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Performed by Nightwish

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Great, actually | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/9/07

Heres the deal. I loved the old Nightwish. I also love the new Nightwish.
I love them differently, and for different reasons. They are better in some ways and worse in others than the old. As for Tarja vs Annette: They are different. Very different! However they are both very talented singers. The difference is that Tarja has more experience than Annette, but she will get there, and she will bring Nightwish to a completely new level!

woop woop | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/8/07

i love this song:) tarja was soo much better but she is stil good! and she isnt tring to be tarja like some people try and be the person who yout replacig xD

Not bad... | Reviewer: Artemis | 10/9/07

At first i thought 'the hell, what is this, Evanescence?', but then i listened to the whole Album and i have to admit, it's really good. Annette sure isn't Tarja and she isn't as good as Tarja, but it's simply impossible for Annette to sing like her. I know Nightwish since the first Album and saw them live twice. Amaranth is a great song, something happy and shiny. The rest of the Album is great, too, with still the fact in mind that Nightwish is now without Tarja. You can't overhear it :|

Love amaranth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/8/07

I think nightwish are one of the best bands out there and im glad anettes keeping it alive, i think she has an amazing voice

im standing up for anette. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/07

Thats just how sings, you know, with the pop influences. Which I think, makes a beautiful contrast between the hardy guitar riffs and hitting drums. Personally, I like the pop sounding voice. As long as the singer's got a good range, and talent, its fine with me.

I agree that she does not know how to move. She will get used to it, im sure.

She would sound awesome in Beauty and the Beast, or Gethsemane. It's just me, maybe. But I won't want to see her singing wishmaster... *shudder*

Annette is awesome man... She will do fine.

Grrr | Reviewer: Marie | 10/8/07

I'm tried of trying to like Anette in the prof. singer level. Her voice is great, but for some pop punk band, not something of Nightwish's level. She's unsophisticated, and annoying. Compare Tarja's clothes in vids (long astonishing flowing dresses) to her cheap tights and jean skirts. What in the world is she thinking? And what is Tuomas thinking letting her hop around stage like that. She's better off going to sing with Avril L. than with Nightwish. Amaranth would be a beautiful video if she didn't look like a High school emo girl bobbing her head from side to side and jumping up and down. And in the vid for Bye, bye Beautiful, she wanders aimlessly around the stage while the other more talented members of the band save the song's image. I wish she would just stop, she's ruining Nightwish's image. I don't care if Tarja is an ungrateful, uncooperative, capricious, whatever, but she is 25873486535065^43582745984 better than Anette. They need to get her back, or at least someone that has her style. This is such a disappointment, and to think that I never had the honor to watch Tarja live. Now I have to look at Anette. Thank the lord for Tuomas and the rest who preserve the Nightwish spirit.

yep i quite like it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/07

quite i drastic change i must admit.. but dar passion play still sounds like nightwish (with a new voice).. i really like this song amaranth.. somehow i find the chorus a bit 'pop like' but very nice.. its stays in your mind..

brave effort by nightwish... i was expecting much worse!

NightWish 4ever! | Reviewer: Michael | 10/7/07

The best band ever! I miss Tarja. She's belong to the band, but i think that Annette sing good:D It's the best music ever.

I think... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/07

i think that this change has made the band better... they are much happier now. And i dont think so just beacause im from sweden. I liked Tarja too but it became to much with all the alcohol..the band has theire power back now =) im glad that they are back with a healthy singer..

I miss Tarja... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/07

I've known this band for a long time. I love Nightwish...but I sorely miss Tarja. She was an amazing vocalist. Annette is DEFINITELY NOT Tarja...But I actually do like this song. So Annette is okay in my book...for right now. Tarja's shoes are impossible to fill, so I'll try to be nicer to Annette. Lol.

Better now, i think | Reviewer: Pecc | 10/6/07

I always liked Nightwishs music, but wasn't a fan of that opera like sound, I'm more the evanescence fan.
I hadn't heard that song complete, but it's in a TV ad here in Germany and loved at when I heard it the first time.

<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/4/07

this is my favourite new song so far, i love annettes voice but i miss tarja's operatic sound, at first i thought 'they don't sound unique anymore, they don't sound like nightwish' but now i'm used to the change i realised they are still very much nightwish

:O | Reviewer: Ark | 10/5/07

Actually, I like both Tarja and Anette. They both seem to fit into Nightwish rather well, and Anette's really good with this track. I'm impressed.

OMG | Reviewer: Tata | 10/2/07

Will not say anything about the voice and stuff... But since I've seen Anette on stage =((( That girl just have no idea of how to move. Try watching it with no sound.
And about "a much happier, positive, lively feeling", seems like or Anette are in a wrong band, or they have to change the lyrics.

not THE best, but good | Reviewer: hellbender | 10/4/07

I think that Tarja was very good, this song "amaranth" is good too, but I didn´t even recognise the band when I first heard it.

I loved the metal/opera mixup, when tarja was the singer, now I must wait and see what does the old songs sound with new singer, and does there come other good songs with Anette. I don´t say that she isn´t good but i´m afraid that she is too much pop singer, and I doubt that metal/pop mixup will work.

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