Reviews for Once Upon A Troubadour Lyrics

Performed by Nightwish

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A beautiful song | Reviewer: Pauline | 9/3/12

The first song I heard with Tuomas singing and what a surprise! I can't stop listening the first album Angels falls first. Every song of this album has a certain tenderness that makes it even more beautiful. Once upon a troubadour makes you travel in the Middle Age with Nightwish :) Long Live Nightwish!

Great :) | Reviewer: GnomiFisher | 10/24/09

i really love the combination of tarja and tuomas voices here, and i love the medieval style, i think more credit should be given to this song.

i love the simple repetition of the verses and chorus, and the middle break section, it's so well written, good, simple music

Once upon a troubadour | Reviewer: Marco | 9/1/07

I think this is one of the most under-rated songs by nightwish.. I love the duet, I love the story, and I think that Tuomas here has done nice vocals..

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