fill their heads with this sick stuff. No wonder the Muslims want to blow us all up. They won't have to--we are going to 'desecrate' ourselves before they do." Quote from Bill.

I think that your right, but in a different way.
I think people have destroyed music, But I don't think this song has. I respect other genres of music(Though I listen mainly to rock and metal) But some people write about the most ridiculous things. Whats the point of music if it has no true meaning? But I think "Closer" Is a brilliant song and represents a relationship where at first its just sex, but evolves into something much more meaningful, and he's not quite ready and it tears him apart. I also think that theres some heroine reference as Zombie Badger pointed out.

Sick Shit | Reviewer: Michael | 11/11/07

The song and the vid is sick. Reznor is one sick, messed up bastard. He/She gets Reznor closer to God. The chorus just sounds wrong, really, really wrong. I might be sick 'n' twisted, but to go "Closer", no WAY!

Lovely | Reviewer: Bill | 11/3/07

Another lovely sounding lyrically song from a garbage band. Why do people continue to fill their heads with this sick stuff. No wonder the Muslims want to blow us all up. They won't have to--we are going to 'desecrate' ourselves before they do.

When nothing is sacred there is nothing to desecrate -- but, believe me, there is something sacred and I hope those listening to this will stop and begin listening to something sacred.

Paganism??? | Reviewer: Edhina | 11/1/07

I was watching the Da Vinci Code the other day and the part where they talked about the Pagans and how they believe that one can find transcendence through sex and that sex was their way of going to nirvana and becoming closer to God and that got me thinking about this song. I don't know, maybe I'm completely wrong about this but I do believe there is some relation with this song with reference to parts of the song like "my whole existence is flawed, you get me closer to God"

NOT ABOUT SEX | Reviewer: Zombie Badger | 10/24/07

this song is ACTUALLY about heroine, and the shit you deal with. He speaks in 2 voices in the song. One is his, the other represents heroine. NOT ABOUT SEX

Heart.... | Reviewer: captainhowdy | 10/3/07

After listening to this song countless times and watching its video (first 5 seconds show it all) what I can understand is that the subject of this song is 'Heart'.... Not sex , and those who think that here Trent is talking only about messy sex seem wrong to me....
Sex, Isolation, Love, Hate, absence of faith all come from ones heart....
Here subject's heart (centre of his feelings) has become so messed up and he wants to mess it up more by rejecting religion, indulging in sex and drugs, although he knows that its his heart that gets him closer to God...

I am this person! | Reviewer: Aces_fullinya | 9/26/07

This song is all about my existence. I was married, had an affair. Now I am completely messed up inside. I have no real emotions for anyone and have become a virus, a user of people, mainly women. This person I had an affair with, will totally give herself to me in every way, and anyway I want with no inhibitions. I am since divorced. The sex between us is unbelievable. I am more man with her than I was with any other woman. She completely loves me, but I know I can't give myself to her because if I do, I will ruin her. She is a way better person than I am. When I am with her, she reminds me of what I was before. It has been five years. I am since remarried, and I am still desecrating her. She brings me closer to God.

what kind of sex | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/07

the sex described in this song seems to be homosexual... if it were heterosexual, why would he think that he desecrates the person by penetrating him/her... really creepy video...

another thought on this song | Reviewer: Abaddon | 9/19/07

in my relationship Im kinda the dark and twisted one and my boy is all clean and good... when we first got together he wanted to love me and near drove me back to insanity... thing is I hear this song and I feel the way we evolved... the sex... the obsession and the love... the way he let me mess him up... and take on some of his purity... Im a dancer... part of what I do is tap into the emotionality of music... pretty subjective space... expression of the self is subjective... so dont get hung up in concrete ideas about morality

yea... | Reviewer: hunt | 9/8/07

although this is just my personal opinion, i believe this song has so much more to it than the idea of sex. it might sound crazy but i believe this song to be one of the greatest love songs around. he has an addiction for this person, for her sex, for her love. for trent reznor to say someone brings him closer to god this person must have been the better part of him. got to love it

Seriously | Reviewer: lustMURDER_xx | 9/10/07

"it is really sad. someone who is only drawn by sex when writing a song and takes out only his shitty dependence on it is not an artist. Is... as the song says... an animal"

You basically just payed out 70% of the music industry, the only real things that people write about are love, sex, partying, family and friends.
Mainly the first two.
And if you can't get over the fact that some songs are more blatent than others in expressing that fact, then you don't deserve to listen to music.
Respect all the genres even if you dont enjoy them.
Thats my advice, take it.
As for the song, apsolutly addictive and hypnotic.
Awsome beat, unusual yet intersting lyrics, Whats better i ask?