Thanks for that post :obscene_martyr | Reviewer: mikem | 5/23/08

Thank you: obscene_martyr for the post
I have become the destroyer, and never wanted my other to suffer thats why i can't let them in, i have never been able to write those perfact words you have been able to post :obscene_martyr Thanks, for those deep thoughts.

beautiful | Reviewer: Yomayo | 4/2/08

I actually just found this song, and after hearing/reading the lyrics i was quite amazed. Yes, it relates to me, and gives some emotions, that really make people have nights without sleep...
Bit too quet in the first 2 minutes, but amazing after that.

definately the best NIN song and stragley, the least recognized | Reviewer: obscene_martyr | 3/17/08

I can relate to this song, but I see it as a completely different kind of heart ache. To me, this song is about saving others from yourself. After being slowly destroyed by love and time, you yourself become the destroyer in order to never be the victim again. Caring so much about the one you love that you know that they would be happier w/out you. Thus, setting them free not b/c you don't love them, but b/c you know that if you let them in, they will ultimately become the victim that you always were.

Exquiste music | Reviewer: Katie | 12/13/07

this is song is truly beautiful, without a doubt. it COMPLETELY relates to my life at the moment, and its simplistic chorus makes it all the more powerful.

overdramatic reviews | Reviewer: Z | 11/11/07

Just like the rest of reznor's ambient, fluently flowing music, this song fits the scheme with his heartbroken, emotional reminiscing. There is no way you could call this the best song ever, but it's definitely worth listening to. It's easy to identify with because it is tied to heartbreak, so all you headcases can feel like he's talking to you.

Indescribable | Reviewer: The One That Never Was | 11/10/07

If this song can be connected to anyone, then let me share in your pain. This nothingness I've been reduced to makes me feel like I live this song everyday. The people in my life who destoryed everything I ever was and could have been...they don't know what they've done. Restricted is not a word that can describe this deulge of emotion that I feel every waking moment of every day...wishing he was still with me.

Needless to say, I cry everytime I hear Trent Reznor's beautiful voice utter these truly breath-taking words to me.

so perfect | Reviewer: Hound | 10/30/07

I never thought I would hear such a beautiful and perfect song in my whole life... until I found this one. Truly beautiful. I can listen to it over and over again for hours without ever getting tired of it. I've always liked Renzor's texts and his voice just gives me the chills. But this song is something else entirely. I can almost feel the pain behind those lyrics every time I listen to it and it has made me want to cry more than once.

I wish there were more songs like this one in the world.

JH | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/10/07

A truly beautiful song. it really can pry emotion out of you, whether you're in an emotional state or not. It always has for me.

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/07

This song is beyond beautiful. NIN has been amazing from the start and continues to be.

WOW | Reviewer: Rod | 8/9/07

Trent just takes me back 5 years ago to myself.
I take this song, not as if he was trying to sing to someone else, but himself.
take me as an example, ive been trying to save myself trying to do the right thing, always dreamed of fucking surf, and school, work and a normal life. Yet, all of this is taken from me due to lifes casualities, now after i tried for so long, i am ready to give up.
HE takes me there like no pic or memory or place can.
<3 u trent. Fucking Lyric GOD!

Ash | Reviewer: Ashley | 7/14/07

I listen to this song every day, it is by far my favorite song of all his work. I think it is because it reflects so much on me and my self perception. Each of Trent's songs relate to me in some way and have been there in times that are tough. All of his fans can appreciate the depth of his music and we all take something unique away with us that will be there when it is most needed.

just perfect!!!!I love you trent! | Reviewer: pau | 6/15/07

the only thing that i can say now is that i agree with aaallll the earlier reviews!!, this is such an amazing son, and very deep, i have just dedicated it to my ex boyfriend, but as he like rolling steno´s music he couldn´t understand it....great job trent you are a fucking genius man!I love you!

Absolutely amazing | Reviewer: Ari | 5/17/07

one of the most poignant songs ive ever heard i rlly felt like shedding a tear, absolute perfection 10 out of 10

Perfection, indeed | Reviewer: Johnny_C | 3/22/07

This song really is amazing. I agree with the earlier review- it would be difficult for somepeople to truly understand and appriciate this song... and due to the fact that the CD it's on is not among the most well known of Reznor's music, it is increasingly difficult for the general public to hear it...sad, huh?
Well, I don't usually write reviews...ever- but I just have a kind of connection with this song, I empathize with I felt like I had to say something.
Well, enough about my issues- people out there, LISTEN TO THIS SONG... It is Reznor's best... in my opinion.

i cried too | Reviewer: g. | 2/10/07

yes i cried from those first times i heard this too, this song only it´s worth a cd. it´s incredible, and yet, so dificult for someone else to truly apreciate this... it´s so weird the music scene today... it´s very weird that´s so dificult for me to put this song to somebody, i mean, you really can´t do that, it´s such a waste, they really have to find things like this on their own, and they probably won´t! it´s even sad?
this IS truly ART, it say sooo much, like a good paint, or a good wine. One of the greatest "songs" of all time, and people think "satisfaction" is a great song... so weird and so funny... :S