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Performed by Nicole C. Mullen

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Nothing but Christ | Reviewer: Molaudzi Phumudzo Innocent | 3/25/11

It's time to praise God with this song. Indeed He lives and the grave is empty, that's why we received eternal life and called the 'children' of God. May God bless you "Nicole C M" and add you more years now add then.... encouraging people to follow Jesus.

Divine | Reviewer: Jojo | 3/11/11

It is a wonderful song and its message made us strong in bad situation in which we were!This lady has a talent we may pray for her because the devil is not happy when she praises the Lord.Sister,be careful...We love u!!!

He lives forever i'll proclaim | Reviewer: solomon kalizamani | 2/10/11

i heard this song some time ago but only a week ago did i take time to listen to every single word. thanks to a brother Happy Machona who asked me how much of my time i dedicate to God. heart ache is what i go through.but each time i hear this song i can only think of my redeemer and the good he does for me. i listen to it everyday to gather strength whenever i feel weak and challenged. thank u Nicole. God bless

It makes me want more of God each day! | Reviewer: Nkanta | 12/18/10

This song will continue to be a blessing to me and to many Christian the world over.Because it keeps our hope alive,it point us to the empty grave which is our evidence that yes HE LIVES.God bless you Sister Nicole.

woderfull | Reviewer: EMMANUEL | 11/26/10

since the day i have been listening to gospel music,this has been my favorite of all.I can't do without listening to this inspirational song when i wake up in the morning.this song always strengthens my faith,never to give up and it has made me to really know that MY REDEEMER LIVES.

LOVE THIS SONG! | Reviewer: Iris | 11/23/10

I fell in love with this song from the first time I heard it. I was driving home from work, just thinking about work. Nicole C. Mullen started singing it, and the lyrics caught my attention and the following 5 minutes were amazing. I completely forgot about work, which is difficult to do after spending 10 hours there. The song touched my heart and soul. It was BEAUTIFUL! we are so BLESSED!

God is awesome! | Reviewer: Mike True | 11/18/10

The song redeemer touches my heart alot. I know
our redeemer lives I,m a witness. He saved my life over twenty years ago. I prayed that he would protect me and he did. The people who hurt
me never touched me again.

my Redeemer surely lives | Reviewer: Letwin Tawira | 11/11/10

this song is deep. it reached to the very core of my heart. it really reminds me how good, loving, wonderful and powerful GOD is. the song emphasizes that i have every reason to praise GOD, to love him and follow his ways. praise be to GOD.AMEN!

My Redeemer lives indeed | Reviewer: Sandra | 9/9/10

When life wanna throw you wherever it wants this is what a true bornagain Christian should know that indeed our Redeemer lives,this is an uplifting song. Thank you Pastor,sister Nicole,God bless you


i overheard this song from one of my spiritual sisters and i fell in love with the message immediately,indeed my redeemer lives and the bible says that he will never live us nor forsake us and what i really adore about this redeemer of mine sticks closer than a friens in each trial.he is wonderful and worthy of praises.Nicolle thanx for allowing god 2 use u as his vessel, this song is really blessing me, i start each an everyday i start my day with prayer then followed this song, because i know that each an everyday comes with different challenges, but my redeemer doesnt chang he is the same yesterday, tommorow and forever. GOD BLES U UR REALLY A BLESSING TO OUR LIVES.

What a wonderful song!!! Indeed My Redeemer Lives | Reviewer: Ayobami Odanye | 7/15/10

Whao!!! I've been listening to songs but this makes a different. A song that looses bondage, set free the captives, give joy to broken hearted... My Redeemer liveth I know and very sure for has shown Himself to me. God bless you sister you're such a wonderful inspirational singer, may God reveal Himself to you the more so as to do more for this is what the world need. GOD BLESS NICOLE C. MULLEN.

my redeemer liveth | Reviewer: JOSETH DOMINGOS | 6/30/10

some times i used to think about the human being we have to know that there is no life without jesus that's reason if we breath we gotta prase lord we the old and new songs.i preciated this song.god bless you sister our redeemer lives he lives and forever he will be alive.

It gives hope and confidence | Reviewer: Nancy | 5/26/10

This song is so inspirational. each time i listen to this very song it reminds me of the death and resurrection of Jesus and the hope that was brought to mankind who once in life time went astray but thank God for the death of Christ on the cross that brought hope to mankind. Indeed and of a truth I know my redeemer lives, he is no longer in the grave, he has risen from death and the grave is empty forever Hallelujah. thank you Jesus for the finished work on the cross.

Outstanding song | Reviewer: Steve McNeilly | 5/18/10

Outstanding song and beautifully performed. The verse in Job is well-known but Nicole brings home the magnificent certainty that comes from seeing God in creation and acknowledging His work within us. Awesome!

heartfelt and very touching | Reviewer: zangu odilia | 5/1/10

each time i hear this song my heart is full of joy and i find myself crying.for i know that he lives forevermore.i cant really hold back my tears.thank u nicole for being so inspirational.indeed our redeemer lives.bless you

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