Daihjavue | Reviewer: J.tripe | 12/5/13


amazed | Reviewer: ily MTR NIN<3 | 11/21/10

this song is honestly the deepest song ive ever heard and when listening to it its like emotions break lose as soon as i hear "please" come up. Trent has got to be the most talented lyricist created, and plus his voice in it's self is very 'moving ' ;) i love M.trent reznor and Nine inch nails of course! <3 love forever to NIN
P.S jared leto, guns n roses, david bowie and many others are influenced greatly by NIN :D

great song for bad memories | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/13/10

I think it's great that Trent released so many of his good songs so sporadically across many cd's most people don't have- so it's a great discovery when you do find them (even after the band is broken up.

I'm sure a lot of people ALMOST wish that they hadn't heard this song... it brings back a lot of crushing emotions of when I broke contact with the love of my life (we are now married funnily enough after not speaking for 2 years.

I don't know how exactly he does it, but simply put, Trent's music bleeds emotion like no other I have ever heard.


Well..... | Reviewer: Ethan | 1/25/10

Probably my favorite song ever. Truly a masterpiece that never fails to tweak at my emotions. And personally I have always felt that rather than just loss that this song was about chasing some one away before you hurt them yourself because they mean so much to you you would rather have them hurt a little and you to suffer by sending them away then have them be the one suffering by your selfish indulgence of their presence.

and all that never was- pt2 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/09

so it's 2am right now, my law assignment (which is worth 50% of my course work incidentally), is due in approximately seven hours and here I am -- procrastinating. But in this moment on intense despair, i think i have discovered the true meaning of this exam, eureka! It is my contention that Trent was having difficulty in construing meaning from Australian common law when he wrote this song.
First, the title of the song --> most likely referring to the time he has pissed away when really he should have been researching or maybe he is thinking about $10,000 in scholarship money he is about to lose because he will inevitably fail to reach the distinction average set by the board. Another indicator of this is the final line 'you meant everything to me.'
The line 'and all these pieces and promises and left behinds' is clearly referring to some contractual relationship where one the parties has flagrantly failed to uphold their obligations - in his case maybe courtney love failed to not fuck up his relationship with tori amos.
The line 'i am locked in my head' refers to tort law or more specifically false imprisonment and i refer to the decision in Myer Stores Ltd v Soo.
Finally, the anguish is only exacerbated by the fact that he realises that he has wasted another 5 mins of his life and that what he has written on a blog for a random website is in fact significantly better than his actual law assignment.
P.S. if you did end up reading this (which i would seriously advise against - being a huge waste of anyone's time)please note that considering the 48 hr delay that applies to posts on this site that i will have failed by assignment by the tiem you read this and that my scholarship moneys will be on the brink of the gurgler.
Alas, i will have to pretend that i expereinced a severely bad bout of...um, leprosy or a life-threatenign (not to mention groin threatening) case of "the Clap."
Hmm, groin threatening? perhaps that's what trent meant by the line 'i am tainted'?

thoughts | Reviewer: xist | 4/22/09

I think that this does not necessarily have to do with losing anyone loved and lost. I feel that Trent writes very personally about alot of things that are inanimate. Drugs, hate, politics, religion. He writes in a way that makes them seem more obscure and clouded so that perhaps there is a more broad span of possible self relation between the listener and what he writes. if you paint to narrow of a picture that is too defined you may close the door on some others who can view your lyrical content as it relates to them

"all that never was" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/18/09

"and all that never was..? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/09

this is a beautiful song, and it is ..... problem with writer's block."

i might just agree with you..
i have listened to trent from my childhood days... and all his songs are deep.. needless to say im a great fan of his and i love his work.. but thats the thing.. he writes and sings with such deep emotion.. its sort of liberating.. i really dont think trent is in such a bad emotional shape.. he might be really much more light hearted in real life than we normally presume him to be.. when he sings and writes these songs it would release all his sad emotions and make him less burdened..in my view he isnt so sad or gloomy in real life.. these are all his sad emotions he wouldve once felt...after he has expressed it.. hes bound to feel light hearted.. but fans cant express their pain in songs like trent does.. so we remain sad and gloomy..but not him.. :)

p.s. dont curse me.. i love trent too.

and all that never was..? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/09

this is a beautiful song, and it is very easy for people from all walks of life to relate to it and draw some very personal meaning from it. the only thing that i guess detracts from the song, in my opinion, is the fact that i can't help but be skeptical if any of it is real, from trent's perspective. i know i will prob be virtually crucified for saying this, but i am a huge nin fan, but i still sometimes wonder if this song has any real relevance to trent. he's written very few love songs at all (if any, unless you regard something like 'the fragile'), and i think there's a reason for that -- does trent, or has he, within living memory, had any sort of romance or heartbreak? i don't know maybe he is just drawing a lot of emotion from one relationship he had a very long time ago, or maybe he isn't drawing any emotion from anywhere at all and is kinda just winging it .... he did have a huge problem with writer's block.

fuckhead | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/09

songs relate to moments and emotions etc..

shit zzzzz who put a value to it beside people saying ot touhced em... this is a beautiful song about loss.. shit go listen to tool. or even betetr read what people write it is a joke, take what you can and run and hold it dear to be able to share it with yorself, for it is about what YOU take from it.. there is no preaching it is sharing a feeling, take it or leave it..... if not move on... argueing on the internet....

i have moments i feel home in this song .... thats all that matters to me.

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/09

I have to agree this is one of my most liked songs by Trent. This one can mean alot to anyone in what ever veiw they see it. I thing this is one of the least known songs by him but it is his best work and the people who like his music alot are bound to find this song ;)

Trent Reznor is God | Reviewer: Punkem86 | 2/25/09

I agree with that anonymous dude, below, there has a different approach to life from every angle you see it or review the song, that's the beauty about music, you can relate to it in many different ways, it doesn't necessarily have to be in a narrowed way, but in different ones. So fuck that guy Z that posted.

d | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/09

there are many differeent meanings to this song from which ever angle you look at it.. it means something to everyone i would think.. unless some ppl have never beenhurt which i think is impossible

One of the best songs of Reznor... | Reviewer: tribal metamorphosis | 11/11/08

To be honest, I`ve allways loved Trent`s songs...
He is surely the best song writer in the world...
nobody else can put so much feeling in words...
he can actually describe really deep feelings..
The person that can`t apreciate his work, must be some Bush freak...
Just without a heart...

Please try to hear "The great Below", also from nine inch nails... Everybody that loved " And all that could have been " will surely apreciate this piece of work...
Sorry, if my English doesn`t rock, I`m from Santiago Chile... :P

Truly beautiful | Reviewer: Ryan | 10/30/08

Truly beautiful art like this song speaks for itself. That asshole Z who posted almost a year ago can keep his stupid shit to himself...no one said it was the best song ever. It appeals to many people, because heartbreak is a nearly universal experience. It is a uniquely human experience, and it is incredibly difficult to describe the pain it causes, but guess what? Trent Reznor did it perfectly here with the words and music. If people in the grips of despair can find some comfort in that, who are you to belittle it? Take your stale self and go live your insipid existence elsewhere.

Good Song | Reviewer: carla | 7/9/08

This song is emotional i think who ever listens to it.I think it relates to the one who I let go who I would wanted to be with but I know hes happy with someone so what can I do let him go cant let him become who I was or will be