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Performed by Nightwish

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diplorable | Reviewer: kevin | 8/20/12

I find it disgusting how we as a people can justify the slaughter of such a noble people.they called it progress when in fact it was a senceless slaughter and all it proved is that we are no better than animals.

Beautiful Song! | Reviewer: Sara | 12/21/11

First time I heard this song, I just fell in love with it. It's so beautiful but sad. It makes me sad that they were treated so bad. They are the true Americans. The man that is singing with Nightwish John Two-Hawks is a Native American! He is very talented person!!

An ongoing story | Reviewer: Ernest | 2/3/11

Nightwish have many great songs, and this is one of their best. It expresses so well what these people must have felt.
It's a shame that humans can't learn to respect eachother and that greed is more powerfull than love.
there's so much the world could have learned from these people if it had just taken the time to listen.
The wealth of the world is measured in harmony and diversity, not gold money and land.
Sadly the great many of the our species has forgotten that.
And the sad thing is that this song is so similar to the reality of a great many people today. It's not just something in the past.

It's a pity | Reviewer: Disappointed | 8/16/10

The song does sound great, and it is a very nice idea, but sadly enough the language is not Lakota - although it is supposed to be. There are a few recognizable words in it, but some of the words simply do not exist - and grammar and pronunciation are completely wrong. I wish Nightwish had found a real Native speaker for it.

THE DEVILS REJECT KATE | Reviewer: kate | 2/21/10

wow this song blow me away at this momant in time im singing it and have choosen to sing it at my schools talent show
i love all the high notes i still have to practos them but being in a chour helps

Beautiful | Reviewer: Jackie | 2/1/10

I love how this song is written. It's so beautiful. Im making a video about the trail of tears, for history. Im deffinately going to incorporate this in it. Just because it's so beautiful and moving. When i hear this, i feel like i i know how the natives felt and thought. I want to share this song.
It's just...beautiful

Trail of Tears | Reviewer: Silent Dreamer | 8/10/09

I love this song and Dead Boy's Poem. The trail of tears did actually happen sometime in the early 1800s as Cherokees were removed from their homes and forced to walk from the southeast to present day Oklahoma. It is so sad and tragic the injustice that happened to the Native Americans. For how long will humanity be blinded by greed? I am moved by this song and what great talent! The flutes make it sound haunted.

Children of the earth | Reviewer: Jenova | 5/21/09

This is absolutely one of Nightwish best songs ever!!! It brings justice to the native americans beauty and memory. I always cry when I hear it, and though I live in the snowy country Sweden, I can feel the warmth and the wild from that spectacular people presented here.

The oddest thing. | Reviewer: Nokomis | 3/28/09

I love this song...But the oddest thing happened to me when I fell asleep with it playing. I had a dream about my grandfather, who died several years ago, and was at least a quarter American Indian (Cherokee actually.) The song got me thinking about him, I guess, because I could see his face, hear his voice, even the glasses he wore. And as such, I wish to announce that this is my favorite song by Nightwish now.

Lovely | Reviewer: Simone. | 8/18/08

I love this song, it's really thouching to me. All Nightwish songs are. With Tarja I really felt it touching me.

I love how Thuomas wrote it. It is like I am feeling what they felt.

Love the language Lakota. How would Thuomas know it?

Love it <3

across time and seas | Reviewer: corazon redolme | 6/24/08

during world war II my great grandfather, an American Indian by the name of John Buck came to Philippines, married a local and and never made it back home coz he died somewhere in china, tour of duty. My father never made me forget that ancestry and i hope I can make my children aware too, I loved the book and now the song...

the song | Reviewer: Mali (molly) | 2/2/08

I really love this song and it made me cry. Nigtwish's songs are all very touching an I believe that with this new singer, the music may not change but the soul voice will change the feel of the music and it will never be the same. I love this song all the same though. It's awesome! Nightwish rules!

Fantastic song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/07

This song always makes me emotional when I hear it. John Two Hawks and Tarja are fantastic in the live performance in the End of an Era DVD. I wish I could have been in that crowd! I don't think Nightwish will ever bring out something of this calibre again... :-(

Amazing Piece of Work | Reviewer: Azriellostsoul | 11/1/07

This song will energize any blood be it Native or not. Yes the Vocal spoken By John Two Hawks is Lakota but no the trail of tears was not just Cheyenne or Cherokee. There were many tribes that was forced on that horrible journey to the loss of their homes. Lokata is used as it is the most recognizable due to both movies and television! Thank you Nightwish for this amazing tribute to all the Nations Of The Peoples!

Fantastic and powerful | Reviewer: FallenAngel | 10/22/07

This song is amazing.
There is a total balance between music and vocals. The builds are fantastic and make this a very powerful piece of classical rock music. It's beautiful and has alot of feeling to it.
Nightwish are just totally awesome. This song is definitely one of their best.

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