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Performed by Nightwish

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oh lord! | Reviewer: SuruHardcore | 6/25/08

oh lord...when Tarja went out of NightWish I said: I will Never listen anymore to this band...but when a friend of mine borrowed me this song i thought..."I want more!" Tarja had a very nice voice, and the lyrics were amazing. But Annette is the best and this time the lyrics are please if someone wants to speak about this band with me take my e-mail and write as fas as it cans...

P.S: my e-mail adress is my msn acount...see ya people!

nightwish | Reviewer: jeopardy | 5/31/08

the new album, dpp, was awesome.
i will miss tarja'a voice, simply because planet hell rocks my heart out, and ghost love score was amazing. though annette did do well in amarnath here, she suited it perfectly. my favourite song without doubt from dpp is poet and the pendulum, but only the orchestrated version. i found it sounded a lot better without the lyrics... but that's just me =]

tarja had an amazing voice, and annettes suits the band, too. the soul reason i love nightwish is the music and not the lyrics, and with annette coming in anew for dpp, it was a rather good idea for the record companies to release the special edition orchestrated versions... there's probably a lot of tarja fans out there would would rather no lyrics than lyrics from a new singer. i guess that is because of the vaguely pop-ish feel annette gives to the band, which i don't mind at all.
it's never going to happen, but i'd like to know what dpp would've sounded like with tarja... but also maybe how all nighwish's other albums would have sounded with annette.
oh well... it's still nightwish, in the end =]
gotta love em

Anette's great. Tarja's not. | Reviewer: Melissa | 5/21/08

Personally, I didn't like Tarja's voice. People go on about her as though she's the only opra singer that's ever lived.
Anette's voice has more power behind it, sometimes in some of the songs she has sung it's brough shivers down my spine. Tarja's voice has never done that to me in any song.

I also prefer the style of the music in the background, it's become more powerful, and the lyrics have definately gotten better!

Tarja was a bitch. She lived for the money, not the music. She got what she deserved by being thrown out.
I think people should give Anette a break, she's new to the band and already thousands of people who can't cope with change are completely pulling her apart, even though there's nothing to even pull her apart over!

I like Anette. The music now will go further, there's more listeners now than ever, and her singing has more UMPH and backbone.

nightwish still rock | Reviewer: elianna | 4/25/08

greece love nightwish in generall...
ibelieve that Tarja had the most beautifull voice and the opera like style was very original but now she is gone..So how ever loves her can still be her fan.Nightwish are having a new style now.This is the truth....

My Views | Reviewer: The Nights Wish | 4/16/08

Nightwish sacked Tarja because she warned them she was going to leave. They replaced her with Anette because they had seen her perform (she was a wedding singer), and thought she would be a great replacement. Don't get me wrong, Tarja is both beautiful by looks, and most importantly, voice, but it was her choice to leave the band, only they sacked her before she left. Although Tarja has a great voice, the band weren't going mainstream with her opera-like vocals. Anette's voice is more powerful, and yes, she does sound "pop-ish", but the band will go further with this new style. The new album is more metal than operatic-metal. One more thing, what's with all this "Anette V Tarja" stuff? Most people don't like the fact that Nightwish, as a band, not personally, have moved on from the "Tarja days", and are producing some awsome music now. It's about the music and the people who make it, not their personal issues and problems. Just get over Tarja's departure, and get on with the rocking!!!

Tarja is simply the best!!! | Reviewer: Marja!!! | 4/7/08

Are you serious?Tarja has both voice and beauty!Anette is a mess!!Tarja was the sull of the band!Without her the band can not have the name Nightwish,because NIGHTWISH IS TARJA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Greece loves Tarja!!TARJA COME BACK!!!!!!!!!

Amazing vocals | Reviewer: kellie | 4/7/08

Tarja + Anette are both truly amazing vocalists... and seriously who cares how they dress... nightwish is an awesome band and it's whats in their music that really counts...

but hey thats just my opinion...

New Nightwish | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/08

I must admit, even tho I've been a die hard Nightwish fan since the early days, that Anette does sound better than Tarja did. Yes, she's more pop and there's a slight change of style, but new Nightwish is VERY good!

Tarja + Anette | Reviewer: sammie | 3/28/08

basically your all fuck ups. tarja and anette both have AMAZING vocals, AMAZING looks and they both fit in with the nightwish theme. So stop all of this Tarja vs Anette shit.
theyres no point in it. night wish is nightwish

Anette | Reviewer: A Fanette | 3/21/08

ANETTE!!! Keep ROCKING on!!!! I love it!!!

I always liked Tarja (T-A-R-J-A, get it right people) but Anette is just awesome! SHe totally pwns Tarja live!! I can't wait for the next album. Tarja was never the heart of NIghtwish, the people that say she was are sorely mistaken. Tuomas has been, is, and always will be the SOUL of Nightwish!! And guess what? He made the perfect decision with Anette!!

Annette's clothing | Reviewer: Uchiha_Hime | 3/19/08

I think Annette has a beautiful voice but she seriously needs dress better. God, she looks like a damned high school emo. I personally prefer her voice over Tarja's but Tarja's clothing was much better.

Yer! | Reviewer: A dude | 3/16/08

This song is one of my favorites
I like tarja but i think i like anette a little more.
One day i heard friends were listening to Nightwish at school and i thought: Yea, i'll listen too. But. Then when i heard it i thought: Just a normal metal band with female singer. But with anette i thought: What band is this. They said : Nightwish. I said: What song? They said: Amaranth. I said: Gotta buy this!
I'm not critical against Tarja i'm just saying :D
Anyway... great song :D

hmph | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/08

tarja is very talented, but she was a very bitchy diva. she acted as though she was the best in the band, and they found someone more appreciative and less undermining to replace her. as much as i have been a nightwish fan for very long, i still agree with what they did. i would have too.

<3 Nightwish. | Reviewer: Megin | 2/27/08

I've always known of Nightwish, just been a little too lazy to buy any albums!
But my brother bought this, and I must say, it's absoloutely great.
I find it funny the amount of comments on some sites against Annette, what has she done?
Her voice (and Tarja's) are both great.

Nice | Reviewer: ana | 2/26/08

I really enjoyed the song Amaranth and also Anette's voice, but anyway, I strongly disagree with replacing Tarja with her! Anette's great, but she doesn's ''suit''Nightwish. No way man! By doing this thing, Nightwish only lost their personality and great style, the ones that only Tarja's voice and face really rendered.

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