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Performed by Nightwish

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okay, stop it | Reviewer: Mitsimaru | 2/22/10

Tarja was a great vocalist, it was her voice matched with the amazing music that got me hooked on nightwish. I've been listening through their discography and I have to agree with Annette fans. While their both amazing singers I find myself listening to Annette's songs more and more. Now, I've looking up a lot of Nightwish lyrics here and all I see is people arguing who is better. They are both AMAZING but I find Annette and Marco's voices' are more melodically compatible. Annette was a good move on Nightwishs' part. Those who Like Tarja, fine listen to her solo stuff and old Nightwish. People on both sides of the argument, shut the bloody hell up. Lets agree to disagree and talk about the music.

A sad song but wonderful | Reviewer: Thewhiteknuckle | 1/6/10

The song is basically talking about how horrible people can be without even noticing, hence why the girl in the song (Eva) is running away from her home. The song also talks about her and what she dreams the future will hold. Tuomas has once again brought a perfect song with great lyrics.

And to everyone else here; leave Anette and Tarja fued thing alone. Honestly, they're both good and they both sing alright, just listen to the songs and deal with it.

both heartwarming and sad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/09

One of Nightwish's most beautiful, powerful songs. One thing that I always loved about Nightwish is their lyrics, precisely because they are hard to understand and can be interpreted in several ways. Annette's voice is beautiful in it's own right the the song and her voice do each other justice. Combined, it makes a wonderful and touching song that almost made me cry and really pulled at my heartstrings.

uhhh just a question | Reviewer: Cody | 7/16/09

ok usually i listen to the older nightwish songs such as Nemo or over the hills etc this girl is a good singer but i feel like a idiot becuase i dont know what the lyrics mean could someone plz help me

Beautiful Child | Reviewer: The Poet | 6/8/09

This song is fabulous like all Nightwish songs! It makes me want to cry and this happens to children with loving hearts like Eva. A pure, simple song with deep meaning the some will never feel.

I agree with Lilth and Zorka. It doesn't matter who the singer is, it's the music and the lyricsc that matter most. Can you people just drop it? What's done is done. Can't change the fact the Anette is in and Tarja is out. Both are good singers.

Beautiful! | Reviewer: lunalotte88 | 5/13/09

This is the kind of song that does justice to Anette's voice. I like both Anette and Tarja, but I personally prefer Tarja. I notice that Anette sounds better on softer songs. Which got me thinking: perhaps what suits Anette's voice best is easy listening/new age type of music, like Enya, Sleepthief, even Hayley Westenra. I can totally see her doing a song like Sleepthief's "Eurydice".

Argh! | Reviewer: Lilth | 12/29/08

There is FAR more to Nightwish than who fronts them!
Both Tarja and Anette are good in their own right, now, can we just leave it at that?

Eva = Beautiful song, BECAUSE OF THE LYRICS (thank you Tuomas) Not because of the person who sings them.

Eh.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/08

I really love this song,and don't get me wrong,Anette is a good singer.But Tarja made the band Unique and one of my favorites.With Anette Nightwish just sounds like any other rock band(My mom listened to one of the newer songs and thought it was Evenescence).

:( | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/08

I was a big Nightwish fan and I have to say that this new singer is sadly near nowhere to Tarja's performance. :( It's not about vocal ranges, pitches, etc. Her voice is simply 'weak'. I could imagine her singing in a soft-rock teen girl band, but not in the magnificent Nightwish.
I was wondering: was looks also a factor in the decision? I'm afraid it was. You cannot just choose a singer whose voice is comparable to Tarja if she doesn't look good enough to fit the image of Nightwish. :( Hence Annette.

i believe... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/08

I personally think that Tarja wasn't that good of a singer. She was not even close to some of the bast female singers (not nessecarily in metal). I beleive Annette is a much better singer and really brought this band alive. Eva is one of my favorite songs!

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