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------ performed by Nine Inch Nails

Sex & beauty... | Reviewer: Kiki | 9/1/07

I'm a woman, ppl think boys and girls think about sex in differents ways. I have to say that sometimes girls want to have just sex, not envolving love, you know, that rough and animal sex we're talking about. Not only boys can do that. Personaly I can separate love and sex. And I feel like I can express myself with this song, I think it's a beautiful song from this point of view. It's sad that some ppl can't open they mind to apreciate it.

Love this song | Reviewer: Me | 8/31/07

Okay...if you don't like the song, don't listen to it. Some of us like shit like this. It's a little twisted, but it has a killer beat.

And I bet, that if it was sung all slow and sweet minus the swearwords and done just a lil different, it would be perfectly fine.

Intoxicating Song | Reviewer: BattleKat | 8/31/07

I have to agree with daRabbit. This song owns me as well. The guy in the song is such a selfish bastard normally and is with a person who pretty much lets him do what he wants....however....he wants to be more like the other person. I can identify with the song on a personal level. It almost mirrors a relationship I've had. Anyway, it's always interesting how different people interpret a song each in their own ways. I love music because of just means something different to everyone.

ignorance breeds stupidity | Reviewer: Wayne Bacon | 8/18/07

"it is really sad. someone who is only drawn by sex when writing a song and takes out only his shitty dependence on it is not an artist. Is... as the song says... an animal."

Even if that was the case with this one song, which it is not, the guy has written countless songs about pretty much everything. It's sad that self expression gets lost in your brain, and you are unable to appreciate such an amazing tune, and an amazing artist.

re:morose | Reviewer: TrentReznor_NOT! | 8/15/07

i totally agree with morose. this song is more than just "sex, sex, sex". its got symbolism. and lol about the anonymous. im not anonymous.

well, | Reviewer: Alex | 8/9/07

It's the cornerstone of the album The Downward Spiral, which is sixty minutes of "I fell in love... with THIS FUCKED UP DEMENTED BITCH? What the FUCK."

she is so bad for him, he doesn't know what to do

... | Reviewer: Morose | 8/8/07

"it is really sad. someone who is only drawn by sex when writing a song and takes out only his shitty dependence on it is not an artist. Is... as the song says... an animal."

Nope. It's sad that some people's brains totally turn off the first moment they hear something that uses sexuallity as an artistic expression of, hell, too much more symbols and so on, and then, when the song's over, they start bitching around. Gosh, go educate yourself, some basic literature, philosophy, mythology, and psychology knowledge should be enough. Really, guys, there's more to the song than the obvious. And, yeah, grow a backbone - only cowards leave comments anonymously. Even a stupid nick is better.

sad. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/07

it is really sad. someone who is only drawn by sex when writing a song and takes out only his shitty dependence on it is not an artist. Is... as the song says... an animal.

I love this song!! ahh!!! | Reviewer: I'm an emo ninja, love meh | 7/27/07

omg im in love with this song. I'm not myself when listening to it. I'll have this song stuck in my head and start dancing. And I totally agree with daRabbit ^___^ kewlio.

daRabbit's review | Reviewer: daRabbit | 7/22/07

my soul comes out of my body everytime im listening to closer. I dont know if that happens to anyone else but its hell of an experience. this song ownes me. i stop being myself when closer's on. im in love with it like ill never be in love with anyone else. if u have a comment about MY comment , put it in a pipe and SMOKE IT!

Oh well, what the hell | Reviewer: Just Me | 7/17/07

I think it's a good song, i mean, a little on the weird side, but still good nonetheless. I mean, it's about something that we all feel - the want to overpower someone, and not just sexually. It's a clever song.

pretty good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/07

intoxicating beat, and decent lyrics. obviously some people dont like music that throws sex in your face like this, but if you dont mind it or like it, then this is a great song. reminds me of nickelbacks animals

This song rox | Reviewer: Kat | 6/26/07

I luv this song!!!! Dododo I wanna fuck you like an animaaaal.

Killer | Reviewer: Mianna | 6/11/07

This song is amazing. I feel gritty and angry, sexual and vulnerable all at the same time. The music is amazing, the lyrics better. NIN knows how to do it right everytime

it makes me smile | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/07

Over played but a good song. Definately a degraded twist on human sexuality. Makes me feel better about myself.

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