Sara M. Rodriguez | Reviewer: Sara M. Rodriguez | 2/11/11

I love this song. Obviously it is about sex, how people would not know is clueless. And to the people who believe God wouldn't like this song, what do you know? Is God your best friend? I didn't think so. God is more empathetic then any human could ever be.So don't assume the song is so negative. You don't know everything. The bible was made off of heresay if at all. And which bible? Lol. The song shows men show and have the same emotions as women. Many things inspire me to be a better person, this song being one of them...

an amazing song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/11

i love this song ! but after reading some of the comments here i just feel that if you are trying to find some deeper meaning in it you're just trying too hard.... the song is obviously about sex. and omg i'm a girl and i can totally relate to what he's singing about haha. you don't need to be a sick person for sex to make you whole for a while. i mean aren't we all more or less broken inside? not all the time maybe, but sometimes we all feel like s**t, lonely and angry. we need someone/anyone to be close to us. and having sex is the closest you can get to another person. i love how the lyrics are so angry, desperate and then somewhat gentle at the same time. i've lost my virginity while this song was playing, and it makes my heart race every time i hear it <3

You just don't get it. | Reviewer: Kain | 10/20/10

Its about depression. Some people drink, some cut, we all have outlets for our pain. I cut and slept with many women. For the fleeting time of intercourse or bleeding the pain subsided to numbness, almost like it flowed out of me into the other person, or on the floor depending on which addiction I'm feeding.
You let me complicate you
(Help me...)
I broke apart my insides
(Help me...)
I've got no soul to sell
(Help me...)
The only thing that works for me
Help me get away from myself,

Song meaning, | Reviewer: Joey | 7/9/10

i highly believe this song is about sex, and how its an addiction and makes you feel better about your self, the person who wrote the paragraph "People are missing the point" is right on every level, and i really do think some people take trents lyrics way to seriously, though they have a message. people take this shit like its gonna kill us and send us to hell for singing and listening to, so fuck you if you think im gonna go to hell hahahahahaaaaa

selfhate and an addictive personality | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/29/10

Selfhate and an addictive personality are the things that make someone abuse sex as a drug. When you are in a state when you are being distroyed by selfhate, you do everything to be comforted, to be someone else. It's really that simple. Great raw song, that reli-nuts will never understand. So stop telling me what to do jesus-boys!

Repent! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/10

This song is total filth and sin. Repent from your wickedness today even right now! Do you not see the life path that you are on is taking you straight to hell? Repent before it's too late! Ask Jesus to save you from this sinful life! The fires of hell last forever! You do not want to go there my friends! Turn to Jesus before it's forever too late for you!

...OMG, it's JUST A SONG, People! | Reviewer: Kisten | 6/16/10

Seriously! If you take it another way, that's fine, but I feel that it's an intensely sexually driven song, including the beat.

The words he chose to use are blunt and have very sexual connotations, but it's not rape. Look at the words again. His partner is letting him do these things.

From the lines:
"You make me perfect
Help me become somebody else "
I don't really believe this is all about sex. It's more about a very sexually driven relationship, but you don't tell a one night stand that they make you perfect.

And as for you who think it's about an addiction, look at the phrasing. He sings "You let me penetrate you," not the other way around. So unless the song is written from the perspective of a drug, he's probably talking about something else!

Anyway, this is how I perceive this song. I just hope maybe seeing someone else's perception makes you think about yours...


People are missing the point... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/15/10

Yes, the song is about sex. Listen to the beat of the music though, it's supposed to represent a heart beat. When he has sex with the girl he's singing, she makes him feel perfect. He clearly has issues with his esteem if he's asking her to help him become someone else; someone better.
As a person, he fails to meet his own expectations. As a lover, she makes him feel like a god.

Try listening to Reptile. The music is mechanical because with a prostitute, sex doesn't mean anything anymore. It's a stark contract to how he feels about the girl in Closer.

Haha | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/10

All I know is that I love this song.
It's funny how I walk down the hall of my school with this song blasting in my ears.
No, I don't have a screwing complex, I just love the rugged and blunt lyrics. I watched the video...and loved the images and feel of the video. It is its own thing, and will mean diffrent things to each of it, that's what makes art, art.

Official meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/09

Closer is about the media and how they can basically edit your image to the public or more fitting, they fuck you like an animal. people worship the freshly fucked YOU bringing fame and fortune which would make you feel like a god and thats where You Get Me Closer To God comes from. if you want a better discription because its fuckin midnight and its been a few years since i read Trents explanation and i didnt make sence then read the book "Nine Inch Nails" the cover is a really trippy pic of Trent Reznor

like | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/09

i enjoy these lyrics..they can be interpreted many ways..i like to think that its about love..and if the song is about him tainting the love that "bings him closer to god" when i think of it this way..its a pretty sexy song..

Songs can have many different meanings!! | Reviewer: Camilleeeeee | 7/1/09

Well, this song could have many different meanings as has been pointed out by other reviews.

The two main ones are: the obvious meaning being about sex and how Trent uses sex with someone to forget about other things and how good it feels, bringing him "closer to god."

It also could be about drugs, sex being used as a metaphor (seems quite weird, but perhaps drugs used to turn him on and give him euphoria in a different way to sex, but in a way comparable to sex for him.)

I think that both arguments are valid, but I don't know where the heck stuff about Muslims and Christians came from... that's a bit too far flung for me to believe to be connected to this particular song.

closer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/09

everyone has their own interpretation of what this song means. i think it's pretty damn funny, to be honest. look at the first stanza, and initial the key words. V iolate, D esecrate, P enetrate, C omplicate. rhyming words, yes, but look at the initials. V.D. is P.C. (for those of you too young to understand, Sexually Transmitted Infections/Diseases used to be called Venereal Disease, or V.D.) when i saw that, it made me howl out loud with laughter.
other than that, look at it as i see it. i see it as a love letter from a serial killer to his latest victim.
take what you will from this song. trent wrote it so you could enjoy it.
so enjoy it, stop analyzing it. crank it up and piss off the neighbors one more time.

What the lyrics really mean | Reviewer: BurnEden | 3/24/09

as xfukme... said; people are looking waaay too far into these lyrics. Like 85% of Trent's Songs; this song is about his heroine addiction. Closer is from the Downward Spiral; a period when Trent was probably in his most critical and emotional state involving heroin. Just because he doesn't directly reference doesn't mean it's not about it. That's not his style. Listen to his other songs. Even his most notable song about addiction "hurt" can clearly be redirected to something different as johnny cash did. This is what makes Reznor such a great writer. Is there sexual content in the song? Yes; of course; like many of his other songs. If you listen to other songs about his addiction like :Deeper, Happiness in Slavery; or even his YZ concept song: "Vessel" he clearly shows a sexual linkage with his addiction. His desire, his lust etc. Furthermore, NIN started as a Industrial band (not necessarily acclaimed to still be by some. Most Industrial music is very dark and sexual and embraces almost a sadomasochist tone to it. His God reference is complex. You can view it in 2 opposite ways; that are both correct. That 1. like someone had stated, that heroine gives him the very same pleasures as would sex; sex associated with God. Alternatively; Trent and God aren't on best terms; especially during this time period. When he says "You get me closer to God" he speaks from the persona of heroine; much like in "Mr. Self Destruct" saying that heroine will fuck him over; just like God. Hope this adds some insight into Trents lyrics.

Wow. | Reviewer: xfuckmelikeanimal | 2/8/09

People are looking too far into this.

It's a song, and it's golden and sexy.

Perfect song about fucking.

Doesn't need to be overanalyzed, just listened to. It's hot, and it's good, no need to figure out the entire thing.. The whole idea of not knowing what it is makes it mysterious.