This song is about self-loathing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/14

The whole album is about self-loathing. Everything you need to know is in the first song, Mr. Self Destruct. It's like an overture for a play about someone who hates himself so badly that he kills himself, which he does in the second to last song. Closer is about the momentary relief he gets from sex, but that ends up making him hate himself that much more. (Listen to the repeated "help me" chants throughout the song. They aren't mating calls--they are cries for help.) The reason that the person who he is fucking gets him closer to God is because each meaningless fuck gets him one step closer to killing himself. Not a cheery message, but this isn't a comedy album. It's freaking brutal.

Opinions are like assholes everyone Has one or had one! | Reviewer: MRose | 6/6/13

This will always be a very great song on any interpretation level! I can go for ride and crank this song up and it always takes me out of moment to make of it what I want. That's life but enjoyed reading others interpretations;)

I get it. | Reviewer: sherry' | 2/3/13

when he say's "I want 2 f--k u like an animal' He refers 2 himself as an animal,because he see's himself as soulless.When he has sex w/her, she brings him closer 2 God. She is pure and godly to him. He feels souless(most religions believe that animals are souless). that is why he say"s (like animal.) The closest he can get to God is when they become one. He wants her to help save him because she everything he is not. In his eyes she can help save him from despair, loneliness, and self hatred. This is very sweet, the way he feels about her,even if
the lyrics are crass.

ever heard of interpretation? because every person's is different. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/12

yeah okay cut the bullshit guys this song is about what ever speaks to you. Some might say its deeper than just sex, some might say it isnt. I think that its about fucking with hate, fucking out the pain. A "stress-reliever" if you will, like said earlier drinking, doing drugs, etc.

Assumptions | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/12

Why are people assuming that this song was written about a woman? Before Trent got married his personal life was pretty murky and it's not unreasonable to think that he's bisexual.

The scenes with the microphone in the video look pretty gay to me. Besides that, "violate" and "desecrate" could apply to a guy that allows himself to get fucked depending on how you feel about gay sex.

psycho babbler | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/11

lol arguments on lyric sites, quite being a faggot ass dick rider for the dude and just let people think what they want.
your "interpretation" just exposed you for the limp-dick codependent you are MAN.

Jeez... | Reviewer: DAWn of the dead | 9/16/11

Instead of being so condescending, how about letting people interpret the song as they want? You're absolutely right, the song has a deeper meaning than just sex... but your over-qualification in addition to the comments you made sounds like a dick measuring competition.

Plus, the song is downright sexy.

Lets get our facts straight.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/11

Look. For all of you who really think that this song is REALLY just about sex, its because you're an idiot, and you don't understand or appreciate music on the level that Trent Reznor does. And for those of you who don't know who that is, well then, my point exactly. Trent is NOT like that. He isn't that kind of artist. He's a true artist, and what he writes always has a deeper meaning. The Downward Spiral, which is the album this song is from, is full of that. Trust me, I'm a HUGE Nine Inch Nails fan and an even bigger Trent Reznor fan. I wouldn't like his music as much as I do if all he did was write about fucking all of the time. Most people say its about sex, and that they like fucking to it, which is ironic as hell because this is the WORST song to fuck to in terms of meaning. The real meaning of the song(or at least MUCH closer to it than just 'he likes to fuck') is that he is broken. He is full of self-hate, insecurity, misdirection and anguish. He sees this girl as a crutch for him. When he is with her, he feels in a way, perfect. Now then, sex is indeed a subject in this. So I guess you're not COMPLETELY stupid. But that's obvious. Sex is primal. It goes down deep into our very basic instincts as animals, just like every other species. Also, you can take out your emotions with sex, this is actually done a lot and it replaces pain with pleasure. Basically, he has a lot of anguish and he is looking to someone to help ease that burden, and this is made even easier through the act of sex. That's my interpretation of it, and its a lot more intelligent than half of the posts on here. Maybe if you listen to his other songs, you'd know what I mean.

Psychobabbling on | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/11

How many times have bands or song writers been asked about the meaning of their songs and they don't remember or didn't really have a meaning. How many times do people tell others what they should think about art. Cool thing about art is that it's personal and you can take away whatever it means to you. Who cares what the person who wrote it was thinking or meant or felt or what someone else things about it. Does the song and the music make you think and feel... if it does then it served it's purpose.

Really now? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/11

Yes this song prolly has deeper and more complicated meanings then just fucking or whatever. But people read WAAAAAY to much into things just to compare their lives to others. Listen to the song, every beat ever measure, how slowly but greatly the music increases as if u were fucking someone until the end (climax) pussy lil emo kids need to wipe the tears from their eyes acting like they know what life is all about and just get yo fucking dick wet....its whatever just thought id put my opinion out. Downward spiral and the fragile best fucking albums ever made

Depression and frustration while in midlife crisis | Reviewer: Rock_n_Rolla | 5/26/11

Dont get too deep in this song guys, he's just expressing what he feels on those dark times of his life and what hes does just to get through a day and as a result, a song with a cool beat that you can relate to specially when you've been through
the same situation...

cry for help | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/11

life is complicated, lust, addiction, masochism, filth, beauty, horror and the rest, its all stuff that's around us and we try to make sense of it somehow. i find the song/lyrics valid and powerful but i find the video denegrates me. the fact that so many people "like" it is a mirror of how sick we are. graphically implied pedophillia, torture, rape, violence, deep mysogeny, filth, insanity, its all in there. a desperate interpretation of what it is to be human. i wish the people who've spent hours/weeks/days and months articulating this particular take on life would get over their unbelievable vanity and put their skills to something uplifting. as if we don't have enough to deal with already, they rub salt in the wounds, using all their considerable talents merely to reinforce the so predictable, well trodden paradigm of hatred of self and all life. if you were holding the gun to your head, you'd pull the trigger for sure watching this. i'd love to see someone make a video for this song that transcends its desperation and answers the cry for help.

Ms. Perfect | Reviewer: Blanca | 4/20/11

Ok, I'm just reading review about "close" because I never heard the song before until my boyfriend played it for me and told me he thinks of me when he listens to this song. To be honest, I didn't know whether to be offended or not. I mean come on I listen to 50 cent. To extremes of music so, I guess now after reading theses comments I should be pist!

... | Reviewer: TheAshtrayGirl | 3/31/11

There is no such fucking thing as hell.
I do what I want & I sleep with who I want but that does not make me a bad person,
It just makes me human.
I'm not hurting others, I'm not killing people or condemning them for listening to a fucking INCREDIBLE song,
So if Hell did exist, maybe you'd be the one to end up there for wrongfully judging others.
Fuck you, Jesus Freak <3

Stuff | Reviewer: DigBick | 2/20/11

To me, it's about venting all his frustrations and the things he despises in himself through sex. 'The only thing that works for me, Help me get away from myself. He's sicks of being in his head and the only thing that works for him is fucking some chick that lets him sexually abuse her.