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Performed by Nicole C. Mullen

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This song brings hope | Reviewer: | 2/8/08

everytime i listen to this song it just puts me in a mode where i know that everything is all safe when you believe. Also singing along with it just makes me feel something that i never felt about any song before.

Thank You Nicole Mullen for writing such a beautiful song only someone who know's truly about God can actually produce something amazing in the outcome.i hope God blesses you in so many ways possible. :)

A God-inspired | Reviewer: Judith | 1/26/08

This song is God-inspired. It is the ultimate praise song. As I sat thinking about what I would say to a group on Praise and Worship this song came on and it was as if God was saying "This is why they need to know". I love this song.

may the lord bless you | Reviewer: anonymous | 1/24/08

Hi I'm from Suriname I'm 17years old and I love Singing. the first time I heard the song "redeemer"was at a songfestival, I was one of the contestants of that festival. my causin sang it and I felt like wow!!!
now I'm going to sing that song. anyway I just wanted to thank you for singin this song. Be blessed I'm taking singin lessons from my prais-team leader. she's very good. so keep on singing an may god bless you ok.

PS: if you don't understand myn english sorry I don't speak enlish very well, only dutch bye....

blessed song | Reviewer: Tayo | 1/12/08

This song is a classic and very inspirational.
This song can only come from one who knows her God
God bless Nicole Mullen for this

Comfort | Reviewer: Michele | 1/3/08

This song was sung at my precious cousins funeral. He was a pastor who died with cancer and I loved him dearly. I just know that he was inspired by this song and wanted it to be an inspirations for others. I downloaded it as soon as I got home and have played it all day everyday since, sharing it with others, and feeling very good about knowing my cousin is with his God and I will see him again soon.

Takes You Close To Heven | Reviewer: Prince Legree III | 12/30/07

Redeemer takes you as close to heven as you can get in this life. If it could ring in my ears 24/7, I could get through all the tough times and good times with the same ease. What an instant cure for all that ails the soul. God bless you Nicole C. Mullen.

awesome | Reviewer: jessica basungila | 12/26/07

The very first set of inspirational words lets you know that yes there is a god and he does live without him we would not have a sun, ocean, nor star. I must say that i listen to this song every day and never get tired of it

wonderful!! | Reviewer: gee | 12/11/07

i just came back from work and was about to shower when the song started playing on the radio. the voice captured my attention first and then the lyrics. this is the first time a song ministered to my spirit in such a way. i looked at God in a new special way. God bless nicole mullen for this inspirational song.

God bless you Nicole | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/07

Oh Nicole, The first time I played this tears run down my cheeks and the words of this song really assured me that after my skin is destroyed,this I know, in my flesh I shall see God. This song brings inperation to my life daily. I want to shake hands with you in heaven. May the Lord make you rapturable in Jesus' name. Amen.
Alkali Obadiah Nkawa,
Tel aviv.

good sweet song | Reviewer: rachel | 11/28/07

this is a cool nice sweet christian she has a good voice well i tried to sing it but i keep on messing up she is a good singer i wished i could sing like that !!!!!!!!!!:]

God bless you. | Reviewer: silas | 11/28/07

OOO... what a wonderful inspiration.I want to really thank God for people through the singing ministry to spread his message to the world because this songs is more than all the worldly songs i have ever enjoyed in style and besides this song is of the lords and besause of this my mentallity towards gospel song has changed in that gospel songs are having the best melody,they are life changing.Please i will to more of gospel tract on my box if you don't mind.
God bless you.

Just what I needed.. | Reviewer: Gina | 11/13/07

I was @ a talent contest enjoying all the different songs being sung by the contestants of the show. There were about 20 in the group total, & 5 singers would sing and then the show would take time out. We would get to be served food while the wait, it was a very nice event to have attended..The last group of 5 had started, & we come to the last one in that group..She was not something you would have thought could have been all that good..I was kinda thinking I was going to dread listening to this girl. She got up
on the stage, & so her song started, it was Redeemer, I had never heard this song. Right after she started people were clapping, her voice was magic and the song was right. I had tingling heat running up & down my back, I felt tingling going down my arms. I was under conviction and felt the Holy Spirit..Wow what a feeling that was.. I know this girl was full of the Spirit when she sung this song, she made it sound like a master peice. I just wanted to share this story with you. I had never heard this song, but I have been out of the church scene. I have soo much faith in God beause I had a terrible thing happen in my life years ago. I prayed to HIM, I said the Lords Prayer, He intervened & I here today..This song is a blessing to hear, & thank you for your love for God.

JUST LIKE JOB | Reviewer: Paul Asher | 11/8/07

Nicole obviously was moved by the Holy Spirit (who gives us utterance) to sing this beautifully inspired song. Job at a point praise God by simply saying that 'I know my Redeemer liveth', based on what he has seen God do in his life, and especially what he trusted God to continue to do. We are so blessed to have had that awesome visit and ultimate sacrifice from Jesus, who in turn has sent us the Holy Spirit, unlike Job, to do the wonderful things we do to glorify God. It is my prayer that all who sing this song recall their blessings and trust God to do even more. He is our Redeemer who redeemed us from the curse of the law and from sin. God bless you Nicole and all who glorify His Holy Name one way or another.

blessings for a geezer | Reviewer: Jim Sturtevant | 11/4/07

There is a profound sweetness in this song that is impossible to describe. All you can do is experience it. It takes Dinesh D'Sousa an entire book to describe what this song expresses, and the song does it better. My wife of 42 years recently divorced me, so I'm trying to surround myself with sweet music and serious believers - my understanding of the balm of Gilead - for the healing of my spirit.My next act is to buy the album. Nicole, I know you will be forever blessed to be such a blessing. Peace, Health, and above all, LOVE.

ang ganda! | Reviewer: Hannah Dayandayan | 11/4/07

"ang ganda!" is a tagalog term for "it is beautiful!" here in the Philippines. the lyrics itself will remind us of how Amazing God is, that He really lives! It is a mind opener. if there's no god, who is the one controlling all things around us? no words can really express how great our living God is!

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