Reviews for Redeemer Lyrics

Performed by Nicole C. Mullen

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Wonderful | Reviewer: Kim | 11/2/07

Nicole I would like to say that when you wrote the song Redeemer..It was a true blessing. When I heard this song, I had cold chills over my entire body. You are a wonderful inspiration to the music family. I listen to you cd(live in cinn.)all the time. Thank you for you wonder heart to the lord Jesus Christ.

What a testimony of God's Love for us | Reviewer: Brooke | 10/25/07

I heard this song for the first time during a Sunday evening Church service. A youth group that does ministry through puppetry did this song with sign language and black lights. This song is a reminder to all christians that HE is coming back. I hope that the lost can hear this song and feel God's love, what a powerful song this is and I am so blessed that I have had the privilege of hearing. God Bless you Nicole!
One of his own,

wow! | Reviewer: Jackie | 10/20/07

i dont even know what to say! I was laying in bed when i heard this song and it shook my spirit. I was touched in the biggest way. Her voice was so powerful and i got the chills. God bless her for this song. I see things in a whole new light when it comes to the lord now. I pray that god continues to bless you and your ministry in every way possible.

Wow | Reviewer: Tiesha | 10/20/07

Im not a religious person but when i heard this song i just had to hear it over and over again. I first heard it at a school talent show and i looked for it until i found it. Its very inspirational

He lives | Reviewer: A.A | 10/21/07

The first time I heard this song it touched my heart. I thank God for giving Nicole the gift to minister through her music. I pray He gives me that same strength and grace. God Bless you Nicole!!!! and yes!! HE LIVES!!!!!

for God's purpose | Reviewer: Titus Chogah | 10/24/07

this is a very inspiring song,which brings hope to those who feel God is not there in their darkest hours,but hang on in the our Redeemer lives...and to God be the glory.

Your heart Nicole, what a gift of grace. | Reviewer: Jess | 10/14/07

I do not know how long ago you were inspired to write this. I just caught the Dove awards (of awhile back) on cable (Gospel Channel). It was this "Master's Piece" that stopped my channel hopping. I heard only a small part, which prompted me to find you on the net. What an awesome testimony of God's Love you are. What a gift of grace, that although apparent in your life through your miinistry, is even more apparent by the fact that your gift/talent ultimatel points to & brings glory to Him. May you continue to bear the witness of Light of His work in YOU, to a sick & dying world & to a "Church" that constantly needs edifying & a strong reminder as this, as to why God left us here (in the first place) after saving us. What a heart...what a testimony...what an AWESOME GOD! Praise you Jesus!

I LOVE THIS SONG !! | Reviewer: Jennifer Williamson | 10/15/07

The first time I heard this song was in church, and I downloaded it off itunes. Now every time I sit down to study, this is playing, and I feel like it really helps me. I just can't say enough about this song. I had to have it for my ringtone, too. The only other song that has touched me like this is, "Jesus take the wheel" by Carrie Underwood. Both songs just really get to me.

a real life | Reviewer: holiarisoa andriamahefa | 10/15/07

my name is holiarisoa and i am from madagascar.The first time i heard this song i felt like a new person. This song brings real life for sinner and i thank Lord Jesus to give such an inspiration to Nicole.
God bless you Nicole. My e-mail adress is

good job | Reviewer: fred | 10/9/07

i love the song so much i remeber the first day i heard of this song i cry without understanding words.God bless you nicole for a good sorry for my english AM FRENCH FROM CONGO DR

REDEEMER!!!! | Reviewer: Agz | 10/4/07

The first time I heard this song I cried. Every single word sung, dug deep into my soul and touched me in such a spiritual way. What an amazing song. I now start the day with this song..i play it as soon as I get up in the morning as a prayer, offering myself to the Lord knowing that my REDEEMER LIVES and feeling secure because His presence is amongst us all the time. What a great day it is when you acknowledge the Lord and thank Him for his blessings. Thank you Nicole, you have done wonders for me and I hope that you will continue to shed that light on us through your God-sent-talent. Keep on "Fighting the Good Fight".

Luv yah!

I Just love the Song | Reviewer: James Ugwuogo | 9/29/07

I just love the song so much. It is also one of my favorites in my MP3 player phone.

Each time I played it, I just couldn't help but wonder how wonderfully inspired Nicole must have been. I did not fully get the lyrics at first...the part that talks about 'spin things in orbit' as well as 'And the same gentle hands that hold me when I'm broken' I made up my own words for them...but since I found the full lyrics I have appreciated the song even more...What an inspiration.

God bless you Nicole....Keep on keeping on dear.

LOVE song | Reviewer: Lana | 9/27/07

I gave my life to Jesus two years ago, and this song was being played on the radio at that time. I must say that I heard a REAL Love song for the very first time. All those "love songs" on the regular radio stations don't know what a REAL LOVE SONG is until they hear music about God's love for us!

AWESOME | Reviewer: Rye Petey | 9/26/07

This song brings joy & praise to the Reedemer and Holy Spirit! I sing it all day and night long. I believe the 1st line of the lyrics comes from Psalms.

Redeemer | Reviewer: Cynthia(pica) | 9/22/07

When I first heard this song, I had chills run through my body like never before. I felt like the holy spirit was working in me. I want to thank nicole for doing such a wonderful job on this song. It's such an inspirational song I wish everyone in the world could here this song.

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