Reall? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/1/10

The lyrics here are a masterwork of literature. Knowing about the sugar, and the bowl, and how there's sugar in the bowl - and how the chick wants and needs stuff like steam... this song could change the world.

Nina sings the blues | Reviewer: john christopher | 1/29/08

Although we don't normally think of her as a blues singer exclusively, her reading of this self penned number truly stands in the vanguard of 'the blues' in 1):
melody, ( a bit like the classic 'Nobody Wants You When You're Down and Out' .... or perhaps ....... 'Up a Lazy River'.... by the MIlls Bros, and 2):
performance... she's truly at her best singing this tune .....too bad she was such an unhappy lady for much of her life...but then she had just cause..

I Love this Song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/3/05

I first heard this song in a new movie "Before the Sunset" It was played in the last scene of the movie where presumably the guy gets the girl. It is such a passionate and straightforward song. I like the bluesy lyrical piano playing and the singing too!

I had never heard of Nina Simone until I saw this movie. so I went and bought a 3 cd set. Her work has a lot of variety. I don't think she had a genre that she fit into. I don't know if she was that popular. I think there was some racist stuff and she wanted to do classical at first but then went into jazz and blues. Some of her songs are like protest songs, civil rights type for Blacks and for Women.